Government Expands Toyota Corolla, Matrix Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is moving its investigation of nearly 1.2 million 2007-2010 Toyota Corolla and Matrix models into a new phase, the New York Times has reported. NHTSA began a preliminary investigation into stalling complaints in November 2009 but says it has received 163 complaints about the issue.

Of the complaints, only six led to an accident with no fatalities. The wide-ranging acceleration issues that forced Toyota to recall millions of cars over the past year had more than 1,500 complaints as of March.

Toyota has known about the problem since November 2005 and redesigned the suspect part – a control module – in June 2007. It has issued four safety bulletins to dealers to inform owners, but some complaints with NHTSA suggest owners are being asked to pay for the repairs.

A Toyota spokesman said the automaker is working with NHTSA to remedy the problem and that it has approved 4,200 warranty claims so far regarding the control module.

Stalling Problems Could Affect 1.2 Million Toyotas (New York Times)



I thought we already determined that it isn't Toyotas that are defective, just the people who buy them?


I believe it's both.

Ford Owner

HA HA, That's funny. I hope toyota tanks. I'm so sick and tired of these cars driving 65 in the fast lane on the freeway. Don't even get me started on the prius...I mean POS. That thing can't get out of its own way. Ford, and GM have NEVER had as extensive of a recall as toyota has, even other japanese auto makers have never had it as bad as toyota. Bottom line, DON'T buy toyota. Buy American, they are safer and you are supporting the country that YOU LIVE IN. If you buy japanese, why not just move there. American cars are more reliable anyway. I own a 1994 Ford explorer with 130,000 miles on it and it runs like new and looks new.

2010 Prius owner

I am as sick as your are of Prius owners who drive 50 (and not even in the right lane) on a 70 MPH Interstate and almost cause accidents. I regularly run 80 to 90 and still get better gas mileage than most any other car. Plus, that instant low end torque of the electric motor is nice to have on tap - I have surprised more than a few other drivers with it. Don't blame the car, blame the driver.

In the past, Toyota has been slow to respond to customer complaints, and this has resulted in the loss of goodwill. One of the reason for not taking immediate action on recalls may relate to cultural issues that are unique to Japanese corporations:

Timothy M Mojonnier


Was there a recall issued? I have a 2005 Vibe and when I first bought it, it had sluggish starts and sometimes wouldn't start at all (would crank, but not fire). After a few trips to the dealer, they changed the PCM, but that was before June of 2007. I'm sure Vibes are affected by this problem too.

Ford Owner

I just don't care for small cars at all, My dad was in a Mazda 626 as a passanger (his sister was driving) and a FORD F-150 was 18 inches over the yellow line going the other direction. Guess what happened... The Mazda was totaled, my dad and his sister were severely injured, and the f-150??? It DROVE away from the accident with only some minor body damage. This was back in 1970 early '80s. Also I don't like the horsepower numbers of small cars either. I mean come on, a prius has 77 Horsepower...WHERE'S THE REST OF IT??? My ford explorer has at least 150 horsepower, and my Hummer H2 has 325 Horsepower! By the way, I HAVE driven small cars: Toyota corolla, Nissan Versa, Izusu Rodeo. All three were very uncomfortable, and the izusu was the WORST. The Versa, I couldn't even find the gas pedal!!! What's really going on??? Right after the Izusu, I drove a 2001 Ford f-150 and I felt right at home, one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven.


Just got to love how these morons post these on here.

Isuzu Rodeo is not a CAR!
Thank you, and now crawl back to the hole where you came out from.


Chill out, Ford Owner. The gas pedal is on the right.

I will remind you that FORD had a recall in the late 90's early 2000's which concerned almost 15 million vehicles for risk of catching fire. FIRE! Keep rocking out that Explorer, you're awesome.

Nobody here cares for your hatred toward anything, especially someone who is uneducated enough to think horsepower ratings are what makes a vehicle bad-ass. That huge 325hp gas engine in your H2 still runs the 1/4 mile slower than the Prius and almost everything else that is on the road. We won't even discuss your pathetic fuel mileage...

Maybe it is you that needs to stay out of the left lane.


Skan!!!! All people are trying to show hear is that japan/toyota doesnt makes a better car/pickups than american, Even the president of toyota has told that the quality has these cars/pickups was going down since 2003. Even toyota knows that ford is making a better car than theirs. My ford rides better than any Japan made car/pickup, If you take care of your ford it will out last any japan made car/pickup.


Toyota makes better cars than Ford hands down and the sales numbers prove it.


Ford Owner,

I hope that you have not a single thing in your household that is from a foreign company or made outside of US. Otherwise, I guess you have to live everywhere in the world.
That includes your cell phone, iPod, lights and fixtures, watches, you name it.

Ford Owner

hey skan, Yeah sure you good until you hit 40, then my hummer will blow your doors off. I might be a little slow off the start, but once I hit 2nd gear, I'm gone. Yes I do only get 9 miles to the gallon, but at least I'm not driving a beer can. Your toyota will crush just like a beer can and my hummer will drive right over it. By the way, it's a colector's item now, so your toyota goes down in value, and my hummer goes up.
P.S. top speed ratings:
Hummer: 105 MPH Governed, That's right...I've got more under the hood just waiting to get released.

Prius: 80 MPH Wide open...the squirrel engine can't go any faster, he will get a heart attack if he does.


Guess that's what a typical red-neck's logic works.

Avoiding a losing argument and jumps into another losing argument that nobody cares about him/her/it.


Are we being "Punk'd" by Ford Owner?

Ford Owner

No, you are not being "Punk'd". You are just a little pissed off, because your toyota can't get out of it's own way, and because toyota is going through the worst recall investigation in automotive history. Now, come on, A 1.2 liter 3 cylinder versus a 6.0 liter V8. What do you think will go faster??? My Lawnmower has more pickup than that Piece of crap...Like I said, My Hummer will blow the doors off of a prius.

P.S. Nice comeback by the way, you couldn't think of one because of the RAW FACTS in my last comment, huh?


Ford Owner,

You are still avoiding me, makes me wonder why. Come back, huh?


Seriously Ford Owner? We are going down that road? Alright then...

Your Hummer has a limited top speed of 100 mp/h, not 105. The Toyota Prius has achieved 115, that's a fact, you can even YouTube it.

The gas powered engine in the Prius is a 1.8L 4-cylinder, not a 1.2L 3-cylinder. Even the past two generations had four-cylinders. You should have checked into it before you posted.

The Prius hits 60 mp/h in almost the exact amount of time your Hummer does. Does that have any significance? No, because nobody lead-foots their Prius as you do that Hummer. Is the Prius built for superior acceleration? Hell no. Neither is the Hummer come to think of it. The 6.0L was needed because of the sheer weight and horrible aerodynamics of that insane brick on wheels you call a vehicle.

Just to clarify another thing, I don't even drive a Toyota. But ONE of my vehicles is a 2004 Suburban and the last thing I would ever brag about is how race-car like it is. Because it isn't. Not even close. I also don't race Prius'.

Ford still has Toyota beat on recalls, especially when it considers the amount of vehicles.

Why didn't I have a comeback before? You don't have a clue and it completely dumbfounded me.

It's good to know your lawnmower is so efficient though!

Ford Owner

skan, here is some clarification from me about the hummer. It is designed SPECIFICALLY for OFF-ROAD use. That's why I brag about the hummer. I need to see RAW video of a prius matching or beating a hummer in an all-out 0 to top speed challenge before I will believe even 1 word of what you say. By the way, I also brag about the hummer because the U.S. Armed services USE HUMMERS. I don't see any OTHER brands in the Military, except for jeep which, for the most part, was phased out. They are just called humvees in the military. My H2 can climb an 18" curb, crawl UP a 40% incline, drive ACROSS a 30% incline WITHOUT tipping over, and can drive through roughly 4 feet of water without leaking. That is the performance of it Straight from the FACTORY. The "Insane" weight? The undercarriage is built to protect important parts of the engine and drivetrain, such as the oil pan, and transmission. Put any vehicle through those tests and they will FAIL. What I mean is any FACTORY TUNED vehicle versus a FACTORY TUNED hummer.


Skank, you just broke his mind... he can't even figure out what he is talking about.


If people will read what the president of toyota said, the quality of there cars/pickups have been going down sence 2002. That is what he said, wipe the tears and get a grip, toyotas are junk, he said so the president of toyota I have the news saved just look it up. ford makes a better car/pickup he even admitted it. Ford has the least amount of cars returned for warranty work than any. check the record


And another lunatic chimes in.


Seriously, where do they come from?


Ford Owner - do you actually do any of those things your Hummer is capable of doing? I think that's the main argument against the Hummer. Yeah, the military uses them because THEY'RE THE FREAKIN' MILITARY! Why would any average Joe, Red Neck of not, need a Hummer? Let's be honest, 99% of people driving Hummers never leave the pavement. Those same 99% of people could probably get wherever they need to go in a Prius and their pocketbooks and the environment would both benefit.

Personally, I'd buy a Ford long before a Toyota, but this argument about Hummer v. Prius is ridiculous.

Ford Owner

A hummer makes a damn good road trip car though. We had to drive up to washington state from southern california (1200+ miles, one way). It has heated seats, plenty of cargo space, it's wide enough so you can sleep in the back seat, and it's a very comfortable ride. Drive a compact car and road trips are a NIGHTMARE. Sure it costs a couple hundred in gas on a trip like that, but which would you rather do for 25 hours? Be comfortable and SAFE in a big hummer or be cramped in a car that looks like a golf cart. You have to weigh the pros and cons of driving a particular car. Like I said in one of my previous comments, It's a collector's item now. Will a toyota increase in value over a period of 5 years? HELL NO. My hummer will just keep going up in value. I noticed on that my hummer jumped in value soon after hummer was closed down. Take that toyota. By the way, I saw a toyota corolla for sale on for only $4000. It was a 2009 year model with only 20,000 miles. Oh, Why is he selling it so cheap??? Answer? It's an overall Piece of CRAP.

P.S. This Global warming HOAX is a steaming pile of Horse CRAP. We had record COLD tepuratures last year. You environmentalist wackos have already screwed up motocross, IT'S ALL FOUR-STROKES NOW. I can't even buy a brand new motorcycle that isn't a four-stroke. So I currently own a 1994 Kawasaki KX 250 with a green sticker. I can give you a laundry list of things that the environmentalists have screwed up in the last five years. have fun with this one...


Careful everyone. Ford Owner (somehow I doubt the accuracy of his moniker), if not simply a troll, has proven time and time again that he must get all his information from Glenn Beck and the rest of the Morning Zoo. Therefore it really isn't his fault that he's angry about his general lack of any sort of information which he displays in a manner more fit for a teenager. He just doesn't know what else to do.

Ford Owner

Hey dan, you are a left wing liberal arn't you? All the democrats want to do is raise taxes, redistribute my hard earned money, and make me drive a golf cart to work. here's a news flash: I bust my ass for every dime that I make, and I WILL continue to drive a big AMERICAN car. The democrats take a good chunk of my paycheck and piss it away on BS entitlement programs. They just give it away to all the illegal immigrants and the Lazy asses that DON'T want to work. Our current president is a JOKE. I like the bumper sticker I saw the other day, it said...


Our economy is circling the toilet because of him. He SPENT 1 trillion dollars on a Porkulous package (that didn't do a damn thing), He has taken over GM, He has forced health care reform down our throats, and he wants to build a MOSQUE on ground zero! Don't even get me started on the gulf oil disaster. If that mosque goes through, I will happily be the first one to blow the $hit out of it. You people need a wakeup call. Watch the movie "United 93". It is a movie that all of america needs to watch again.

P.S. I am going to enjoy watching the fireworks with this response...
Hey dan, I bet you drive a toyota, don't you?


eh, the US military does not use the HUMMER. Thanks.

HUMVEE, is the one you are thinking about, red neck.

But that is not made by GM and has nothing in relationship with the civilian HUMMER. Now crawl back to where you crawled out from.


And shall we notify the Homeland Security? Someone is clearly making a terrorist threat.

Ford Owner

Hey J, Read my other comments first before you post. I did mention that the military uses the hummer but it is called the humvee. I know that the civilian hummer has nothing to do with the military version. The military uses AM General as there humvee manufacturer. So, your comment does not add anything to the argument, except redundency.
And as far as terrorist threats go, I see the mosque as a big middle finger to the U.S., And those muslum ASSHOLES were the ones that started the war in the first place. What would you do? try to reason with them??? yeah good luck with that. Don't come crying to me when you get shot or blown up by a member of Al Queida.

P.S. A mosque was built 2 miles from my front door, 2 MILES!!!! I don't want that POS sitting on ground zero. I wouldn't hurt anyone unless I was provoked, but I mean really; A MOSQUE on ground zero?!!! I really hope America still has the balls to shut this down. I watched RAW video of the 9/11 attacks on the internet because the news edited the true story of it. The mosque, to me, is a message from all muslums saying F U America. I just can't take that even for 2 seconds.


I vote for blocking the above.


I second that, he's a little carried away.


Ford Owner:
You are right, the military uses (or USED) hummers. However, that H2 you drive is nothing but a Chevy pickup with a square body and almost no cargo room. Not a geared hub HMMWV, which is what the military uses (or used.) Your truck is just another gas sucking wannabe.

Ford Owner

hey skinner, have you ever looked underneath a hummer H2? Compare the two vehicles and come back with some correct information. The H2 is better protected than a chevy pickup. There is a steel ladder cage around the transmission and oil pan in the H2. The chevy truck does NOT have anywhere near that kind of protection. Put a chevy truck through the Hummer adventures offroad outing and it will drop the oil pan in 1 day. You hit a sharp rock on the undercarriage one time and you are done. The hummer can keep going because the ladder cage will take the hit instead of your oil pan. I know the hummer only gets 10 miles to the gallon, but I don't give a $hit. If you can afford to buy a $60,000 car, you shouldn't have to worry about the cost in gas.


There is a steel ladder cage around the transmission and oil pan in the H2.
-Huh, would that even protect the oil pan? Are you combining steel ladder frame, with some sort of cage? Do you mean a skid plate perhaps? Do you even have any idea?

If you can afford to buy a $60,000 car, you shouldn't have to worry about the cost in gas.
-Wow. You need college, bad. You paid 60K for an H2...


He doesn't have any clue, his Daddy either bought it or he bought a 1/10 scale R/C model at Toys R Us.

Perhaps you should drive an FJ Cruiser or Wrangler on an "offroad adventures outing" and see what a cheaper, more fuel efficient and more capable off-road factory vehicle can do. You could buy an H3 but it's about $10k more than either of those vehicles. Man... no wonder GM got rid of Hummer!

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