2011 Infiniti G25: First Look

On Thursday, Infiniti announced a high-performance trim for its G coupe, and today the company went to the other end of the spectrum. The G25 sedan will fall at the bottom of the G lineup. It’s essentially the same car as a G37 with the same interior; it just won’t pack as much power under the hood.
A 2.5-liter V-6 will power the G25, producing 218 horsepower. That’s a big step down from the G37’s 328 horses. The 110-hp drop will save you some money, though, as the G25 will start at $30,950, not including a destination charge, when it goes on sale in September.
Standard features for the base model include 17-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights, leather seats, aluminum interior trim, power driver and passenger seats, and six-speaker stereo system. The Journey trim adds a rearview monitor, heated front seats and dual climate control.

The move to a downmarket entry for the G makes a lot of sense, since competitors like Acura with its TSX and Lexus with the IS 250 feature similar power, appointments and pricing.
By David Thomas | August 13, 2010 | Comments (16)



Can they make the backseat better for 31K?


Big engine difference for only $2300 in price!!

Al G.

JZ: I agree. I wonder what the mpg saving is between the 2.5 and the 3.7? I would think atleast with the 2.5 you could get away with using regular fuel.


if there isn't a significant fuel economy improvement with the smaller engine, i don't see these selling well. if you're already spending over $30K for a car, what's $2300 more?


Remember the G20 back in the day? Hope the engine is better than that thing


I wonder why they decided on a 2.5 V6. They already have a 2.5 4 cylinder in the SE-R. Seems this way the gas mileage will be worse.

Amuro Ray

Boy, all I see here is "we need more hp." America just doesn't change...PERIOD.

There is space for the G25 - look at the IS (250/350), BMW (330/335), Mercedes C-class. Don't tell me that these auto manufacturers price their 2 versions over $5000 apart (base vs base model).

Has anyone of those failed with the lesser model? Last I checked, the answer is no, so why don't u guys just admit that you dunno why G25 exists, instead of saying it should not be produced?

It exists 'coz MANY people do not want to drive a 300+hp sports sedan, esp those with family. Gas mileage is one thg, insurance is the other, more importantly, the image of driving a less powerful model. Besides, not that many people can claim that they have the skills of handling a 300+ hp car! Many of them wants smoother and slower acceleration, esp. for some cultures and age groups. Sure, price may not be the factor, but many will think that the price for G25 is perfect for them, and they don't want to pay more for a powerful sedan that they will not be able to use any of those power! The VQ25 is a great engine, and when used in this small/mid-size sedan, the power is more than adequate. It's less than 5 years ago that 200+ MID-SIZE (Camry/Accord/Altima) was thought of "more than enuf hp." We are talking a smaller size car, smaller size engine, and over 200+ hp. Jees...

@Mike, the G20 was an excellent car, and the SR20DE engine was a superb engine for its class-back in those days. The only thg that most Nissan fans were looking for was the turbo version of it.


I agree with your comments on the G20 engine- it was a great engine with a 7,500 rpm redline, and is still sought after by the tuner crowd. Infiniti should just admit the G37 is overpriced. This appears to be pure marketing to justify a lower price on a car that costs exactly the same to produce as its more powerful sibling.



settle down. other people's opinions are just fine....lord knows we get to put up with plenty of yours.

how do you know the vq25 is a 'great engine'? what u.s. car is it currently offered in?


the price difference between a bmw 328i and 335i is $6450. the difference between a c300 and c350 is $4090, and the difference between the is250 and is350 is $4280 based on their starting prices. these 'base' cars with the smaller engines do all start higher than the g25 so the g25 undercuts them in terms of cost (which the g35 does as well).

i do agree w/you about the g20. i owned a 93 and absolutely loved the car. it was well appointed and got very good gas mileage. when the g35 replaced it, i actually lamented that we didn't get the smaller engined version that was sold in japan.

the g35 is rated at 19/27mpg. if this smaller v6 can get the city mileage up around 22/23 and get highway mileage into the 30s, then i think it'll be a great addition.


Bottom line is that the amount of power offered in this car with about 3600lbs of weight is insufficient. Just because the IS has a small, weak engine doesn't mean that this car makes sense. In addition, the IS is 5 years old so I'm a little confused as to why so many are saying "but the IS has a 2.5L V6 too". Who cares? The IS is due for a redesign and you shouldn't be benchmarking 5 year old products. When a Maxima offers 290hp for less money something is wrong with this picture. Nissan basically wanted to get more use out of a tiny V6 that is used abroad even though its barely competitive in the $30k+ sports sedan segment. The 328 has been on the market for about 5 years and yet still outpowers this brand new model.


The Audi A4 offers less hp than all of them so what's your point? Underpowered is the Buick CX with the four cylinder and the Chevy Equinox with another lame four cylinder. Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura offer luxury models that speak to folks that don't necessarily care about 0-60. I'd much rather drive one of those than an underpowered General Motors rental special.


G25 is on sale now!!!

But I couldn't understand why Infiniti made the G 25 same as G 37. The engine capacity with affordable price is really attractive in the G 25 super model. However, I'm very encouraged to see its interior.

Down to earth

Where is my 2.0 Turbo option.

Gary Bates

I just recently bought a G-25x sedan. It's my first Infiniti purchace EVER!! LOVE this car so far & gets great gas mileage for the way I like 2 drive!! Do wish that the G-37 Journey was a little cheaper in price! That was my first choice when I test drove them both @ the dealership!! Where in the hell do I find performance parts 4 the G-25x???

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