Ram Adds Holster for Rifles to Outdoorsman Model


When you think of shotguns and rifles in pickup trucks you may envision the racks across the cab's rear window. However, a new special edition of the Ram 1500 features a rack for your hunting arsenal built into the RamBox, a lockable cargo bin.

When the new Ram first debuted, the RamBox seemed like a perfect place for tools and other gear. Now, the company has found ways to outfit it for a variety of tasks. Fisherman can also equip the Outdoorsman model with a RamBox for their rods and reels, which you can see below.

For more on the Ram Outdoorsman, check out PickupTrucks.com.

By David Thomas | August 12, 2010 | Comments (8)
Tags: Ram, Ram 1500


Anonymous Coward

Does anyone else remember when the bed walls on a pickup truck were only as thick as necessary to prevent cargo from denting the outside of the bed? Or when you could reach into the bed of a full size truck without standing on a stool?


I DO!!! and they had storage inside behind the seats!! or in a box within the bed.. I also remember when trucks were of a reasonable height to make them easier to live with, I know tones of people who hate how tall their new trucks are, but have no choice because they need one. And what is with the craziness about commanding view of the road, all it did was make people think they OWN the road..


Redneck special.
This is idea! Ram Redneck 4x4


That's a pretty cool feature. I do wonder about accidental discharge. I know somehow the answer is "responsible gun owner" but...

And I remember those days too Anonymous.

This NOT so good idea, side compartments if you're a serious camper/hunter and have a bed cap or camper on it, then you're out of luck.

Yeah, I'd prefer they point to the back, not right at the driver.

U of Penn

Just because you live in the ghetto does not give you an excuse to be stupid. Only idiots travel with a loaded gun.


Awww U of Penn don't be so mean. I ain't never been known for my stupidity and if you were so smart you'd probably have been able to get into Harvard...or even Brown. ;o)

But seriously, I know one shouldn't drive around with a loaded firearm. I also know that people don't always do the smart thing. And please note, I said the feature was cool. I think it's a good idea knowing that a responsible gun owner would use it, you know... responsibly.

C'mon, U of P make Ben Franklin proud, at least pretend to have a little class & decorum.

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