What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Found in Your Car?


Lindsay Bjerregaard and Tim Cadet are back at it again, this time asking everyday drivers the question above. Maybe the city is putting something in our water because these Taste of Chicago attendees’ answers range from curious to disturbing. Watch the video, then share your oddest find in the comments, if you have one.

By Colin Bird | July 16, 2010 | Comments (6)
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I once opened the trunk of a rental car to discover a garbage bag filled with empty water bottles and five grocery bags with over 60 unopened cans of tuna fish.


I once found a bank deposit bag with $40,000 dollars in cash in the glove compartment of my Hertz rental car.


20 years ago, I drove a twice-rear-ended '70 Datsun 510 wagon. The tailgate didn't really shut (bungee cord) availing it to theives. Stolen in the night- it WAS RETURNED the next morning. Stolen: My miscellanious junk was all gone, but left in its place presumably stolen from another car(?):
-A soap on a rope
-Two bras from an 'abundantly' figured woman
and three some lesbian folk cassettes (Ferron's actually very good, I found). So nice they brought the car back and at least left me some treasures I'll never forget finding..

Haha! I like the $40,000 dollar comment.

You should next go to local mechanics's shops and ask what some of the strangest things they've found under the car and in engine compartments that they've found!

We posted pics on one such find on our blog: Free Kitten with Oil Change and Tire Rotation.



I once found my cellphone that had been missing for 2 years.

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