New 'Transformers 3' Characters Discovered


When we posted about “Transformers 3” filming in Chicago earlier today, we didn’t realize how many employees were hanging out at the set/outside our offices over the weekend. Internet support specialist Michael Howe and business analyst Eric Prahl were on hand for the whole thing and posted a slew of photos on their Facebook pages.

How did they get so close to all the Autobots and Decepticons? “Ironhide and the two small cars weren’t being filmed; they just had them sitting out,” Howe said.  They got right up close to the filming, too.

What we’ve learned is not only are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Ratchet back, so are the twins, Skids and Mudflap, with different paint jobs. There are also two new European luxury-car-based Autobots.

We’re not sure what their names will be, but there was a gorgeous red Ferrari 458 Italia and a not-so-shabby blue Mercedes-Benz E-Class amongst the caravan of Autobots in downtown Chicago.

What about the Decepticons? They’re bringing out three NASCAR racecars — with what looks like official numbers and paint jobs — outfitted with mountains of guns on the hoods, fenders … basically everywhere. We’ve got photos of them after the jump.

By David Thomas | July 12, 2010 | Comments (25)


Ken L.

Great, we're going to start seeing morons affixing their Autobot or Decepticon allegiance stickers on their POS again, like it's really going to transform. Lol.


Those twins pretty much single handedly ruin the second movie. And they're bringing them back. Great.

Is that what nascar impalas have always looked like? With the design of the head lights? Or is this maybe a clue to what the next Impala will look like?

I really hope that this movie is better then the last two which frankly disappointed me.


Oh yay, another GM commercial


@ermatthe the twins will not be the 3rd movie. A Mercedes Benz e-class autobot? Nice!


@ermatthe Then again I might be wrong.


WHy the Hell did they have to use Jimmy Johnson as a decepticon car, He blows.


After all the negative feedback and the pitiful ratings, Bay is a complete idiot for bringing the Twins back.


Well i think you guys are totally wrong about skids and mudflap they were hilarious in the REVENGE OF THE FALLEN....
but i so can not wait any longer for 2011 so glad Rosie huntington-whiteley is replacing Megan Fox

holy cow that black GMC truck looks awesome. that needs to be an option package to order. a transformers truck.


the nascar transformers are the autobot wreckers


honestly if eveyone is giving negative responses DON'T go see it i think the first two were great and restarted a trend from when i was younger


what i cant get is if the autobots are going to have all these new cars and the old ones with new paints jobs...will we be able to see a new jetfire or some other autobot that can fly? say an autobot after the new F-35 Lightning II???

Iron Prime 23

Silverbolt will be the flying Autobot in Transformers 3

fat cheese man 5427

I think the autobots look sweet I can`t wait til the movie comes to the movie`s.

fat cheese man 5427

WOW! the blue race car look`s sweet I wonder what his name is. Is there going to be a flying autobots? I know what megatron look`s like he has a from he is a big truck with big pipes on the back he look`s awesome I saw it on youtube we`ll see it when it go`s to theaters


i think mudflap and skids did kind of ruin the 2nd movie the first one was a good base for the trilogy the secound was pretty decent at showing the decepticons arnt going down and the third should just be total violence and mayhem.... and skids and mudlfap should be ripped apart by some decepticon meast.


they need to bring grimlock back in some way. he was the man


i cant wait

Jermaine Taylor

I used to watch the cartoon faithfully,the mercedes should be WheelJack

I can't wait to see Sentinal Prime in Transformers 3. he might be the largest autobot. I am also excited to see the mian villian, Shockwave. I think that Sentinal Prime should be the one to defeat Shockwave instead of Optimus.

transformers fan

What really sucked was that this movie was less about the transformers than about the humans. I hate that half the robots in the movie are never even called by their names and its hard to figure out who they are supposed to be. just like gi joe. a great story and great characters crapped on by hollywood


Everything about the Transformers movies sucks including the vehicles. GM? Really? Were the transformers bailed out from bankruptcy on their home planet and decided to come here instead?

The wreckers are lookin cool. The did a good job with the newbies in dark of the moon...


jyd stfu dude GM is badass youre just stupid n talkin outta ur ass n im sure itll be a good movie cant wait for it to come out in theaters!

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