's Muscle Car Hot Spots

As the country prepares for a lot of holiday travel and parades this Fourth of July, there may be a few more sightings of classic muscle cars than usual. The rebirth of three of those classics has garnered a lot of interest among users for the past few years.

To celebrate Independence Day, we’ve crunched the numbers and found the towns most interested in the new Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Using the map above, you can hover over any circle to get the town’s name and the percentage of searches for a particular muscle car. This percentage is the amount of searches above the average search, which is why large cities are less prevalent on this map.

It also means that towns like Ponca City, Okla., are crazy for the Dodge Challenger, searching for the car 1,840% more than other cars.

With more model years on the road, we expected the Ford Mustang to garner more interest than the other muscle cars. While it does get the most love out of the three — topping out at 1,894% in Hutchinson Minn. — most places on the map are a one muscle car kind of town.

You can click on each car’s name at the bottom left-hand corner of the map to bring up just that model’s cities, or click “Pick a Muscle Car” to view all three at once.

*This map uses search data from May 2009 through May 2010 and compares it to the national average search traffic during that timeframe. To make it onto the map, there needs to be a minimum number of searches for the particular model in the same timeframe.


This is a very interesting map, and it seems accurate as well showing what appears to be the West Palm Beach area in Florida as a Mustang hotspot. It is interesting because I live in the W.P.B area and I always notice there are soooo many Mustangs around here..


I guess it is clear - muscle cars are for rednecks

David, I love this viz. It makes me want to go get a Mustang to help Seattle represent.


Cool stuff. I love the interactive map.
Is there less interest in these cars in the Pacific Northwest because of all the hippies out there? Joke. But kinda of serious too!


Cool stuff. I love the interactive map and the blog's length is perfect. Is there less interest in these cars in the Pacific Northwest because of all the hippies out there? Joke. But kinda of serious too!

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