More 2011 Ford Explorer Pictures

Ford will roll the 2011 Explorer out in downtown New York City on an elaborate outdoor stage resembling the great outdoors. Why? Media exposure. For now, we bring you the full slate of Ford-provided images of the Explorer, which weren’t available at press time last night. For more information on the Explorer, check out our First Look and Up Close stories.

By David Thomas | July 26, 2010 | Comments (14)


Anonymous Coward

Between the A-pillars, C-pillars, headrests, and D-pillars, you're practically driving blind. How did this ever make it past committee?


It looks good. I can see a lot of design cues from Taurus. Now, Jeep Grand Cherokee should be worried tho.


I do not like the design at all, and that's a good thing - because I've had so many problems with my current Explorer. I think I'll give the Pilot a try next time.

I wonder when the Expedition replica will roll out...


I think its beautiful. Sort of took a "Q" from the Toyota Sequoia?


Looks great. Just hope it will be as strong and durable as its body-on-frame predecessor.


Looks good. Like a smaller sleeker expedition. Still think the new jeep gc looks better. that thing is sexy(yeah I just called a jeep sexy).

Does the Explorer follow the Fiesta in having no physical lock button?

Overall looks good. What is with the "explorer" badging on the mirrors? Not a fan of that.

Justin L

Just to let you all know those who are complaining about the headrest and visibility...they are federally mandated Ford has to use those huge awkward headrests by law it's not their choice.


looks like the Edge & Chevy Equinox had a baby...

Bill C.

It lacks. I cannot see this setting any kind of sales records. They should have killed the Explorer name , and not bothered with this. IMO


I like the Grand Cherokee better. This is a little to modern for me.

Jason L.

I still can't get used to Ford's new SUV/crossover grille. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice vehicle. One thing that I went AHA! over was that the A-pillar & windshield looks like the Scion xB's.

Glenn H

Nice ride. It looks somewhat upscale like the Land Rover. I think red will be the hottest color sold.

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