Reviews the 2011 BMW M3

The 2011 BMW M3 is the top of the line for BMW’s 3 Series. Some readers probably remember that we reviewed the M3 last year. No, we’re not self-indulgent. Last year’s test car had a manual transmission, and this year our tester came with BMW's M double-clutch transmission. That’s a significant enough difference to warrant a review. editor Bill Jackson writes that this ultimate driving machine is one of the greatest vehicles he has ever experienced. Read his review and find out why.

2011 BMW M3 Review


By Colin Bird | July 6, 2010 | Comments (12)



This is the textbook example of the law of diminishing returns. For 67k you can start looking at a Nissan GT-R, a car that will show its tailights to any M3 on the planet.


Actually, I didn't realize until now that nissan bunped the GT-R price to 80k, so it's a notch above the M3 on price. Of course it does 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds...

The BMW M3 front is looking very sexy and eye catching. Driving this BMW M# car would gives real pleasure by means of it's transmission, comfort and technology. Everything is good except some of the minor matters. But BMW M3's auto insurance is high when compared to other cars.

BMW's M double-clutch transmission.... humm good to hear that..... most of car makers planning to bring some of their best inventions in 2011....BMW M3 gonna give a real tough competition to them...... attractive design, better interior and cool color.... perfect combination......

This thing is much more aggressive and mean looking than the E46 m3. Actually, it's a whole different car with the V8 and all. SMG isn't my first choice - i'd still get a manual transmission.


for me,sitting behind a bmw m3 steering wheel,better than to own all the nissan company.(with respect)


Mercedes wants Nissan's engines for its new small car - they inked a deal today. So don't think BMW is above Nissan Roland.

The M3 has always been known as a high-performance machine, and the 2011 model lives up to this proud heritage. From the race track to congested highways, the M3 handles well and rides comfortably


BMW needs to make the m3 like the white new Ericsson M3 M480 Concept

It should come out of the BMW plant looking like that

Wow the M3 is the car to get. I am going to buy me a lottery ticket.

Do you wanna the 2011 BMW M3,Please visit...


BMW is a real disappointment as a car and the dealership. I"ll never buy another one. From the factory the rearview mirrors won't go back, the tech guy says the reason the seat belt dings for no reason is that I didn't treat the leather seats, new tires every 13000 miles. Little things always breaking.

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