Buick Considering Coupe, Convertible and Wagon Models

Buick Riviera
During a web chat today between GM and its customers, we discovered that the automaker is considering expanding the Buick lineup in a big way. 

Buick may add a coupe, convertible and wagon to the lineup, said Roger McCormack, Buick’s product marketing director. 

McCormack went on to say that a retractable hardtop convertible is also being considered, and possibly a cloth or vinyl soft-top is, too. 

This comes after news that Buick would add a small compact sedan (to slate below the new Buick Regal) and a compact SUV (to compete with the Acura RDX). We also know that the recently launched Regal will get a high-performance GS model, and that was reaffirmed in today’s chat. The Regal is based off the Opel Insignia, which is sold in sedan and wagon body styles in Europe, so a Buick wagon isn’t that far of a stretch. 

More compact and high-performance offerings should go a long way toward increasing Buick’s appeal with a younger buying demographic. In recent years, the brand has reduced its average buying age from 72 to 61, but that’s still a lot older than the industry average of 54 for a new-car buyer.

By Colin Bird | July 22, 2010 | Comments (9)


Brian E

Buick is going to add a small sedan to compete with the TSX? What does the Regal compete with? In size, features, and price it's a direct match for the TSX. Is Buick going to add another competitor and cannibalize its own Regal sales? GM never seems to learn.


Read the story again, Brian E.


Easy enough to come up with coupe and convertible models.Take the dead Pontiac G6 and rebadge it Buick.Yea,thats the cheap way....short of bringing in more Opels...
And GM was going to sell off Opel...tsk tsk,that would have been a BIG mistake.At least for Buicks future.

Brian E

"Read the story again, Brian E."

The article was changed after I left that comment. It originally read: "This comes after news that Buick would add a small compact sedan (to compete with models like the Acura TSX)"


GM has never been able to truly differentiate Buick and Cadillac. Adding a coupe, convertible and wagon are exactly from cadillac's play book. PS, that Regal is butt ugly. Side ugly. Front ugly too.


Go Buicks!


Am looking forward to checking out the Regal GS when its available! A convertible or compact SUV would grab my attention. I definitely think Buick is moving in the right direction!


Pricey...small sales numbers...Buick nameplate...who really cares?


I think a wagon is a good idea. I don't care too much for GM, but I think they're doing a pretty good job with Buick.

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