Chrysler, Jeep to Drop Hemi Name


The Hemi name — famously resurrected for the 21st century — will no longer be found on Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. While the 5.7-liter V-8 engine still will be called a Hemi in Dodge cars and Ram trucks, the badge won’t adorn the other brands. “That thing got a 5.7-liter?” probably won’t pop up in any ads, either.

Why the move? We’re not sure. It’s unlikely that many customers who would buy a V-8 engine care about any stigma associated with the Hemi name. It might just be something the automaker doesn't want highlighted on brands that are looking to distinguish their own pseudo-luxury charm — Chrysler — and off-road capability — Jeep.

Chrysler is also focusing its attention on a new V-6 engine that will be introduced for the 2011 model year.

Chrysler banishing Hemi engine name to Dodge, Ram (USA Today)



Remember in the 50s when the Hemi was called Red Ram,and FirePower and names like that? Hemi back then was never even mentioned.I think Chrysler is trying to go back to the 50s....maybe DeSoto can make a comeback?
And what of torsion bars?

I think it's a good move because HEMI is associated with speed and power so that caters more to the Dodge crowd and you want Chrysler to represent luxury and Jeep to be Off-Road.


What's wrong with a HEMI Chrysler 300 or Jeep Grand Cherokee? Sounds like another piece of $#!t coming out of Fiat.


I agree with 65Chrysler300. What is this "stigma" supposedly associated with the legendary Hemi name? Fuel consumption? With MDS on the modern Hemi you can easily get 25mpg on the highway, which compares very favorably with other V8s and even some V6s. Thanks Fiat...I knew it was all too good to last...


HEMI sounds old school to me. And equals GAS GUZZLER.


I agree with Hottdogg.

Dodge is performance oriented so it makes sense to make Hemi exclusive to Dodge. It means power and speed. I think it is great the New Chrysler will offer some distinction between the brands.


I think brand distinction is great, but a powerful Hemi V-8 in a Chrysler 300 sounds pretty luxurious to me.

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