Survey: More Drivers Want Internet in Their Cars

Consumers have their hearts set on in-car internet access, and they don’t seem particularly worried about safety issues that may arise from this connectivity, according to a survey by Autobytel.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents younger than 35 said the ability to surf the internet from inside their cars was either “very important” or “nice to have,” the survey says. When asked if they’d like safer communication devices, such as voice-controlled devices that minimize distraction, only 14% of respondents overall favored them, and they were favored by only 8% of those younger drivers.

GPS was the device most cited as the convenient gadget drivers would like but did not yet have, with 30% naming it as the device they most wanted for their car.

Respondents were split on how fast we’ll get wireless for our cars, with 50% saying most cars would have it by 2013.

Drivers Demand In-Car Internet Despite Safety Issues (DriveOn)

By Stephen Markley | June 29, 2010 | Comments (10)



This driver wants those drivers to pay attention while driving and not get distracted by new Twit messages or Facebook updates.

Driver's are already distracted and lazy enough as their are.

I'm all for tech advances, but the only people who want this are the ones already distracted from constantly calling and texting.


drivers today do not need another distraction. whats sad is, the government took this long to ban texting while driving, which shows where their prorities are. if cars and trucks when back to the basics as to only have ac and a radio, it would force the issue of being grateful, not relying on technology in your life, and improve the safety of our drivers. not to mention reduce deaths and or accidents and cost the country less money. im not for technology advancements. when you give somebody one thing, their gonna demand more and more.


Perhaps it will be built to only function with the vehicle in Park or with the e-brake engaged.


I would have been with the crowd that wants internet in my car for stuff like streaming music but I have to agree with everyone here. There are too many distractions for drivers as is and too many think they can handle the distractions and drive safely. You know the technology is coming like it or not but J.'s idea would be a good way to control it other then I would worry how people would tamper with their ebtake just to have internet while in motion.

Tom Kat

Too late, Apple released the iPad 3G. It looks exactly like the picture in this story. Anyone that wants internet in their car can easily do it.


Not true that those that want internet in their vehicle are those already distracted. I want internet and am a member of a company able to supply it. I see video streaming to my backseat, live traffic updates on the Drivers screen, Pandora and Shoutcast radio.
But we lock out any ability that takes the drivers attention from the road and this is per Federal law.

Its good to have something like this if you are not driving the car......when you are driving its better to look front rather than e-mails or other online will help getting traffic updates and watch some video streaming when you are not driving......


nice. Just a step up from a nav system. I agree that it is a major distraction, but if the driver turns the screen off while driving i see no harm.

i will be back soom to read it again.and so thanks for your sharing this nice

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