Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Honda Odyssey

Reader Review “Minivan Enthusiast” from New York City is pretty disappointed with his 2010 Honda Odyssey. While he’s fine with the quality of the ride, he’s unhappy with the mileage he’s been getting, which is well below the Odyssey’s EPA rating. Maybe he drives in a lot of stop-and-go New York traffic. Whatever the reason for the poor gas mileage, read his full review to find out his beef, and then write your own here.

“With all the talk about Honda quality, I was negatively surprised with this new 2010 Honda Odyssey.

“Although ride is not bad, I would still say that judging by Honda’s past reputation, this minivan scores average or below. The overall feel of a quality-built car is not present here.

“My main disappointment is the extremely low fuel economy. While Honda states the average to be about 20 mpg (17/24 mpg city/highway), this is simply not realistic. I am hardly getting 11 mpg! I have had several older vehicles and none of them provided such low fuel economy.

“I have some other minor issues which all add up to me regretting buying this.

If fuel economy is important to you, do some research on other minivans before getting an Odyssey.”

By Stephen Markley | June 4, 2010 | Comments (15)



11 MPG? Are you kidding me? You are probably towing something or have your Odyssey filled to the brim with junk. Are you running it with flat tires? Is the parking brake engaged when you run it? Or you just think that it is better to drive the van two blocks rather than walk the distance? It does not make sense that a Honda vehicle rated at 17/23 will give you that low of a mileage. You must be doing something out of the ordinary to give it that 11 MPG you are talking about.


And if you honestly feel like you're not doing something abnormally wrong, you need to take it to some sort of mechanic or a Honda dealership...cause I promise it's your Odyssey and it definitely has a problem, not all of them.


In NYC traffic one can easy be below EPA mileage.

Also, some gas brands are not so good. I know that when I fill up Sunoco, my car always has less MPGs.

As far as Oddy quality - I said long time ago, I was totally unimpressed with Oddy. It felt cheap, crickety, plasticky...



I can see 11 MPG as being realistic if the car spends a lot of time idling at red lights and crawling in traffic, but for Stephen to expect another car/van to do much better, I doubt it under the same conditions. We have an 07 touring model and even with my wife's lead foot around town, we still get 15 or better. I can get it over 17. We don't live in a place as crowded as NYC.


Todays Toyota and Honda are 1980s GM and Ford.


Ford has earned the right to be named along with Honda and Toyota when speaking of reliability, quality, engineering, and design. GM is the master of tax-payer funded bail-outs and massive fleet sales.


THis guy obviously works for toyota ! ;)

One of the more unexpected ways of learning about cars is by doing school carpool: opening the doors of vehicles as parents drive up to drop off their kids for school. I get to see a lot of vehicles up close, and slam their doors. The Odyssey is far & away the most popular minivan in my area, based on my observations.


We have a 2009 Pilot with the same engine as the Odyssey and it gets only 14mpg in city traffic. This is disappointingly low. You should be getting more than 11mpg in the Odyssey. Take it to the dealer for a check up.
Our 2006 Pilot was much more fuel efficient.
It makes you wonder whether Honda's variable cylinder management system is worth much.

CA Cop

Stop peeking inside cars with children you f-ing Pedophile!


@ Tran,

Other carmakers also make minivans, believe it or not.

The Odyssey is parked in front of every other house in our neighborhood. They must be doing something right, even if it's pure reputation/marketing. :)


I've had 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2010 Odyssey, and by far, 2010 is the worst gas mileage that we've ever had since I started to monitor. In my tests, I've averaged 13mpg combined highway and suburb. I live in central Florida and we drive mildly. I think I'll take it to the dealership


We are leasing a 2010 Honda Odyssey for the past 7 months. We are averaging about 15 MPG with half on freeway and half in streets! The EPA mileage is a joke. However, we love the car and if you have small kids it is the best!


After 11 years driving a 1999 Toyota Sienna, I got a 2010 Honda Odyssey. I was shocked with the poor fuel milage of the new minivan. On the first oil and filter change I reported the weak milage experience to the dealer. They told me it must be the way I drive. I have tried to get to the EPA estimates, and I always end up with around 11 mpg's.

James Demestihas

Chrysler T+C vans have horrible around town mpg too. Also poor reliability and everything will leak, brakes and tires extreme premature wear, and flaky electrics. Brakes and front tires every 20k miles, tranny will leak at 25k, then at 40k coolant leaks, 50k fuel leaks and all else goes to hell and always smells like fuel

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