Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Audi A8

Reader Review “Audi Fan” from the mid-Atlantic coast just moved up from an Audi A6 to a 2010 Audi A8, and he’s a big fan. He also did his fair share of research before going ahead with his purchase, and that depth of knowledge is reflected in his review. Both the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class came under his scrutiny, but the A8 eventually won out. Read his full review to find out why, and then be sure to submit your own review here.

“This is my second Audi. I upgraded from an A6, and the difference between the A6 to the A8 is substantial. I always questioned the justification of the price jump, but there really is no comparison between the two vehicles. The A8 is actually built on virtually the same platform as the Bentley Flying Spur and Continental. I did a lot of research before I bought my A8, and I feel very good about this car.

“Motor Trend and other auto rags have consistently rated the A8 above the BMW 7 Series and just below the Mercedes S-Class. I am partial to Audis because I think they have a unique look, and I believe they are the up-and-coming luxury brand. To me, the S-Class seems designed for the over-50 crowd, and the BMW is a little too viva Las Vegas for my taste. The Bimmer has better acceleration and torque but is not refined, and it really doesn't feel like a luxury car should. The Audi has less power, but the transmission is so much smoother and refined then the BMW. I don't feel the A8 is underpowered in any way; I find it fairly sporty on the rare occasions I can open it up a bit.

“Let’s be clear: this is a luxury sedan, not a sports car. I really like the ability to adjust the suspension on the MMI interface. This allows the driver to tighten or loosen the suspension and raise or lower the car based on driving conditions. Even though the interior is largely unchanged from 2004, it’s hard to improve perfection. Bottom line for me was the 2010 A8 was about $10 to $15K less than a comparable 7 Series and about $20K less than an S-Class. For me, going with the Audi was an easy choice, and I am very pleased with my decision.”

By Stephen Markley | June 10, 2010 | Comments (9)
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UK Diesel Driver

I always thought the Bentley and the Pheaton were build side by side at same stage in Dresden and that the A8 had a completely different aluminium frame...

Must have been dreaming all that ;)


UK Diesel Driver- perhaps you were. Call it "longitudinal modular component sharing", but the article states the vehicles essentially share the same platform regardless of where they are built. Check it out here:

UK Diesel Driver

@Vik; As it states in your link the upcoming Bentley & VW will use the same platform. The current ones don't. Seems I was not dreaming after all...


The buyer forgot to factor in the poor resale value of the pieces of junk Audi builds. Then he would have chosen the S class.


You have no one to blame but yourself for being a low-wage earner. If posting insults about cars you'll never ever be able to afford makes you feel better then surely you have more than just one issue.


Audi has poor reliability and poor resale value. Ever since the stupid 100LS of the 1970s, they've had a bad record. MB is the clear choice. Please confine your comments to cars and spare us the half-assed Dr. Phil stuff.


UK Diesel Driver- Re-read the article and you'll see it was written in 2007, and stated the now-current 2010 Phaeton would use platform sharing with the A8, and the 2011 Bentley would also use the same platform sharing. Hence, your Phaeton comment is incorrect, and the OP's comment about Bentley is only missing the word "upcoming".

The Audi A8 is a luxury car produced by German Automobile maker, Audi.

i like this car.I really like the ability to adjust the suspension on the MMI interface. This allows the driver to tighten or loosen the suspension and raise or lower the car based on driving conditions.

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