New Hyundai Spied in Chicago?

We’ve joked before that automakers shouldn't drive by HQ in a test car they don’t want photographed. Besides the hundreds of employees here with camera phones (thanks to our own Jacque Harper for these), there are also thousands of tourists here this week for Taste of Chicago and the Sears Willis Tower.
Using our keen intellect and observational skills, this looks like a Hyundai to us. The wheels give it away because they seem to be those used on the 2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited trim. The grille, even under the cladding, also looks like a Hyundai. But the huge fenders up front are the only thing throwing us off and making us think perhaps it’s a Subaru.
What do you think? Could this be the next Hyundai Elantra Touring? Or is it the Veloster two-door hatch? Or something else altogether?

There are three more images of the car below and one of the Hyundai Tucson and Veloster concept.





By David Thomas | June 30, 2010 | Comments (18)



This may be the upcoming Hyundai Veloster. It's said to be something like a modern Honda CRX. Unlike the new Honda CR-Z, though, this is powered by a conventional gasoline engine.


I'm dissappointed at Kicking Tires for not even knowing about the upcoming Hyundai Veloster. Geez. What happened to investigative journalism?

You think it's Veloster? Seems too big.


Its 100% the Veloster. Its been spied in camouflage like this for months now.

I compared it to the other spy photos out there and yeah, it sure looks like it. But it looks like it might have four doors here doesn't it?

Anyway, no we don't typically trade in spy photos but when they drive right by...



The previous spy Veloster pics I saw looked like they had four doors too.

Ah hadn't seen those. Thanks for the link. Seems pretty complete to be a 2012...


Yes, this is the Hyundai Veloster (concept car name will most likely change)

It will have 3 doors: 2 doors on the passenger side (suicide configuration) with one door on the driver side.

It will also be a lift gated hatchback.

I would call it a 3.5 door hatchback.

1.6 L GDI engine with 140bhp base engine with 1.6gdi turbo with around 200bhp on top of the line engine. 6 speed manual and nav screen standard on all trims. possibility of a new dual clutch sequential shift 6 speed transmission.

Like everyone else, I agree - definitely looks like the Veloster.

Hopefully (and this seems so, at least at this point) it'll be better-executed than the CR-Z.

Chalk up another vote for the Veloster.


why do car manufacturers use that annoying camoflauge? is it really that important to hide what a car looks like until the last possible minute? this car is 110% the veloster.


It's the Veloster we've been seeing in spyshots all year.

There's a high possibility it will be named the 'Pulse'.


I personally think it should be renamed the Tiburon. It fits the bill of the first Tib, the first ones were small 1.6l econo boxes with beefed up suspension and unique styling, its kind of a throw back to that. About the better executed than the CRZ, I would really hope so, I think that Honda rushed the CRZ to market, last summer Hyundai announced that they were going to be producing a volester based car and within a week (due to the fact that Hyundai referenced the crx in their release) Honda said they would be producing the CRZ. The Hyundai is going to have a better power to weight ratio, and with their GDI Engine, better fuel economy as well! talk about the best of all worlds :)


I don't really care what it is. If it's not a GM vehicle there's no sense in reporting it.


Uh-oh GM Fanboy 1487sheth1487 on the loose. LOL

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The previous spy Veloster pics I saw looked like they had four doors too.

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