Mercury To Stop Production in 2010


Ford announced today that it will shut its Mercury brand and cease production by the fourth quarter of 2010. The move is meant to further streamline Ford’s portfolio; the company has sold off other nameplates, including Range Rover and Jaguar and most recently Volvo. Ford said it will refocus its attention on the premium Lincoln brand instead, mirroring efforts from Toyota with its Lexus line or Honda and Acura.

All current Mercury owners can have their vehicles serviced at existing Lincoln or Ford dealers, and all warranties will be honored, Ford says. If you’re looking for a bargain on a Mercury, the company says it will roll out incentives for new Mercury models throughout the summer.

Mercury’s sales were down 10.7% in May. Lincoln’s sales were down 9.5%, while Ford vehicles were up 27.9%.
As for Lincoln’s future, Ford said there would be seven new or refreshed models over the next four years, including the 2011 MKX but not the MKZ hybrid due out later this year. That leaves six new models, one of which will be based on the upcoming 2011 Ford Focus and will likely resemble the Lincoln C concept car.

Ford also revealed what it would add to future Lincolns to differentiate them more from Ford products, a factor that led to many complaints about Mercury simply being more expensive Fords.

Here is a list of the Lincoln plans, taken from Ford’s press release on the Mercury shutdown:

  • Lincoln’s first C-segment vehicle
  • New Lincoln-exclusive powertrains, including an all-new V-6 engine and advanced fuel-efficient transmissions
  • EcoBoost engines available in all Lincolns, from the Navigator full-size SUV to the new C-segment Lincoln
  • Fuel economy leadership with each new vehicle, leading to Lincoln emerging as the most fuel-efficient luxury lineup on the market
  • More useful technology and features than any other competitor, with a special focus on comfort and convenience.  New advanced features include: fully retractable glass roofs; adaptive computer-controlled suspensions; electronic, push-button gear selectors; active noise control; and exclusive MyLincoln Touch driver connect technology  

By David Thomas | June 2, 2010 | Comments (15)
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This been a long time coming. It caused the market to become flooded with to many models. There are only so many new car buyers anyways.


It's too bad that Ford let Mercury squander like it has. It really could have been a good compeitior to Buick and other premium brands, but Ford allowed Mercury to become a brand with no vehicles that were it's own. Buick has the LaCrosse and the Regal all to itself, but Mercury had nothing.

Also, Ford needs to step up it's game in general and cut ou this freshening garbage. Redesign your vehicles already, and keep them at least a ottos competative!


Bout time.


"...[Lincoln] based on the upcoming 2011 Ford Focus ..."

They could get Tata Nano and make a Lincoln


"You've got to take Mercury off your list..."
Their spokeswoman, Jill Wagner will have to find a new gig.

Derrick G

Yeah, this is past due. There just aren't that many different levels in the market any more and Lincoln's been too neglected for too long. And it's not like Mercury was a storied brand Ford took over; they just made it up. Mercury's just been a time-suck for Ford's engineers and stylist for a good while and props to Ford for admitting and correcting it.


Let's face it: Mercury had been on life support for more than 30 years. It was only a matter of time before Ford pulled the plug. I'll fondly remember the Cougars of the late '60s and early '70's, but there isn't anything else that will be missed. RIP, Mercury.

Brian Greenberg

Ford keeps making smart decision after smart decision and GM could learn a lot from them. If GM had good leadership they would dump the GMC and Buick brands and bring back Pontiac. GM won't work long-term with four brand names because two are nothing more than rebadging versions.


really? smart decision after smart decision that GM could learn from? GM's been closing brands that were underdeveloped/neglected for a while now. it took ford 20 years to finally decide to shutter mercury.

again, please stop blowing ford just because they didn't take gov't money. it's great that they get to ride the good PR associated with that luck, but enough already.



No one mentioned about government money in this article and its comments.

I kind of agreed that that GM should keep Pontiac and refresh its lineup. Buick is kept because it is popular in China.


Yep, killing Mercury is long overdue. Most of the dealerships around here keep very few of them on the lot anyhow because the sell so poorly.

I agree GM should have kept Pontiac. I think they probably would have except the Obama administration demanded/required them to pare operations down to "4 key brands."

They had to keep Buick because of China. Not having Pontiac leaves them with a big gap, though, IMHO - affordable sportiness. They also lose the draw for younger, single buyers. Does anyone know of a 20-something that's just dying to own a Malibu or Impala?

I suppose the same thing could be said of Ford, but at least Ford's cars look sporty and have a lot more exciting interiors than Chevy's.


You can tell what Cody is fixated on when he makes references to 'blowing' and 'money'. Cody it's ok if your into men.


I admire Ford Motor Company's business strategy in making decisions to ensure long-term survival in the industry. I have been a long time fan of Ford products and Mercury Cougars in particular. I feel certain Ford's decision to discontinue the Mercury brand will only strengthen the Company in the long term. Whether or not you are a fan of Ford, you should admire their business sense and commitment to the future without government assistance.


-Mercury,Oldsmobile,Pontiac,Plymouth,Pan Am,the rest will follow,it's America going down the drain guys,thanks to the CAFE and EPA...

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