Cadillac Rolls Out Free Maintenance

We’re not saying we started something here, but it seems that since our post on free maintenance programs, more automakers are adding them.
Last week, Lincoln started offering a three-year free maintenance program as a summer incentive. Today, Cadillac announced that it will begin a full-time free maintenance program for all 2011 models. The plan covers all required maintenance for the first four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

That includes oil changes, tire rotations, replacing engine and cabin air filters and the more significant/expensive multipoint inspections.
The first vehicles included in the program, called Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance, will be the 2011 CTS lineup, including the new CTS coupe.


Government Motors built my lemon

Good. Maybe they'll get a handle on the camshaft failures on the V6's and the rear diffs on the V's now that owners know they won't get robbed on maintainence.

My recommendation is to dump the vehicle once the program runs out as maintinence costs are no less expensive than the German nameplates and frequency of repair is even higher unless you buy a blinged-out Tahoe (Slade). Especially the Mexican built models like the SRX!

Toyotas will kill you

No way GM/Ford/Chrysler's out of warranty maintenance is more expensive than Big Money Waste's out of warranty maintenance expenses.

This is a great news.Proper and regular maintenance is really important in keeping the vehicle power and performance.More automakers that gives free maintenance,more customers will surely be happy.

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