2011 Honda Odyssey: First Look


The 2011 Honda Odyssey goes on sale this fall and will surely be at the top of minivan shoppers lists alongside the recently redesigned 2011 Toyota Sienna. Today, the company unveiled the production model’s design and the top trim level’s features.

The design is not radically different, but it is closer to the ground and wider, with an interesting profile. A 3.5-liter V-6 engine with cylinder deactivation is standard and is estimated to get 19/28 mpg city/highway. The 2010 Touring gets 17/25 mpg; the most efficient V-6-equipped Sienna gets 18/24 mpg.
Honda says it will only offer six-cylinder engines in the Odyssey – Toyota introduced a four-cylinder in its latest Sienna – and we expect the same, less efficient V-6, which gets 16/23 mpg, currently in the 2010 Odyssey to power lesser trims of the 2011.

However, the engine isn’t what’s going to wow parents. The 2011 Odyssey’s second row has three seats can slide side-to-side to fit three full-size child-safety seats across, and all have Latch connectors. The middle seat can slide forward 6 inches to position a child closer to the driver. Again, Honda hasn’t said whether this will be available on all trims or not. All of the information released today was for the Touring Elite, the top-of-the-line model.

Specifications haven’t been finalized, but Honda says second-row knee room has grown by 1 inch and they've removed the under-floor storage behind the front-row seats. There are also 15 cupholders.

Otherwise the Touring Elite model you see here packs a number of unique features that the automaker details below. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell you how many of these features you can get in other trim levels later this summer before the Odyssey goes on sale in early fall. 

More photos are also now posted below.

2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Features
•    AM/FM/XM/CD premium audio system with 12 speakers
•    Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice activation
•    Ultra-Wide Rear Entertainment System with split-screen capability
•    External HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input
•    150-watt AC power outlet
•    Media tray with integrated beverage holder
•    Removable first-row center console with hidden storage
•    New cool box in lower center stack (keeps items cool when vehicle is running)
•    Leather-trimmed seating with heated front seats
•    Memory-linked 10-way power-adjustable driver's seat
•    Latch anchors in five seating positions, including three positions in the second row to accommodate three child-safety seats simultaneously
•    Two captain's chairs in the second row provide adult comfort with center seat folded down
•    One-strap stowable 3rd Row Magic Seat
•    Second- and third-row passenger window sunshades
•    15 beverage holders
•    Trash bag ring
•    High-intensity-discharge headlights
•    18-inch alloy wheels
•    12.6-inch ventilated front disc brakes
•    Power side mirrors with integrated turn indicators
•    Power tailgate

By David Thomas | June 17, 2010 | Comments (103)



I could have sworn I have seen this somewhere else before.


Disappointing. The concept's sportiness and taut lines did not translate well to the production version.

We hope all of our readers understand the need for us to get information and photos out to them as quickly and accurately as possible. But obviously we can not publish them as quickly as the manufacturer. We were given these materials at the same time they were shown to the public. The write-up above was crafted by watching the company's presentation, reading their release and via questions with their staff. We also looked up the competing mileage etc. It was also copy edited and then needed to be published. All of this takes time.

We don't want to deliver pure press releases as they won't serve our readers as well as our own coverage.

Thanks for reading!


that is quite possibly the ugliest minivan ever created, it looks like 3 separate vehicles that were combined into one without a real attempt to smooth over the connections...

Glenn H

I don't get it. Honda's been in the minivan game long enough and they can't figure out how to design a sliding door track that does not result in a huge gash running down the side...shaking my head. Makes it look dated.

Ste (Original SG)

I'm still holding out for the Nissan Quest. I have high hopes for that thing.

Carl Petersen

I don't get it. How do you get to the third row seating? Do you have to remove one the middle seats or crawl over the seat rail frame. Or do just enter through the lift gate. I don't know it just doesn't look right, and they don't show you. I don't think this a very flattering design, but at least its got 15 cup holders.


That is a lot of angles there. The front looks like the headlights/grille don't fit the car.

Darryl M

I am beyond dissapointed. This thing is grotesque. I currently own a 2000 Odyssey with 150K miles that I am ready to replace. I have been waiting on the new Odyssey since I got my first look at the interior of the new Sienna and saw how cheap it is. The concept was promising although I was dissapointed that Honda just refuses to conceal the sliding door tracks. The finished product is a hideous monstrosity. The sliding door tracks are bigger than ever, veritable chasms. And I like minivans! Honda has introduced a series of ugly vehicles in recent years. Each new honda is uglier that the vehcile it replaces. This is the worst yet.


Honda, the back end is falling off.


I agree with JJ, Darryl, and Style. Extremely disappointing. I saw the concept at the Atlanta Auto Show and it was quite good looking. I was afraid Honda wouldn't follow through and I was right. I will not consider it. The Toyota is much better looking.

Ken L.

The new Sienna is the "Swagger Wagon", this looks like an unfinished minivan XL.


Say what you want about the Chrysler twins but they are now clearly the best looking vans available.

Troy S.

Good Job Honda!!!


First the CrossTour and now this weird Odyssey exterior design. Makes you wonder what's gone wrong at Honda's design studio. This certainly opens the door for a slam dunk with the next generation Kia Sedona.


I'm not sure I understand the comments about the concept van being much different. The bodywork on the concept and production version looks identical. Lights, grill, and trim are going to be less "over the top" on a production vehicle. The interior looks nice, better than the current Odyssey. Regarding the tracks for the sliding doors, the Sienna's are hidden beneath the rear glass BUT you loose visibility out the back windows from the third row as a result. You can see this best on a 2011 Sienna without tinted glass. The new Sienna looks bloated in person. Hopefully the Odyssey will not.
The new Nissan Quest will be the third interesting minivan redesign. We already have heard that there is no Hyundai Entourage or Kia Sedona minivan redesign coming. I hope the lightning bolt belt line looks better in person.


Yeah, with recent reception to current-gen Acura models as well, it's natural to question what's going on at their design department.

I like the interior, and I think the grey color scheme makes it feel light and airy.

The exterior has too many design elements lumped into one. Looks like a Quest, a current-gen Odyssey, and pieces of Veracruz (taillights), Insight, and to be honest, wayyyy too much else.

It's like an attempt at Hyundai's new "fluidic sculpture" design language...only failed-er.


Honda needs to fire all its product engineers pronto! This minivan might take the title of ugliest automobile from the Pontiac Aztec.

Honda Rocks! I love the simplicity of the car..This is good for a family. I like it..Good job!

Mark M

What the heck is this monstrosity? It looks like a cross turd in front and spot welded Benz R350 in the back where the giant door track begins.


I think that this is nice and all, and will be reliable as is every Honda, but I think the revised Chrysler minivans will capture more buyers and be more attractive vehicles, now that they will be infused with Italian DNA :P but the Phoenix V6 in addition to a redesigned exterior and world-class new interior will surely launch the T&C and Caravan back to their rightly spot atop the minivan heap


This this is ugly! Plus what type of entertainment center is that? It looks like the screen is a TRUE widescreen... 12" across by 3" tall it looks!

Derrick G

Mark M pretty well summed it up better than I could, FTW.


Australian spec is better, this isn't nearly as good looking




Interior is not bad. For the exterior read posts #5 and #6

For Mark M,
your statements sount foolish. Get this cr@p out of here. Listen to this, people:
"... will be reliable as is every Honda..."
ha-ha. Odyssey is one of list! reliable Hondas historically, with reliability worth of Ford.

"...Chrysler minivans will capture more buyers .... now that they will be infused with Italian DNA..."
Italian DNA is just what Chrysler needs. Not sure how makers of some of the worlds list reliable cars can give a good DNA. If the Germans couldn't correct Chrysler...

"...launch the T&C and Caravan back to their rightly spot atop the minivan heap..."
Oh. The spot!!! Problem is, that if the spot is 20K miles away, the Caravan may never get there without help of the camels (i mean Cottman). Ok. That is in the past. So the spot. They had the spot until others started to make minivans. It is like, "I am the king!... Of my own that is"


Of course, the previous post was to Mike, not Mark M


I can't belive Honda released this to the public. This is a joke right? So ugly I'm not even interested in reading through the rest of the document. The photo stopped me dead in my tracks.


My major concern is: Why no body-colored side mirrors even on the top of the line trim?

I think the black is a stylized material and may be just for the top trim level. It's got integrated turn signals so they're not doing it to save money. The lower trims may be body colored but Honda isn't releasing more info until later this summer.

Overall I think the styling is pretty conservative. The lightening bolt style on the rear door doesn't bother me. Minivan shoppers don't usually buy on looks regardless. The second row fitting three full size safety seats will sell more of them than if it looked like a Jaguar.


that looks horrible! I thought they were trying to bring style to the segment but this is horrendous looking. The black mirrors look cheap as well. Honda needs to start designing interiors without so many cut lines. Why cant they have an interior that looks more cohesive?


I am surprized with such negative reactions. Looks not bad too me. (Except the sliding door channel.)
Cross Tour- don't like it at all, but this one OK for minivan.
For me Chrysler looks bad.


Being a current van owner...I like it. Prefer the Sienna but this would be my second choice. It will do just as well as previous Odyssey's.


How r they going to fit roof racks on that THING???????


That thing is beyond ugly. Interior looks awesome but the outside... Sign me up for the boxy Chrysler vans or even one of those ugly old Chevy vans - I wouldn't take that thing if someone gave it to me.


What have the designers at Honda been smoking lately? They are going in the wrong direction. They succeeded in destroying the entire Acura line-up; and now with Honda, it started with the Cross-Tour and now:"This." I;m afraid to see how they will slaughter the next gen Civic.


Honda has hit the Odyssey with the ugly stick. They are giving there minivan sales away to Toyota. The main reason people considered the Odyssey before was because it was the best looking minivan on the market. Without that and with Toyota offering free maintenance its going to be a tough sale.

"This minivan might take the title of ugliest automobile from the Pontiac Aztec."

That is a done deal. Honda and Toyota have lost their way. Enter re-tooled Chrysler and GM.

The first thing I thought was it was almost as ugly as the Aztec. It literally looks like 3 cars photoshopped together with big obvious gaps. I think this is the ugliest Honda of all time. Never thought I'd say "ugly" and "Honda" in same sentence!


Honda has proven its incapable of making a new model better looking than the one it replaces. This was true for the TL, Accord and Pilot and now this thing. The old one was simple but decent looking. This is full of styling gimmicks and looks like it was designed by committee. It's a joke and the rear half is beyond ridiculous looking. It doesn't look upscale, it doesn't look daring, it doesn't look good. It looks like a design than should've been rejected.


How can someone call this, a minivan, bad style, and call the Cruze - supposed to be a small car with "sport" - good looking? That design looks a mess.

Ken L.

How come nobody at Cars.com used the term "polarizing" to describe this? Usually that's the defense for controversial designs. Anyhow, I think the front looks good, the back looks good, the rims look great, but the side is a complete mess. Also, the seat cushions appear thinner; I guess that's needed in order to have all those multiple configurations.



There isnt one controversial or messy detail on the Cruze. Not one. The car has been criticized as too tame by some, but never ugly. The Cruze has nothing to do with this oddball design. You are grasping for straws in your desperation to defend this ugly van. There isn't an uglier van on the market today.


It takes a smart high quality talented team to design, engineer, and build a high quality minivan. That's why GM could never do it. Honda has hit the mark again.


The whole front end of the Cruze is ugly. Not just tame, ugly. The front and rear styling don't match up very well. Many people think so. But any GM product looks great, all Hondas are ugly - no bias there.

But yet you complain about a minivan? The front end is not ugly. The side profile is of a minivan - a mini-van. Is it that bad that the door channel is exposed? Or the line that is not straight?

Oh its hideous...! - No. Its a minivan. Personally I think the Chrysler's front looks worse.



honda owner

UGLY doors/handles. :(


Everyone is calling the new oddysey ugly but just like the CR-V it will still be the best selling minivan. The only design flaw this vehicle has is the huge door tracks.


The Odyssey has been the top selling minivan for the last two years and will be in 2010. This design will not change that and it will be number one in 2011.


I'm not digging this redesign. When will Honda get it? Plus why the gazillion buttons cluttering the center stack. The whole back end is a complete miss. The current Odyssey looks better. In the looks department Sienna wins hands down in my book.


Yep: Aztek.

Def. looks like at least two, mebbe three vehicles welded together (and badly).

From the side, it looks like if you jumped on the roof you could break a weld and make the van split (Like the old Army Jeeps preserved in Cosmoline!)

The door handles *would* be neat if they weren't shouting "HEY, Looka me! Ain't we neat?!"

And the *gash*! And it IS a gash; yikes! It is worse than the OLD model. Honda shoulda at least tried to hide it in the press release by showcasing, say, a DARK grey van.

Def. looked more promising in concept; weirdly (and it hurts to say this), the Sienna looks *better* in real life than in advance photos.

I, too, have been holding off -- waiting to see what Honda would toss up against Toyota. So sad; too bad.



Rear looks good--independent of the rest (and I keep looking, it REALLY looks welded on! Rear 3/4 view: word "disjointed" takes on concrete application.)

Front 2/3 looks like a bloated Matrix.

Through use of "cladding" (gorsh I hate that word--but so accurate, so... GM), the lightning-bolt is reduced to gimmickry.

Woulda preferred a CRV with third-row, nice curvy follow-through.

Interior MIGHT be terrific, but the ext. is such a stinker that many prospects will never get close enough to find out (or care).

Shoulda hired MAZDA's design team (or VW's or Chrysler's...).


Re: Comments like "The Odyssey has been the top selling minivan [forever]..."
"It takes a smart high quality talented team to design, engineer, and build a high quality minivan."

In my mind, they border on parody--and they address none of the obvious (and I *do* mean obvious) "polarizing" features.

Are you guys shills? Own a Honda dealership? Members of the family?

Even if you *like* the design, can you see how others might find it... short of expectations?

Saying "Well, yeah, Honda will outsell anyway" isn't what we are critiquing here...


Okay, just one more:

Just like the Aztek's designers MUST have done, at what point do you think Honda's design team let out a collective "Uh oh."?


"The whole front end of the Cruze is ugly. Not just tame, ugly. The front and rear styling don't match up very well. Many people think so. But any GM product looks great, all Hondas are ugly - no bias there. "

find one review or objective person who agrees with you here. One. None of the first drives of the Cruze mentioned the car being unsightly in ANY way. This is controversial from DAY ONE. Stop trying to redirect the conversation with irrelevant GM bashing just because you don't want us to discuss the looks of this van. Its still ugly regardless of how many times you bring up whatever GM product you hate today.

"The Odyssey has been the top selling minivan for the last two years and will be in 2010."

Its only number one because the T&C and Caravan are two different models. Chrysler still sells the most minivans. Is the Odyssey even outselling the Sienna this year? I'm not sure that it is right now.

"Everyone is calling the new oddysey ugly but just like the CR-V it will still be the best selling minivan."

One problem- the CR-V isnt ugly.

"The only design flaw this vehicle has is the huge door tracks."

Thats being charitable. What about the fact that the rear 3rd of the vehicle looks like its glued on? What about the dull rear end that is unchanged from the current model? What about the 75 button center stack that appears to be made out of 5 different sections? What about the black mirrors on a $40k van? What about the dropping beltline aft of the sliding door? Its like the MKT, only worse. This is a design failure inside and out and saying "it may be ugly but it will be a top seller" is irrelevant. Lets stop defending mediocrity. If sales are ALL that counts I guess the F150 is the best vehicle sold in America regardless of price.


find one review or objective person who agrees with you here.
-Do I really have to? Or will you just change the subject and make fun of the Corolla when I do? Or better yet - you will call out anyone else for being biased!!

What about the fact that the rear 3rd of the vehicle looks like its glued on?
-What about the Cruze with disjointed styling? You can't tell me the front end and tailights go together.

What about the 75 button center stack that appears to be made out of 5 different sections?
-What about the Cruze's interior that has the same shape but looks worse?

What about the black mirrors on a $40k van?
-What about the black PLASTIC on the Cruze's mirrors? Oh no!!!

What about the dropping beltline aft of the sliding door?
-What about the Cruze's face that looks like they put a Malibu in the microwave.
Lets stop defending mediocrity.
-Yes please do.

If sales are ALL that counts I guess the F150 is the best vehicle sold in America regardless of price.
-Wow, how many times are you going to repeat this line. Only an incompetent, absolutely brain dead idiot would keep repeating a lame line like that over and over.... oh sorry. At least I didn't call you any names though.


You migh want to know that the Chrysler and Dodge minivan twins still outsell the Honda Ody.


That is one fugly van.

Odyssey was top on our list for a new minivan next year but I'm going to have to re-think. It's also mighty disappointing that gas mileage has not improved on the base models... THAT is a deal killer for me.


The concept looked promising, but I can't believe how awful, and I mean ridiculously awful the production model looks. The side tracks for the doors are now overemphasized by the lightning bolt window line. Your eye is forced to stare at the one spot on the car you don't want to look at. Terribly dissapointed! Toyota here I come.



Simple question: What does the Cruze have to do with the Odyssey? Stop trying to divert attention from the subject at hand. Go back to the posts on the Cruze and see if the reaction was similar to what the Odyssey is getting. You are ignoring all the comments here that disapprove of the Odyssey in order to attack me and go on meaningless rants about a compact car that doesn't even compete. And then you make the ridiculous argument that the Odyssey is no different than a $17k compact in offering black side mirrors that arent body color.

"-What about the Cruze's face that looks like they put a Malibu in the microwave."

The Cruze and Malibu are made by the same brand- of course they look alike. In other news, the 3 series looks like a smaller version of the 5 series. What a SHOCK!!! Well that PROVES the 3 series is a piece of crap because it shouldnt resemble other cars by the same manufacturer.

"-What about the Cruze's interior that has the same shape but looks worse?"

You sound like a kid. What's next "your momma" jokes? You always raise the level of discourse Belly. You the man!


What's next "your momma" jokes? You always raise the level of discourse Belly. You the man!
-I am Shet! I don't have an answer so I try and tell everybody else how bad I feel when I get spanked. Waaaah!!

Well that PROVES the 3 series is a piece of crap because it shouldnt resemble other cars by the same manufacturer.
-Huh? Cry a little more too. The 3 is not that good looking, what about it? -"What does the [3] have to do with the Odyssey?"

How many 3's have sold versus the Cruze? What about your "F150 argument" here? The 3 series must dominate the Cruze, it has sold so many more... your logic works!

Just a little reminder to keep things on point. I don't think readers would mind missing the discourse between sheth and Belly. Please remember there are posting guidelines and we do enforce them. Just a friendly warning/reminder.

I assume other commenters won't object but if they do I'll listen.


Sorry Dave, it is just too easy sometimes.

Like the Odyssey, keep it rocking Honda.


i hate the tail of the car and it doesn't even look like a mini van anymore. i like the 2010 one bec. it just looks a LOT better.


I have been looking at this thing for several weeks. I never liked what they did to the Accord and the Odyssey is step in the wrong directon too. How could any design like this be approved? I will go ahead and buy the Sienna now. Got a great price quote already. Honda probably won't be willing to deal on the 2011 anyway.


When it comes to minivans you can't do better than the Sienna or Ody. We have a 2010 Sienna and love it but coming out of a 2007 Ody at times we wished we would have waited for the 2011 Ody. If you want a Camry like ride then Sienna is it. If you prefer driving dynamics then Ody is the one to go with. Again both are great minivans so it's a win-win either way.


This design is actually growing on me, the more I look at it. Think it will look better in black.


Man, that is seriously ugly on the exterior. Interior looks great though.


I think the interior looks great. In fact, I think almost all Honda interiors look great, mainly because I like blue backlighting and the quality of their materials. The Accord gets a little crazy with buttons, but still has a nice interior.

As for the exterior - I'm pretty much in line with everyone else. WTH? When I saw the first photo from the front, it looked like the sliding doors were sticking out past the van - like they were partially opened or something. After seeing more pics, I can see its because of how the tracks are made and how the rear panels meet the door. It looks like a big, bulgy mess - kind of reminds me of what those "3 door" Saturns looked like. You would just look at the lines and think, "something doesn't look right."


The doors look like they're falling off. I would go Chrysler all the way, but AWD is a must so Sienna it is. (Unless the new Nissan has AWD.)


UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. I, too, have an older Honda Odyssey and was waiting for the newest version to replace our beloved but not worn older model. They'd have to pay ME to drive this HIDEOUS thing. As a loyal Honda owner for over 25 years, I couldn't be more disappointed. Sienna... here we come!


UGLY is being nice....The 2010 is way better on the outside. The new interior looks to be better.

I just can not get past that ugly door track....really honda, is that the best you can do. Just because I drive a minivan does not mean I do not expect quality exteriors. I was waiting for the Nissan to make my choice, but now it looks like the SWAGGER WAGON will be my top choice. Toyota Sienna is by far the best looking exterior on a minivan. I like the hidden back window wipper also. Too bad the shifter is not out of the way....I guess I am a fan of the column shifter..... or upscale Jaguar hidden push shifter....


naysayers pay real close attention, what vehicle will be the number 1 sales again. Oh after you find out, drop us a lne and explain to us why?: can't wait to hear your bullcrap why. p.s. real names only lol.

I'm so disappointed! I've been holding out for the 2011 Odyssey, as we're ready to replace our 1999 Sienna. I strongly prefer the way the Odyssey drives, but have always preferred the looks on the Sienna. But good Lord, this is HIDEOUS! I totally agree with the comments about it looking like three separate cars (badly) cobbled together. What in heaven's name were these people thinking?!?

Look, just because we are consumers who need a minivan doesn't mean that we're completely devoid of taste or dignity. Sienna proves a minivan doesn't have to look entirely ridiculous.

What does it say overall when something as simple and obvious as the door track gashes aren't addressed in a new design? Knowing they won't be open to deals on the '11 Odyssey, it looks like I'm back to another Sienna. :(


Kind of resembles the 1997 version. That too was quite ugly. They got it right in 1999 and better in 2005, then fell off the wagon in 2011. The lines in the back are horrible. I am sure it rides like a charm, but the looks just kill this awesome machine. Guess we will have to wait another 5 years for the next model. Oh wait, I won't need one then :)


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This Honda van is sooooo Ugly. I was waiting for the Odyssey to come out - but I could never drive something this ugly. Please tell me I've been Punked.


Front & back appear OK - but the side shot????? Looks like a '97 on bad steroids and worse still - it actually looks like a van. I've been waiting for this??? Sorry Honda - gonna take my $40k+ somewhere else this time. Disappointing.


Not sure what all the negativity is on the new Odyssey's looks. We haven't seen anything this edgy since the debut of the Pontiac Aztec. Yes, Honda is taking a risk here but just wait to see how long before Hyundai and Kia are trying to copy them. Honda will have the last laugh.


Ummmm... hello dummies!! It's got freakin' 5 sets of LATCH!! I don't care what it looks like! I can have all my kids AND their friends, riding safely! WOOHOO!! I left style behind when I had kids, the sienna sucks! they got rid of one set of LATCH!


I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna which has served our family flawlessly. I had much anticipation for the new Sienna, but Toyota decided to follow Honda in designing a "sporty" minivan with useless bulges and angles coming from all ways. The old Sienna design was sleek and functional and pleasant to the eye. They cheapened it up to match the Odyssey and guess what, Consumers Report placed it behind the old Odyssey! Then waiting for the new Odyssey, Honda turned out an even uglier unit! What is going on with Honda's design team? I have a 2009 CR-V which is probably the cleanest looking vehicle they have (until they decide to redesign it!). I now wait for Hyundai/Kia to come up with a worthy choice!


waited to trade my 06 odyssey for the new one, but disapointed...ugly, ugly, and ugly...can't believe it. Honda designs get uglier and uglier.

It doesn't look all that bad, although it does seem a bit boxy and the door tracks are quite large. However, there does seem to be a lot of room, and a great way to entertain kids in the back.


Honda should fire it's entire design studio. I thought the picture was messed up, but this is the real 2011 Odyssey.

This is really horrible and the interior is like the cheap Acura MDX, which looks cool, but falls apart.


Both the MDX and Odyssey are class leaders. I don't need to tell you you're stupid since at this point in your life you've already been told that thousands of times.


"Both the MDX and Odyssey are class leaders."

What does that have to do with the fact that this new Odyssey is a complete abomination?

I am currently trying to locate and buy a new 2010 before they're gone forever and we're stuck with the 2011.

I keep reading in this thread (and at other sites) that people who drive minivans are practical and need them and therefore don't care how they look. If that's the case why do manufacturers EVER update or come up with new looks for their vans?

The new 2011 Odyssey is SO embarrassingly fugly that it is going to make even the most practical buyer think twice.

Joe Haman

I really liked the way my 2002 Ody looked and thought the 2005 got a bit "bulgy" but okay though. Toyed with going CUV now but they just aren't close to practical to a minivan. When I read that Ody was going lower, wider, and edgier I thought this would be the answer. But, that side view makes it look like a door is left ajar - not a clean look at all. Sorry, I think Honda will be only selling these in black or dark grey.


I can live with the front and rear views, but the side is very chunky and disjointed. They need to take a page from the CRV's very smooth side profile. But there's a lot of ugly in many new car designs ... take a look at the new TL!

The good news is that hopefully the 2011 Odyssey's supreme ugliness will drop the price and make it more affordable for me in 10yrs. :)


If I received this van for free, I would not accept it.... Scratch that i would TRADE this car for something else. This is absolutely hideous, I swear I drew this minivan when i was 6 years old. How did Honda get my blueprints??!!!
The van does seem dated, looks like from the 2002s, and that DOOR tracks on the side!!! Arrg, I thought they would get rid of that! The 1999 Dodge. Grand Caravan hid their door tracks right under the window, not some horrid looking gash on the side. The only thing I like is how the door handles were arranged, cool. The rims are mediocore, but who cares, just pop in some 22's chromes and it'll look half as good.

Handy Pete

I'm not sure but I think the Japanese fellow who designed the Toyota Matrix/Vibe and the Pontiac Aztek has done it again with this van.

What clues me in is the ability to sleep in the vehicule whick is way cool on long road trips. The tent option also tells me something.

I love new designs and have learned to give it some time before making a harsh judgment.

Honda, Keep innovating! :-)


Honda better start taking some cues from Hyundai. What was once a stylish brand has become one of the ugliest. While the interior looks good, the exterior looks horrible, from all angles. I have always appreciated Honda's reliability, but will most likely move toward Toyota when the lease on my 2010 Odyssey expires. I just don't understand their current designs at all! Swing and a miss on this design!


I just purchased this vehicle and it has a major design flaw. When you shift gears from Park to drive, reverse or Neutral there is no line or light indicating which gear you have just switched into and it doesn't always feel obvious. While you could look at the dashboard, it's annoyin to have to do that every time and sometimes when you are making a k-turn and the wheel is turned, it blocks the dashboard so that you just have to guess. I've only had this car two days and I've made a mistake a few times. This can be very dangerous when you think you are in drive but are really in reverse. I'm not sure why they did this. In my old odyssey there was a line letting me know which gear I was switching into. They better fix this design flaw soon or they will have some law suits on their hands.

collin Nguyen

I was waiting to buy the 2011 odyssey but when i saw it in person, I changed my mine. so I went with the 2010. The new odyssey is UGLY. I think Honda will loose alot of buyers in this category with this design.

honda faithful

This van is too Ugly. the design is weird. I think Honda will regret this. I switching to the all new nissan quest or the old odyssey.


Ah, remember when mini-vans weren't fugly? the last odyssey was really nice, but the 2011 odyssey is the FUGILEST CAR I'VE EVERRRR SEEN. The same thing with the Quest. the back is so square, while the rest of the car is round. The ONLY nice mini-vans on the road are the caravan/town and country, the kia sedona, and the routan. the sienna looks like a fugly mack truck (it's too big and fugly.) i'd rather drive a boxy 80s mini van than drive this fugly piece of s**t.


We waited for 2011 Odyssey for 9 years and feel cheated. Exterior is a joke and interior looks and feels plasticky and cheap. I quickly started to look for brand new car from 2010 model and was fortunate to find one. I love it. It has a certain luxury feel, handles great and has most of the 2011 features. While we always bought Honda without any further thought, I will keep an eye on the competition now. Unless, of course, Honda does a better design job in 2006!


This van is so ugly! We have had two Odyssey's but we will not buy the new one! Visually so unappealing! Why and what were they thinking? The rounded back end looks terrible!


I have a 2000 Odyssey and ready for a new one. I cannot agree more that Honda have really pissed off loyal customers with horrible designs. We keep cars for a long time and take pride. Unless Honda overhauls the design next year - bye bye!


Dear Honda,
I want to buy a new Odyssey, but can't because it is too ugly. BARF!!!
They need someone with artistic sense to help with the design process.
The back top looks like a German WWII helmet.
The side zig-zag makes the end 'sag'.
It is too long and low.
I want a minivan! Don't try to be something else!

Please fix this so I can buy another new Odyssey in the future.

ps I love the 2010 Odyssey exterior style.

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