Trucks and SUVs Cheaper to Insure

When involved in a crash, some vehicles are simply less costly to fix, and the affordability of those fixes is a strong factor in how much it will cost to insure a vehicle. Trucks and SUVs tend to have an edge, according to a government report that tallies losses of insured vehicles for 2007-2009.

For instance, a Mercury Mariner is 59% cheaper to insure than the average vehicle, while the Chevy Traverse is 57% cheaper, making them the insurance champs of this report (although the Ford Econoline van is actually the top vehicle at 61% cheaper).

Ford is touting the list because it has a number of vehicles toward the top. Ford Vice President Frederieck Toney attributed this strong showing to Ford’s engineering prowess, saying in a statement, “We design our vehicles to be easier and more affordable to repair.”

The only car to make the list was the Smart ForTwo, which was 52% cheaper to insure than average.

Other notable vehicles include the Ford Escape (50% cheaper to insure than average), Jeep Wrangler (53%), GMC Acadia (47%), Ram 1500 (45%), Ford F-150 Supercab (44%), Kia Sorento (44%), Dodge Grand Caravan (40%) and Ford F-250 (40%).

Trucks Dominate List of Cheapest Vehicles to Insure (DriveOn)


I live in Spain and the insure for a truck is more expensive than a car. Here the different is a lot of money between a truck and a car.


Mr. Toney's boasting aside, the relatively low insurance rates for the light trucks listed can be ascribed more to the kinds of drivers who typically operate them, rather than any specific attribute of the vehicles themselves.


I imagine there is a strong correlation between “we design our vehicles to be easier and more affordable to repair" and “we design our vehicles to be easier and more affordable to build."

Now days trucks & SUV are more demanded. but many company provided secondhand trucks & SUV at cheap prize & condition of that vehicle is also good. That reason customers give the first choice to secondhand trucks.



I'm not surprised. I've been driving a Jeep Wrangler for 5 years now and routinely change my insurance carriers to keep my rates low (to avoid rate increases). I'm usually able to get rates around the $25 to $30 a month range (I use 4AutoInsuranceQuote or Insurance Panda to find them). The Wrangler is more than twice as cheap as my husband's Escalade to insure. Could not be happier with it.

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