Toyota Halts Sales of Lexus LS

Toyota has stopped sales of its flagship LS sedan for approximately the next three weeks while it waits on the parts for the steering fix from last week’s recall.

The new computer chips should reach dealers and not affect LS sales too badly since it’s a low-volume luxury product, according to the Associated Press. But the stop sale comes amidst other troubles for Toyota and its luxury brand. At this point, there’s likely little need to remind you of Toyota’s recall woes this year, and Lexus just got through another dustup with Consumer Reports’ “Don’t Buy” recommendation for the GX 460.

The halt to sales stems from the 3,800 vehicle recall of the LS 460 and LS 600h L to fix a problem in which the steering wheel fails to return to its original position during a sharp turn.

By Stephen Markley | May 25, 2010 | Comments (3)



Computer chips controlling steering of a 100mph,4000 lb vehicle....brilliant.


"fails to return to its original position" completely ignores all drivers equipped with silly little things called arms, with the optional extras of hands at the end of them.

My guess is that arms and hands don't do any good against a broken computer locking the steering up and the driver out.

But what do I know after all? My steering wheel is attached to my steering rack - not a computer.

Power assist is nice, but I could still muscle it around if the "power" anything breaks.

This computerized garbage needs to be banned for 10 years so car companies can work the bugs out and get it right -and not kill people and be a hazard when it's re-introduced.

I think the recalling process can impact the sales of Lexus models.

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