Recall Alert: 3,800 2009-10 Lexus Vehicles

As we reported earlier, Toyota will now officially recall 3,800 2009-10 Lexus LS 460 and LS 600h L vehicles. The recall affects vehicles equipped with variable gear-ratio steering.

During certain driving maneuvers, the steering wheel may become off center. It occurs after “driving away quickly from a very tight turn” when the steering wheel is at full lock position, Toyota says. A driver might notice the steering wheel moving slowly to the center position while the system corrects itself.

It’s unlikely drivers will notice the difference during normal driving, like changing lanes or making a regular turn. So far, no accidents have been reported because of this defect.

As soon as the necessary parts are available, Lexus will notify owners of affected vehicles by mail. Lexus dealers will then replace the steering control computer with a new one for free. Owners may contact Lexus at 800-255-3987 or visit


Ken L.

I'm not sure if it's good business practice to have a list of the recalled vehicles on your website. I just checked Toyota's and Lexus' and they both contain information on their respective vehicles being recalled. Now, I know it's Toyota's way of saying sorry, we'll do a better job, blah, blah blah; but to have that on their website along with the vehicles they're trying to sell is just not a good business decision since there are already sites out there for those that are willing to do a little research. Toyota/Lexus could follow up with emails, automated phone calls or mass mailings to inform their CURRENT owners of the recall. What they're doing now will only invite FUTURE customers to 2nd guess Toyota's quality.


I would call reporting recalls,a common sense move.It will let everyone know,even future used Toyota/Lexus owners that there were recalls on their prospective future purchase.Also,the website is called "cars"..and should be all about cars,with their warts and all....
If anyone feels Toyota is being slighted,just tell Toyota to build the vehicles the right way the FIRST time,and not let their customers become test divers for quality control,and they wont have a thing to worry about (other than the deceptive,lobbying,feet dragging,American legal system hating nature of the Asian automobile industry).


Ummm...should read "test drivers" not divers.

Ken L.

Sorry for the confusion. My 1st post was directed at Toyota's and Lexus' website for listing recalled vehicles. SHOULD and continue to do its due diligence to inform the public about recalls, etc.

The more sites that report recalls on ANY car/truck the better consumers would seeing who's in the "HOT SEAT" and how often. I saw this latest one reported 2 days earlier on CNN & Yahoo finacial stock pages as well. It's amazing how much info has come out recently and Toyota seems to own a lot of it. What's interesting is not the total amount of car/trucks Toyota has recalled but the MANY model lines it has affected of theirs. That in of it self says something!!!


That Lexus is beautiful. I like it better than my wife's W212.


THATS beautiful? It looks like a half ass rebaged toyota camry with leather seats and extra sound deadening. Yawn, nothing beautiful about that bug eyed thing. not sure what your seeing

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