New Ford Fiesta Ad Slams Other Fords

One tagline for the official onslaught of Ford Fiesta marketing and advertising reads, “The Fiesta gets 40 miles per gallon. 21 hybrids do not." It’s a powerful statement that will definitely grab the attention of consumers who don’t regularly follow our site.

Because if they did they’d know that the 21 hybrids Ford is talking about includes or should five Ford models that don’t achieve 40 mpg highway. They include the Ford Fusion Hybrid and its Mercury Milan Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ siblings, and the Ford Escape Hybrid compact SUV and its Mercury sibling, the Mariner Hybrid.

To learn which other cars get 40 mpg on the highway, you can check out our guide to high-mileage cars here. If you’re wondering which other hybrids don’t get 40 mpg highway, they include some pricey ones such as the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid, Lexus LS 600h L, Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid and the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

To give Ford its due credit, none of the Fiesta’s direct competitors come close to 40 mpg highway, with the Toyota Yaris coming closest at 36 mpg highway. The car is just reaching lots now, with's national inventory showing just 39 Fiestas. Check out the image gallery of an SE hatchback in Medford, Mass. here.

Why Ford's Fiesta 2011 Launch Is a 'Pretty Big Deal' (BrandWeek) 2011 Ford Fiesta Review

By David Thomas | May 18, 2010 | Comments (11)



Knowing how Ford advertises the heck out out of their cars - they should sell a ton of these. The only thing that could hold them back a little is the $17K pricetag shown here for the SE model.

and the overall size of the interior, which is cramped compared to Yaris and Fit. But yes, price will be tough too.

Otherwise it sounds like a great little car.


If you read the tagline more carefully, it does not specify 40 MPG highway. It just says "40 miles per gallon." In fact, the Fusion, Milan and MKZ hybrids achieve 41 MPG city (36 highway). So I would argue that those hybrids DO "get 40 miles per gallon"


Yikes - scratch that! I read the tagline in your article which wasn't a direct quote, not the one in the ad image. My bad!


I did a quick comparo with between a fully loaded Yaris 5 door and 5 door Fiesta. Yaris is about $3k less but you do get the Sync system with the Fiesta.

You know what kind of sound system you can buy for $3k!? ;)


I have a Clarion cassette player I took out of my 1972 Datsun, complete with two 6" by 9" speakers, which I'll sell for just 2K!
Seriously, I'd much rather pay the extra dough for the Fiesta over the Yaris. No center mounted Speedometer, and I bet it rides and handles a lot better than the Yaris, even if the interior's a bit tighter.

Ste (Original SG)

I wonder what the diesels get if the gas gets 29/40. I just dont get why America doesn't like with diesels. I mean, theres a gas station just outside my neighborhood, and its only 10 cents more than regular. its cheaper than premium and 2 cents more than mid-grade. They should bring the diesel engines over.


it looks lot better than yaris....

ZIGGY... You asked if SYNC IS avail, I clicked on the "dealer" link in the above story then went through Fiesta's options and YES SYNC IS avail.


Ummmm.... Fusion, Milan and MKZ all get 41 MPG. Do your homework!

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