Louisiana Plant Builds Last Hummer H3

While it’s sure to become a symbol of the gas-guzzler boom, Hummer saw the last H3 roll off the production line of the Shreveport, La., plant this Monday.

The SUV is part of a special order for Avis, the rental car company, and its completion means that roughly 200 of the plant’s 900 employees will lose their jobs in July. If you’ll recall, GM tried and failed to sell the brand to a Chinese heavy machinery company, leading to its decision to wind down the brand.

All remaining Hummer models have gone on sale in a “Last Chance to Buy a Hummer” promotion that includes zero-percent financing for 72 months and $6,000 off H2 and H3 models.

Hummer has certainly earned a — how else to put this — conspicuous place in automotive history with both its detractors and fervent fans. The last H3 simply marks another one of those small moments that makeup a larger sea change in the kinds of vehicles people are driving.

Last Hummer Rolls Off the Assembly Line (WKOW via The Car Connection)



Good Riddance!


Send them back to the Military where they belong.

Gnag bangers and rap artists can still by Escalades and Tahoes if they want blinged out schoolbuses.


How fitting that the last one goes to a rental company. Good riddance Hummer!

The rest of the story

These were not military vehicles, they were Chevys with new skins. The H3 was just a Colorado reskinned. The H2 just a Suburban. The H1 which was a close variation of the military Hummer was discontinued in 2006.

B Obama

You'll drive what I tell you to drive.


Oh great! This means more government fuel efficient cars like the Honda Fit, Chevy Spark, etc. I don't want cars to go small!


What a pity now that they have all that free oil off the shore of louisiana

Jim Dickinson

Yours does have to be small any more... with that sale you can get all the hummers you want!

I never understood why anyone would want the H3 - little expensive mini van


What a piece of crap! You wonder why American car companies need a bailout.Here is a prime example.I bought one of these vehicles to get me off my mountain top home in the winter.The vehicle is rusting from the inside out,unreliable,been in the shop multiple times for electrical issues, is poorly designed, can't see anything at night with the ridiculous headlights they put in it.Overall it is an American made piece of crap and I can't wait to trade it in for a 100,000 mile warranted Japanese well made 4x4.


And jeepgal, I've had no problems at all with mine. Maybe it was something you did to it. ;)

That would reduce american carbon footprint.

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