Reviews the 2010 Toyota Corolla

Corolla senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder wants to make it clear that when he calls the 2010 Toyota Corolla a competent but ultimately lackluster compact car he’s not just engaging in some trendy Toyota bashing. Calling the Corolla’s 2009 redesign a “missed opportunity,” Wiesenfelder goes on to explain why Toyota has dropped the ball in a crowded segment that’s only growing more competitive with each passing model year.

2010 Toyota Corolla Review



I haven't driven a little econobox for a while now so my reference are from the early 2000's.

I rented one for a few days and found it to be surprisingly unoffensive. By that I mean it is reasonably compliant over bumps, reasonably quiet over most surfaces, and steering feel is not as loosey-goosey as I remembered. The gas mileage is quite impressive. I hate the transmission, which refuses to downshift (in the name of fuel economy I'm sure). Seating position is on par. Not bad.


I mean to say, "... my references are from ..." and "I rented a Corolla." Pardon me!


Good review.


Corollas never been great cars. They are reliable but they have the following issue for many years - interior pieces are falling off or break.
It drives like a box on 4 wheels.
I still don't regret taking Protege in 1998 over Corolla. Protege had more room, rear leg room and more zoom (1.8).

The Corolla is a rare bargain from Toyota. The last time I got price quotes, it was less than a comparably priced Elantra. It's never been a world-beater, but as long as it's cheap, "just okay" is just fine for an economy car.


Corolla is hardly economy car anymore. It is about size of 1991 Camry and it cost $16-18+G. Yaris would be in economy segment now.

Now, how this makes sense?
" was less than a comparably priced Elantra..."

Your comparably priced Elantra probably had 10 features Corolla didn't, like rear disc brakes and split-folding rear seat, etc. So, really, Elantra is better value initially.

Where Corolla shines is in cost of ownership. I am sure that fix or insure Corolla is cheaper then Elantra. I am not even going into total loss scenario...


I test drove a Corolla and was highly impressed with the power, handling, and smoothness. Far better car than the go-cart feel of a Civic.


When this Corolla debuted Car & Driver said it drove like a baby Lexus. Based on other similar reviews we decided to buy our daughter the Toyota instead of a Chevy. After 142,000 miles it still runs like new and that's probably why we've purchased another Toyota.



Seriously? You really feel that the Corolla handles better than the Civic and has more power? Better check the current generation first.


Might as well bash it for having only a four-speed auto. The Cruze and Fiesta will both have six-speed autos, the Civic has a five-speed auto, and the Sentra has a CVT.

Not sure about the Mazda3. The Elantra is also behind the times with a four-speed auto.



3 has 5 speed auto


While I agree with Tony that the Yaris fits the "economy car" moniker more, I can also see how Mr Holt thinks that, FOR A TOYOTA, the Corolla is pretty reasonable too.

IMHO Toyota has been riding its reputation pretty hard in the recent past, and its prices are pretty high -- especially considering the skimpy standard equipment (like Tony mentioned). If you are (still) a big Toyota fan, the Corolla is really "just fine." It's a shame not more people realize how great the Mazda3 is ...


DL, Mazda3 is great. But when you have 4 passengers, especially 6' tall, 3 is no longer an option because it's rear seat is really bad. My 98 Protege seem to be the best 3 they ever made in terms of interior space. 99 model was already changed - more room for driver less for passenger. And it just went down for them. Great driver's car but beyond driver and front passenger... I want to check Forte, they say it has more room for the class. Or, I will just buy 2007 Accord - great size, great fuel economy, almost perfect.



I still have fond memories of our '93 Protege, the great balance of sharp steering feel and reasonable suspension firmness. It seems that a lot of automotive journalists agree that the late-90's ones were even better. :)


This review is dead-on about the upholstery fabric on the seats. It is awful, always full of lint that sticks like glue. Other than that, we have been happy with our 2010 economy choice, probably not one we will repeat though.


I have my (Canadian Build) Corolla now for 3 years, and 45000 Kilometers later I still love it. It had its issues,I hated the numb steering from day one. This was not normal
The steering computer was replaced at no charge and the car drives arrow straight. Second week of ownership I changed the stock tires for real tires. Shortly after that I had the "Brace" from shock to shocktower installed. Dear people, what a difference. It is worth every penny. The mileage is stunning, the car is not slow when you step on it, and I find it very well equipped. 6 airbags, ABS CBC Brake Assist, truly automatic and very good headlights. I am 6.2 and 110 kilo and fit in it very comfortable. The car still looks like new. With the right snow tires it is good in the snow here in BC, with all seasons it can be lethal.
I do give free advice if you have legit questions about your 2010 and up Toyota Corolla, thats why my e-mail is published.
Merry Christmas everybody.
I might be the happiest 65 year old Corolla driver.
Previous cars BMW 535` and I am still driving a 1971 Citroen DS-19.
Happy new Year.

Bas. Vancouver BC Canada

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