Buick Adding Small Sedan, Crossover to Lineup

The recent success of the redesigned LaCrosse sedan has reinvigorated the Buick brand in the U.S. So much so that GM plans to add three new Buick models in the next few years, including a small sedan and small crossover. The company will release a midsize sedan, Regal (above), this summer. While sales of nearly 5,000 units in April don’t sound astronomical, GM says the transaction price is often $9,000 more than the outgoing LaCrosse managed.

The changes don’t end there. In 2012, Buick will drop trim levels from their cars entirely. No longer will CX, CXL, CXS be used, just the name of the car and option packages.

Buick will also be pulling away from golf sponsorships, seeing that relationship as a tie to its past of selling to an older set of buyers. They’ll focus advertising to the Whole Foods and IKEA crowds instead.

However, many luxury brands, including Lexus, BMW and Acura, sponsor major golf tournaments and embrace those buyers. Heck, even some 35-year-old editors we know like golf.

Fast-growing Buick plans to add 3 models to lineup (Detroit News)



Hmmm...add more vehicles to a brand that does not sell very many. That sounds like a good business model to follow.

Nice design Very beautiful


Buick used to be king of the entry level market. Perhaps the demise of Pontiac and Saturn along with the sale of Saab will allow them to develop a full product line. Thank god the bankers are no longer in control of GM and the car guys are reigning supreme. Excellent designs.


*entry luxury


Great more selection for the blue hair crowd! GM blew it when they kept Buick and dropped Pontiac. And I don't care how many Buick's are sold in China as I live in the USA. When the GM commercials say, 'May the Best Car Win' they are and they aren't GM's.


Buick = the new Saturn basically.


This article says that by 2013, the Regal will be the oldest cat in Buick's lineup. Does this mean a redesign or an update of the current models?


"When the GM commercials say, 'May the Best Car Win' they are and they aren't GM's."

hahaha agreed


It sorta sucks that saturn and pontiac are gone. Nothing wrong with the enclave, tho


My dad's first car was a 1939 Buick; my first car was a 1965 Buick...am looking forward to trading my 2002 Buick Regal in for a 2012 Buick Regal next year. Would totally consider a baby Buick crossover if it were available by then...I think Buick is totally moving in the right direction. My parents owned a Pontiac wagon in the 60's and I owned a Saturn in the 90's...they were both good cars but they're gone...trashing Buick is not going to bring them back!!!


The 2011 Regal is starting to show up in dealerships now.


Pontiac has outsold Buick 2 to 1 over the last 5 years. keeping Buick does not make a lot of sense. I know they're trying to pull in a younger crowd but there is such a stigma and sterotype associated with the Buick name that it just won't work. They should have kept Pontiac and used these designs for them.


Because you don't want to sell to the older population so you shouldn't give them a selection....

I don't get the whole stigma associated with the "blue hair" crowd. They're the ones with all the money. And the baby boomers are starting to look in the mirror, picking out their blue hairs. Last time I checked, there were a sh*& ton of baby boomers.

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