2010 Toyota Corolla Video

With inoffensive styling, a disappointing interior and a fairly sloppy fit and finish, Cars.com editor Joe Wiesenfelder warns that while the 2010 Toyota Corolla may do what it’s supposed to, other compact cars have moved ahead of it. Check out this video review to find out why Wiesenfelder recommends you see what else is out there before buying the Corolla.



I have a 1999 Corolla and the parts you touch a lot, notably the door pull, upper door panel, and the steering wheel, are soft to the touch. Even the area around the passenger-side airbag, there's soft-touch material. The seats don't have that "lint brush" fabric to them, as well. It seems that Toyota thinks the car will sell on its name alone, and in an increasingly-competitive market, that just isn't enough.

Brian E

I had a 2009 for a week as a rental, and it was one of the most depressing cars I've ever been in. The interior was sloppy and crude, the powertrain was rough and nasty-sounding, and the rest of the driving experience was devoid of any feeling whatsoever. As far as I can tell, this is the kind of car you buy when you've given up on finding any pleasure or enjoyment in your life. For everyone else, there are far better cars including the Mazda3, Civic, Jetta, and Impreza.


Could not agree with the review and the commenters more. The interior is worse than the last one, gets worse mileage, and is just as bland looking as any Toyota. The reason I've heard for all this is to lessen the assembly time and per unit costs for this generation of Corolla while keeping the price low. Everything in this model is cheaper and quciker to manufacter than the last genereation. Toyota's thinking is that if customers are looking for anything with style, personality or economy, the Yaris, Scions and Matrix are all there in the same showroom. The Japanese market Corolla Axio has all the missing refinement the American one doesnt.

Toyota definitely needs to pick it up with their quality- The interior is very...Kia or suzuki


I am impressed with cars.com for publishing this. Many publications take the safe route with consumers and just rate any Toyota positive. Last time I went to rent they tried to give me a Corolla as a midsized compareable to a Mazda 6 they told me. I just laughed. They at least gave me a Prius instead.


So judgmental!!! I have a Corolla S and its a great car!


at age 68 I bought a 2010 Corolla S new off the lot,,,, 5 speed stick, (would not have an automatic, to slow for me) This stick is fun to drive, has the get-up & go I need, with 34 MPG. Have had no problems so far. I have had a lot of cars in my day & have always done all my own maintance. Traded in a 1990 MB 180E and never looked back.

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