U.S. Military Warns of Serious Oil Shortfall by 2015

In a frightening bit of news, the U.S. Joint Forces command recently issued a Joint Operating Environment report warning that surplus oil production capacity could vanish as soon as 2012, leading to serious oil shortages by 2015. Dire consequences, they predict, could follow quickly.

What they are essentially predicting is the onset of “peak oil”—the point at which the demand for oil will always be higher than the actual supply.

While it will be hard to predict exactly what will happen in the face of such a drastic sea change in the world’s energy supply, the report says “it surely would reduce the prospects for growth in both the developing and developed worlds.” It may cause fragile states to become failing states and failing states to collapse, while also causing major problems for overpopulated oil-guzzling states such as China and India.

Here in the U.S., the possibility of at least a difficult recession is very strong. The report notes, “One should not forget that the Great Depression spawned a number of totalitarian regimes that sought economic prosperity for their nations by ruthless conquest.”

If this were one study, it would be scary enough, but the report’s conclusion aligns with a peak oil study from Kuwait as well as an estimate done by billionaire Richard Branson’s energy taskforce.

U.S. Military Warns Oil Output May Dip Causing Massive Shortages by 2015 (Guardian via AutoblogGreen)

By Stephen Markley | April 16, 2010 | Comments (16)
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I don't know about 2015 but it is hard to believe that we will not see major changes/problems by 2020.
Honestly, I would love to see China and especially India starve to death. These people lost any control of their population. China is burning oil to produce electric power like there is no tomorrow. They are the nation that should look into nuclear energy. I said this before and I can say this again. The global economy is bad for US. It is good for our corporations but not for people. Corporations moved production to China where they have no control over the emission and they pollute the entire world. Can I live without American product made in China? - Yes! Can I live without clean air?....


Scare tactic!



Before you open your ignorant mouth further let me remind you that oil and other natural resources are not only for use but whoever can afford it. We consume worlds 1/4th oil and our apetite for oil keeps growing. As far as India and China considered, if you have right to burn fuel then they have the same right as long as they can afford it. besides that their economy is doing better than us. Even though we have good education system we still need highly qualified people from these to serve in tech sector because we have people like you..dumb


We should except the truth that we are becoming cheap. we want everything cheap. that forces our corporations to find places where they can make it cheap and when company starts doing that others join the band wagon. so don't blame the corporation blame the people who don't unite against using chinese products over american made goods. Would you buy dvd which cost, say $20 more than made in american!! no right than before you write think, use your mind!!


well the only solution i can think of, is stop sending all of our oil to japan, and what about all the plastic we produce? true we cant do away with all plastics, but i bet we could cut down on a lot if we had to.


That news should rapidly increase sales of 400hp pickups and SUVs.....
Seemingly nothing will discourage the carmakers from spitting out overblown,musclebound,gas swilling wastes of cubic inch displacement.12 mpg around town? No thanks.


Wow, a lot of ignorance here about how the world energy market works, and how the US economy interacts with the rest of the world. I'd be amazed, but this is the internet after all.

Still, no new information here, and another reason why the smart money is on electric cars. I'm still predicting at least half of all new cars sold in the US will be electric be 2020.


Also @Tony but a little more tempered: Yes, China & India are burning various fuels "like there's no tomorrow."

Here's two things about that.

1) Historically the US has been the country burning those fuels like there's no tomorrow - we're STILL top O' the heap. They are "cursed" with tremendous growth and people who used to have "nothing," now have "something." They want a new microwave just like you would.

And 2) They are being a lot more responsible (not flawless) when it comes to adopting many ENERGY-saving technologies than the US was when they were first offered. There are complex reasons why it's easier/less painful for them to adopt. They do however ignore most efforts to curb their pollution with international agreements. They sit down at the table with everyone. They listen. Then they say "I'm not doin' it. It'll cost too much. It'll slow my growth." Sound familiar? It should because they learned it by watching mostly the US, Russia & Japan say the same thing for the past 30 years or more.

The world is changing and it's gonna be a rough ride. It's going to be the roughest on the guys at the very bottom and the guys who really loved being on the top. There's gonna be a new sheriff in town, and he's gonna have chopsticks! Heeheehee


I get the concept of "peak oil", but here are they predicting demand will grow past a level supply? Or are they suggesting there won't be the resources and thus a shrinking supply? Either way a problem.


D'oh, I meant shrinking supply.



good point. I agree with you.


Why should India starve to death? Did the British not loot India enough causing famines to Indians could grow cotton instead of food. The British theives stole 4 trillion of Indian wealth in the form of Gold, diamonds and resources. Will they give it back? NO. What TONY you think only you should burn Arab Oil and the rest of world, "Especially India should starve to death". Sorry the colonial age ended a while ago. The British Queen of theives rides around in Indian owned Jaguar or Land Rover. India allways was a rich nation it will only return to that historic norm. There is nothing that can be done to stop that. In 1707 India was 25-35% of global GDP. This will happen again. No matter how hard the biggots try to stop it.

Tom Jones

IRAQ has WMDS, Pakistan is a U.S. Ally. Saudi Arabia is a U.S. Ally. Lets see now the world is running out of oil. Sounds like more lies from the same Chritian Right U.S. Army. I don't think they have that much intelligence or credibility to come up with this scenario. What do they now want to attack India and China? We can't even handle Pakistani terrorists.


More peak oil fraud.

How about big oil build some refineries?

How about the US military industrial complex stop using un-godly amounts of oil aon the absurd 'war on terror'?



"How about big oil build some refineries?"

Refineries don't make oil, they process it. Maybe the people in the oil business know something. Like maybe they're not going to need more refineries because there isn't going to be an increasing supply of oil?

"How about the US military industrial complex stop using un-godly amounts of oil aon the absurd 'war on terror'?"

Drop in the bucket, but I agree for other reasons.


Dan, the shortage isn't from lack of supply.
There is over 100 years worth of recoverable oil in the ground. (at today's rates and todays extraction methods)

The shortage is from refining capacity. This is artificial scarcity.
Big oil doesn't want to spend the billion dollars or so, because the bottleneck [refining capacity] boost profits.

Maybe this is psychological pre-programming to get the populous to accept the Iran war?

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