Toyota's California Plant Shuts Down

Emotions ran high on the last day of operations at Toyota’s New United Motor Manufacturing plant, known as Nummi. After opening in 1984 as a joint venture between Toyota and GM, the lone automobile plant in California rolled its final car—a red Toyota Corolla—off the assembly line.

The plant employed 4,700 workers, some of who will stay on to help sell off equipment and provide security. Now that GM has withdrawn from the alliance after filing for bankruptcy last year, Toyota will have to decide what to do with the massive property covering over half a square mile in San Francisco Bay.

Tooling equipment will be sent to Toyota’s plant in San Antonio, Texas. The Japanese automaker built the Corolla sedan and Tacoma pickup at the site but said in August that it could not continue operations without GM on board. Nearly eight million vehicles were built in the plant’s 25 years of operation.

California Auto Plant Closes (Detroit Free Press)



I didn't know the plant was shutting down because GM withdrew from the alliance after they filed for bankruptcy. Gee thanks GM!


Dan T,

90% of the vehicles coming out of there for years have been Toyotas. GM's bankruptcy was the excuse Toyota needed to close down in business unfriendly California. Don't worry, Californians will still love Toyota and probably are happy less of them are made in America.


There wont be any less made in America....Corollas will still roll off US lines.Between US,and Canada,your supply of Toyotas wont be minimized..and all that begging in their commercials will bring another 40% monthly increase..


Too bad General Molders withdrew. Now most of GM's products are stale. They had a good thing going with Toyota's joint models.


Toyota earning huge benefit from US market.
But, Japan perfectly close their market to american auto makers.
For example, Toyota is a biggest beneficiary of US gov. cash for clunkers.

"More customers trading in vehicles under the Cash for Clunkers program bought cars from Toyota than any other manufacturer, according to new government statistics. In previous reports, General Motors has topped that list. Toyota is doing better in Clunker sales than in overall U.S."

Although US gov. and US buyers help toyota, This is toyota's answer to US.
This ungrateful toyota should be banned in the US market.


You are so lame and desperate that you have to refer to Cash for Clunkers!? Toyota's are superior and that's why smart Americans buy them. Next.

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