Toyota Recalls 600,000 Sienna Minivans

Recalls continue to mount for Toyota. This time, the automaker is recalling 600,000 Sienna minivans from the 1998 to 2010 model years because the cable that holds tight the spare tire can rust and break, allowing the tire to fall off the minivan and onto the road. Toyota says that it has no knowledge of injuries or accidents because of the defect. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received six complaints of spare tires falling off of Siennas.

The recall is for two-wheel-drive Siennas in 20 “cold-climate” states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia, and in the District of Columbia.

While the company has not yet decided on a fix, officials say they will be sending letters out to owners, letting them know that dealers will inspect the cable for them. If you have questions, you can call Toyota at (800) 331-4331.

In other Toyota news:

  • Toyota execs said Friday that they have been able to replicate what Consumer Reports discovered about the Lexus GX 460, namely that the stability control kicks in too late during a high-speed sharp turn.  The company still has no fix identified.
  • Congressional investigators say they will hold another House hearing into possible problems with Toyota electronics in May. Toyota execs said in a statement that they are “more than willing to meet with the committee and discuss the ongoing testing related to our electronic throttle control system, as well as the steps we are taking to improve our quality assurance processes. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and reliability of the vehicles our customers drive.''
  • Monday is the deadline for Toyota to either pay the $16.4 million fine imposed by the federal Department of Transportation or contest paying it. While the sum would not materially affect Toyota’s operations, paying the fine could leave the automaker in more legal liability in the hundreds of civil suits that it faces.

Toyota Recalls 600,000 Sienna Minivans (The Associated Press, via The New York Times)



toyota= "moving backwards"


Boy this "super quality" car company sure has had an awful history for Rust and corrosion. Tundras and tacomas rusting to peices and frames breaking. Its rare to ever see an old toyota truck with a bed still on it, they rust so freaking badly, and this area i live in has virtually no rust....what a joke of a company, been HOW many years and advances in technology and still cant figure out how to make cars corrosion resistant

I believe if my memory is correct, year or so ago the Toyota FJ Cruiser also had problems with something like cracking welds in rear seat pan area. Do folks still want to blame the US Gov for all this (several recalls) or are we starting to smell the coffee?


Perhaps this is simply what happens to a company when the forces of such a large workforce in so many places collides with the sheer volume of cars they're producing and the pressure to maximize profits.


The ratcheting assembly gets weak and breaks. If anyone is actually in the car business you would see this on other brand vehicles as well. Please spare us the breath gasping frame-rust stories, you won't believe how many of the "Big Three" I've sent away to the junkyard because of the same "rust problem" you guys speak of. Problems like this exist all across the board and you guys need to realize that. If you have brand hatred then it is best you keep it to yourself. Odds are most of you could barely locate a spark plug let alone give us an educated opinion on a quality vehicle.


It's all about car care, if you live up north the salt used for snow will rust everything and here in FL its the sand and i totally agree with J. I worked at a dealership and you will be surprise how many people actually take care of a car so if they cant even wash a car so they will expect the snow wont do anything to it

For me personnely, I've owned many different brands (US & foreign)this included a new '84 Toyota SR5 4x4 pickup. It ran well BUT it had a major rust problem (in just few years) back then (as many had) but Toyota's seemed earlier in life cycle then others. Since that time ('80's) most all car mfg's have worked to fight corrosion problems. Most all will have issues over longer life cycle 10 plus years, that in many cases being fenders/doors, not safety issues. That said WHY does MAJOR rust problems (frames) still come up in this day & age? Shouldn't! Oh and me, I'm a car hobbiest that has rebuilt many diff car brands including a ground up resto on a '67 Mustang convertable that wins Best of Show! I've also NEVER paid anyone (in 35yrs) to do my oil changes. So Toyota needs to get it's act together and people need to do good research on cars of today to see what's best. What once may have been GOOD say 10 yrs ago maynot be true now. Case of Ford & others, some have made great improvements and some, Toyota have gotten complacent. All car mfg's will still have some recalls but should be fewer. This is very true in electronics.


This is why everyone should be buying GM vehicles.

A typical GM vehicle will run for hundreds of thousands of miles without ever having a problem. Imports are in the junkyard once the warranty expires.

Be American. Buy American. it is your obligation as Americans.

J don't know


Read the recall notice: "[T]he cable that holds tight the spare tire can rust and break, allowing the tire to fall off the minivan and onto the road." It has nothing to do with the ratcheting assembly. And stop putting Toyota on a pedestal.

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