Toyota Discounts Will Run Through April

The heavy incentives Toyota has offered to counter the bad press from its recent spate of highly publicized recalls will continue through April, according to Bob Carter, group vice president at Toyota Motor Sales USA.

This includes zero-interest financing and discounted lease offers. The company may also make free maintenance standard for Toyota customers. Carter did not name a specific end date for the deals but said Toyota will make an announcement April 5, when the current incentives are supposed to expire.

The incentives have been instrumental in buoying sales for Toyota during the past few months after the automaker recalled 8.5 million vehicles worldwide, including 6 million cars and trucks in the U.S. Carter estimated that the March incentives boosted sales 40% from levels earlier in the year.

Toyota to Extend Discounts Through April (Detroit News)

By Stephen Markley | April 1, 2010 | Comments (8)



I don't care about the incentives I just hope the stupid Thank You commercials that go with them go away.


That's incredibly impressive that Toyota was able to raise their sales 40% from a year earlier.


I wonder how bad the incentives addiction will be for Toyota?


Not bad at all. Once inventory levels match demand, the incentives go back to usual levels.


I don't know about other models, but I negotiated a 2011 Sienna Ltd (MSRP $45,333) down to $40k, but they had to "get" it from another dealer. I called several times on the supposed arrival date, when the sales guy finally had the gall to say, "it was sold" in a tone like, "oh, it's sunny today." He did not bother to apologize for not telling me that he already knew it was sold. I looked online, and one with identical VIN still sits there in a neighboring dealer. I called several dealers, each of whom either tried to bad-mouth the current dealer or implied that I lied about the $40k and would not come close to this price.

My point is, so many dealers still act like Toyota is such hot sh** still, when showrooms are still pretty empty. The XLE we drove is not as "ultra-smooth and so refined" as they tout it to be (still great, but not spectacular). Not that many people out there are stupid enough to shell out $40k-plus for a Toyota minivan. They are about to lose my business, when I come to my senses.


"Not bad at all. Once inventory levels match demand, the incentives go back to usual levels."

Once incentives go back to normal, sales will fall dramatically. Once you get on the discounting bandwagon its hard to get off without brand new, best in class product. Ford even has incentives on the Fusion in spite of all the stellar reviews its gotten. Toyota is fooling themselves if they think they can back off the incentives and maintain sales. This will also continue to erode resale value. The Camry is already mediocre in that regard trailing the Accord and 6 in depreciation.


What sort of discount should i be looking for in buying a Lexus is250 c (msrp $48k). Any ideas?


My wife and I were pretty much ready to lease a Civic LX for $220/month when we walked into a Toyota dealer across the street from Honda. They were 6 2010 Corolla LEs with various popular colors at MSRP $18,024, including $775 destination, $100 keyless entry (great deal) and $299 carpet (not so great). We paid $14,800 + $599 documentation fee + $22 tag & title. We elected 60 months 0% and $0 down. We would have considered $17,000(invoice around $16,500) purchase price and 60 months payment at 6% interest. Total saving is $5,345 or 24.5% (trust me, I did my math).
We are toally convinced that Toyota is protecting its market share while trying to weather the storm. Needless to say we fully took advantage of the situation. None had to f=twist my arm when dealer mentioned the deal comes with free servce for 2 years or 25,000 miles. What a deal !!

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