New Mazdas to Come With Brake Override

As Congress considers whether to mandate brake override systems for all vehicles, Mazda will go ahead and take action on its own, beginning with the 2011 Mazda2, which hits the market in July.

The software lets the brakes override the accelerator by cutting power to the engine if the brake pedal is depressed. All new Mazda vehicles will be equipped with the system by the end of next year.

The move comes after recent concerns sparked by Toyota’s 8.5 million-vehicle recall due to unintended acceleration. Toyota has said it will include a brake override system in all vehicles by next year.

While Mazda has no reported issues of sudden acceleration, consumers are now very aware of the issue. Other automakers may add the system out of PR-related concerns before Congress even gets around to legislating the issue.

Mazda to Add Brake-Shift Override Systems (Detroit News)

By Stephen Markley | April 2, 2010 | Comments (4)
Tags: Mazda, Mazda2


A break override is a very interesting concept! That is pretty cool!


That should have been standard when they went to drive by wire.But,every business has total confidence in computers...nothing ever goes wrong...MicroSoft is perfect and the word "glitch" doesnt exist..

O. Bvious

Why do so many people spell "brake" as "break"? Your car has BRAKES. Not "breaks" (That's when you go out for coffee)! Don't forget that a brake-override system is not intended to make cars safer. The system is designed to place the liability on the consumer so that if an ignorant American injures themselves in a car, the insurance company will have the evidence to deny claims of unintended acceleration. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Learn how to drive!


The bad news is if you like to auto cross or road race in the stock class of SCCA. This new system will not allow you to left foot brake while keeping the right foot on the gas. This technique is used in racing to help load the weight of the car to the front allowing more steering grip while maintaining maximum speed through a turn and is especially appreciated when trying to hustle a front wheel drive car around a track. I'll make sure my next Mazda is a pre 2011.

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