2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe on the Streets of Chicago


Cadillac spokesman Nick Twork dropped by our Chicago offices this morning to take us for a spin in an early production CTS coupe. The car hits dealerships this summer, and journalists won’t get to drive it until later this spring. So, coffee in hand, we hopped in the passenger seat and learned some new tidbits about the car.

With a standard direct-injection 3.6-liter V-6, Cadillac plans to position the CTS coupe slightly upmarket of the sedan. Pricing has yet to be announced, but the 3.6-liter CTS sedan starts at $41,565 for 2010, so the coupe could start somewhere in the mid-40s.

The CTS coupe won’t be offered with the sedan’s 3.0-liter base V-6, at least for now. Its nominally wider rear track and higher final drive ratio — with automatics, 3.73 versus 3.42 in the sedan — should make for a “more lively” driving experience, Twork said. Zero-to-60 mph acceleration times could be a few tenths quicker than the 3.6-liter sedan’s mid-6-second times, he estimated.

Inside, the coupe has a unique black headliner; it’s a lighter color in the sedan. As we noted during last December’s Los Angeles Auto Show, the coupe ditches the sedan’s traditional door handles for Corvette-like electronic, button-actuated ones.

A few other changes across the entire 2011 CTS lineup are also worth noting.
  • In keeping up with the competition, Cadillac will now offer a heated steering wheel. Like before, heated and cooled front seats are also available.
  • You’ll be able to get a backup camera without ordering the navigation system; it goes in the rearview mirror. That’s not a new trick, but the CTS coupe’s mirror-embedded screen is the first we’ve seen with tracking outlines that correspond to steering angle — meaning your intended path changes as you turn the wheel. It’s an enhancement usually reserved for pricey nav-system setups, if it’s offered at all.
  • The balky manual transmission, which we haven’t praised in past CTS models, has been improved. There’s smoother clutch take-up and better shifter precision, Twork said.
  • The optional six-speed automatic now allows paddle shifting without moving the gearshift to its manual gate. Twork championed the cause: “If the [BMW] 3 Series does it, why can’t we?” he recalls asking GM engineers.
  • Outside, the fender vents have a new design.

We’ll keep you posted on anything else we learn, and stay tuned for driving impressions once we get a production model in the Cars.com fleet.



"Twork championed the cause: “If the [BMW] 3 Series does it, why can’t we?” he recalls asking GM engineers."
-Your getting it GM.


Awesome styling. Much more assertive than the generic 3-series coupe.

Strange exhaust. The wood interior seems out of place in a sporty coupe.


Very handsome interior. I can't stand the exterior. Too many items tacked on and too big of a void between the "C" pillar and the rear wheels. It looks like a bad rendering of a two door Acura ZDX with Caddy emblems.


Jeez just when I thought no one could make an uglier car than Acura, GM proves me wrong! GM is still clueless. How much longer until they beg for another round of bail-out funds?

paul d.

i really like this car a lot, i think the styling is very nice, classy but it also has some attitude, and i love the exhaust placement very nice. i would however like to see it in a different color, silver just looks like a rolling business suite.give it some color.


I love the interior but the exterior looks God awful especially the rear. What were they thinking!

Troy S.

The interior looks somewhat ok. The exterior looks unfinished, unrefined, and quite frankly, Delorean-era.


A 21st century Eldorado. Rear visability must be AWFUL on that thing!


Beautiful car... I want one!

I think the car makers are starting to realize the importance of great looking rims and how they carry a lot of weight with the consumers. Just look at these Cadillac CTS!


Give me piano black finish where the silver is and brushed aluminum where the wood is with black leather instead of cream = one nice car


Looks like a big bubble. Too big for my tastes.


It's smokin HOT! Those that don't like it need to have your bifocals checked.


I like it alot. I especially like the bull dog like stance that it has. To the people that don't like it- that's cool, coupes are about style and standing out and this one will for sure.



I guess "Pete" just got off the Tea Party Express.


Or he just got off your Mom. LOL!


And when Lincoln is going to come up with something of the sort?


People like pete still dont get that whining about the bailout wont change history. Talk about the cars or stop talking. What anyone thinks about the bailout is irrelevant at this point. Life isn't fair, no one gets everything they want.

I think this car will look better in darker colors. Don't like the rear end too much but I am liking the profile view. Good to see backup camera with the guidance lines in the mirror.



While I understand the similarities one might see between this and the ZDX the CTS has good proportions overall. One reason the ZDX is so ungainly is because its on a FWD platform and has a huge front overhang coupled with a short wheelbase. While the CTS is angular, it still has classic RWD proportions and a short front overhang. This looks sporty while the ZDX looks overwrought.


"The interior looks somewhat ok. The exterior looks unfinished, unrefined, and quite frankly, Delorean-era. "

Unrefined? Unfinished? Dont see that at all. The car is very sharp and aggressive looking. Even if yo dont like the styling its hard to argue that the car doesn't look precisely crafted inside and out. This is basically a concept car that you can buy.


You must be really lonely to feel the need to post 3x in a row. Get a life.

led automotive lights gives more stylish and elegant look to this car which makes it really special


Within this last week, I evaluated both the Premium Edition and V Edition of the CTS-Coupe first hand for the first time after reading many reviews. It should really be called a CTC and not a CTS-Coupe as it is an oxymoron to call it a Cadillac Touring Sedan Coupe. This is one remarkable and unforgettable vehicle both inside and out. It has all the surface excitement and latest technologies on the outside that I would want and all the optional toys anyone would ever want, offered in a variety of packages, on the inside laid out in a well thought out ergonomic fashion. I especially appreciate and have-to-have the OnStar service and would never own another new vehicle that did not offer this option. My only complaint is that the A-pillar is already huge. So, why add to this by re-using the vision obtrusive OSRVM from the sedan? I was looking forward to seeing a configuration that was closer to that of the original concept vehicle. Then again, this has always been my complaint about any of GM's vehicles that go from concept to production. Performance wise, I have never experienced another Cadillac with such superior handling characteristics. It easily out-performs the competition (BMW M models and the Audi S5). Cadillac has truly evolutionized in this area. As for the powertrain, the 3.6 litre V6 will greatly satisfy those that are accustomed to the Northstar engines of the past. The 6.2 litre V8, simply stated, is phenomenally quick considering the power to weight ratio. Then, considering the V Edition has four selectable performance modes, the V8 becomes an almost unbridled force of brute power. For those that might be considering the manual shift, I would recommend not to and instead opt for the automatic. Contrary to past beliefs that the driver can achieve better acceleration and over-all performance times with a manual shift, GM studies have shown better times with the automatic. Unless, of course, you want something for your hands and feet to do while you drive. For those that do not like this vehicle, well, you are not the target market and you don't have to buy one! As for me, I have already ordered a V edition and will be passing the opposition on the streets.


Cadillac has hit a home run with this car. Both interior and exterior are outstanding, both classic and sporty. Cadillac has done a tremendous job moving in the right direction and the pricing is more than competitive.


The CTS Coupe has very bad steering, thebackhad no chromelike the sedan CTS, cant see outofthe back window, skip this car its no good

As usual Cadillac comes up with an amazing look and luxurious design. Its cheaper compare to its German Rivals but for sure I will definitely be disappointed with its performance.

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