Honda Shows Off Solar Hydrogen Refueling Station

Now operational at Honda’s California research and development facility, the next-generation solar hydrogen refueling station promises to fill up your vehicle for about 30 miles’ worth of driving.

The station’s thin-film panels pull solar energy from the sun and water from the ground into an electrolysis machine that makes hydrogen fuel. Because Honda’s station doesn’t use a compressor, it’s small enough to be used at a home.

The idea is that people will refill their vehicles at night (the solar panels pull sun during the day, feed it to the grid, and then the car retrieves power during off-peak hours) and use big public stations for any fill-up during the day.

Check out the video for more details.



The question is, will the commercial H-stations be filled with similar commercial devices or will they need H delivered to them? Because, if latter, we will have bunch of H-trucks on the roadways around USA. And this is not a pretty picture.


Hydrogen isn't an energy source, only a storage medium.
Right now batteries are advancing pretty quickly, and with swapable battery packs near production there is little chance that hydrogen will ever be used in any major way as a fuel for vehicles.


Batteries are not an energy source any more than Hydrogen is!
And who's to say you can have swapable Hydrogen mini tanks, that are lighter than batteries?

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