Ford's 'Swap Your Ride' Runs Through May

“Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe is back to inform you that if you’re driving anything but a Ford, this is the time to make the switch.

Ford’s “Swap Your Ride” promotion will run until the end of May, letting customers trade in another manufacturer’s vehicle in return for zero-percent APR financing and $1,000 cash back.

Of course, there is some fine print: You obviously have to qualify, and the promotion doesn’t apply to any of Ford’s hybrids, the Taurus SE, Edge SE all-wheel drive, F-150 Raptor or Shelby GT500.

Still, that leaves a lot of potential vehicles and should help Ford fight Toyota’s recent incentives spending spree.

By Stephen Markley | April 7, 2010 | Comments (28)
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I like the one they ran with a female who traded her new Toyota for a Fusion for a couple weeks...she sid she didnt even miss her Camry.
Thats Toyota for you,plain Vanilla.That is until they act up,then they get very colorful...


The Toyota Camry easily outsells the Ford Fusion so Ford needs tens of thousands more people like her which isn't happening. The Escape to CRV comparison is just plain silly. All the experts agree that the CRV is a much better vehicle than the aging Escape. I don't blame Ford for trying as there's merit in comparing yourself against the market leader Toyota.


The commercial i seen with Ford, promoting and urging the owners of the very popular Camry, to trade their vehicles in for a Fusion was disgusting and very low class, I have never seen in all my years of advertising that an automaker would blatantly urge customers to swap their brand of choice, I didnt expect that from Ford but GM maybe...


You don't get out much, do you?

Mark ... and Toyota isn't doing SERIOUS discounting and dumb TV commercials "Thanks For Sticking with Us". Boy, that's clever, not. They have to cover BILLIONS they are going to lose from Gov fines and lawsuits over Drop In Value according to KBB.

As for Escape, Best Hybrid mileage in it's class. Also a "Best Buy" according to Consumer Reports. Fusion was picked "Car of the YEAR". What did Camry get (besides recalls)? The Toyota sales numbers will just have to play out over the year. Never was a fan of a vehicle like RAV4 and others that use a spare tire for a rear bumper. If you get hit from behind that tire will push in and destroy whole rear hatch. But with Escape you get a real rear bumper thus damage would be much less costly.



In case you did not subscribe to Motor Trend when the current generation of Camry came out, they did win the Car of the Year of 2007.
And in the most recent issue, it edged out the Fusion in a 7 sedan shoot out.

J ... I was talking about CURRENT awards not awards in '07!
Sales numbers climbing on Fusion and JD Power rated its quality equal to or better than Toyota & Honda. Also read Since the introduction of the redesigned Fusion in March 2009, the car has set monthly sales records for the nameplate in every month but one. In 2009, sales increased 22 percent to a record 180,671. Over the course of the year, Fusion’s share of the midsize car market increased from 7.0 percent in 2008 to 10.5 percent in 2009. The gain – 3.5 points – was the largest gain for any car in the segment.

Over the first two months of 2010, momentum continued after the Fusion Hybrid, with industry-leading fuel economy, won key awards – including being named North American Car of the Year and winning the MOTOR TREND Car of the Year award.


well ford can bash toyota all they want i bought a new camry last month my mom bought a new tarus last month guess which car went for service first the ford what a shame and they think toyota owners should trade no thanks !!!


Toyota is the class standard and that's why Ford likes to compare itself to them. I bought a Toyota because I wanted the best but for those who think with a second place mind will go with the inferior Ford.


So what you are saying is that a newer model beating an older model is something shall be celebrated? The same award was awarded to the Camry, and yet because it was 3 years ago, it is no longer important.
Also, if you are saying an award 3 years ago did not matter, give me a rebuttal on the Motor Trend's newest issue on the 7 sedan comparison.
Come on, there has to be a better argument, Ford's fanboy.


The continued loyalty towards a company that was anything but loyal to its customers (as leaked emails attest to) is astounding! I would take a Taurus over a Camry anyday and twice on Sunday! Even if it meant a couple of more trips to the service center (unlikely ) at least I would enjoy the ride and the envious stares...


Yet, another Ford fanboy who has no idea what they are talking about.
Taurus does NOT compete with the Camry.
The Avalon shall be its match.
You don't just match an average Joe to a heavy weight boxing champ.


One thing to note about Ford cars: The top of the door is less vertical than Toyota or Honda. More of a rhombus than a square.

If you don't stand an arms length away from the car when you open the door, the top corner of the window will hit you in the eye.



I was responding to a previous post, try and pay attention! I would also take a Taurus over an Avalon any day and 3 times on Sunday. Toyota makes no sedan that truly competes with the Taurus, it takes a Lexus to do that. FYI the Taurus is trouncing the Avalon as far as sales are concerned. Consumer Reports is even acknowledging Toyota's problems now, I suggest you do the same!


Can you trade in a Ford during this promotion?



Wondered who is not paying attention.
The person you were "replying" to, bought the Camry while the mom bought the Taurus. It was not cross shopped by the person who made that comment.
Next time when replying someone else, try to put a name or quote for crying out loud.



You need to understand that DRII was just making a decision based on the ride of the vehicle not the ownership cost and the whole 9 yard of owning a vehicle.


You all need to understand that this isn't a pissing contest. Buy what you want, don't buy what you don't want


Ford has come a long way. Gone are the days of Toyota Hegemony. I was a loyal Toyota customer until I bought a Ford Escape. I am very happy with it. The new Ford vehicles are as good as Hondas and Toyotas in quality and reliability. I don't know whether the quality tag attached with Toyota holds good anymore after the recent gigantic recalls. Why should I trust a company that has not been upfront with its customers and has been hiding the problems on most of its models? What about the latest Lexus scare? In terms of designing Ford is miles ahead.


i have always been wary of Ford's recent claim that they now have quality and reliability unsurpassed by toyota or honda. how could you judge that a vehicle is reliable or of high quality when those "reliable" Ford vehicles have only been on the road for less than 3 years? remember, Ford's reliability claim was recent (around 2007 or 2008?). before anyone posts that they have been tested on proving grounds to get to these claims, real world driving conditions are the real test and it takes more than just 3 years to call one's vehicle reliable. toyota, along with honda, have always been on top of the reliability mountain.


Some of the comments are as simple as the alphabet screen names. Just deal with the fact that Ford is making great vehicles right now that more than hold their own against any Toyota. And ever since Toyota reached volume levels similar to GM or Ford they have experienced serious quality issues. That the reality!

JR ... It's NOT Ford making "those Honda/Toyota claims" it's an independant .. JD Power. Ford's reciting it not making it!!! If Ford #@#@ stunk so bad, then WHY are their sales climbing way up??? Is eveyone stupid? Oh yea 4/16/10 another Toyota recall!


Funny, I jsut gto done fixing a 4runner, its on its 3rd headgasket with only 150k, and my 20 year old Pontiac had its headgasket give up to ghost finally at 220k. Gosh toyotas are so much better....with thier older cars cardboard door panels and garbage metal constuction rust to peices


Funny that when someone cannot even form a rebuttal to another comment, they just went on calling names.


Camry costs $20,000.
Taurus costs $25,000.
Avalon costs $32,000.

None of them are exactly in the same category as each other, so all comparisons are rather moot anyway.


The swap deal is a joke....its just a regular trade in deal...nothing special...Ford cars are nice but after the fusion and focus...none of the cars are affordable...booo ford boo


I really hate these commercials. The people who they swapped are saying how they like the optional features like bluetooth and the moon roof. Duh, they could have had those on their current cars. Let them start talking about how they like the ride better than their Toyota's or whatever they have. I guess that would be too difficult.

Strange we all get so defensive. All of these manufacturers make a decent product. Some at more expense than others. How can someone slander Ford for trying to introduce their car to to a Toyota family? Especially if they have a product they are proud of. Home Depot to Lowes? Wegman's to Pathmark? Ford is definatley doing the right thing and heading in the right direction...towards the top. Most Ford owners are loyal to Ford just like Toyota owners are loyal to Toyota...until they drive a Ford. I can tell you I've converted about 70 people this year alone from a Camry Hybrid to a Fusion Hybrid. Our customers are on to something...wouldn't you say?

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