Feds Seek $16.4 Million Fine Against Toyota

The Transportation Department says it will seek the maximum penalty of $16.375 million against Toyota for failing to notify the government about its issues with defective gas pedals.

According to Transportation secretary Ray LaHood, evidence shows that Toyota knew about the problem in September but failed to issue a recall until January. It would be the largest fine ever issued against an automaker by the government.

Toyota can either accept or contest the penalty in the next two weeks.



Wow now give that money to GOVERNMENT MOTORS.


Rather, give the money to Toyotas owner that now have vehicles with a higher depreciation.

Troy S.

Didn't GM and Chrysler vehicles depreciate when the companies were bailed out?


There wasn't much room left for depreciation. Bailout or no bailout, resale values tank. My GM vehicles were worth about 40% of what I paid new just 2 years later and the dealers had no idea the amount of repairs I had put into them because I meticulously detailed them before tradein.


Then Toyota will write these money right off the tax bill.
But I am curious if the government ever knew when GM was building cars that literally lasted 4 years but financed for 5 years? Because that sounds like a big scam.


Noting Toyota lack of integrity and honor in dealing with this recall, it is not the first for this company to publically lie. As noted by its American President and part of the Toyota board [first American ever], Jim Press, pretty much opened the can of worms that was predictable back in 2006 as we look closer at the claims of quality of subjectiveness, namely JD Powers and Consumer Reports vice reality being reported by NHTSA supportive annual reports of most programmatic brands in America. Toyota is always in the top five or a couple times, top ten, being most recalled vehicles here in North America.

Lack of consumer research skills and listening to claims of advertisement is a proven case why subjectiveness is not always the way to purchase any vehicle today. Stick with reality and it will never fail you in the end.

Now, we all knew when this surface back in 2007 within Toyota, that to silence something that actually caused deaths and injuries will eventually rear its ugly head in the foreseeable future. As I laughed, when the initial claim by Toyota, when NHTSA force a recall is only small fraction when in fact it will effect over 10-million vehicles world-wide. This is not the first time this company has covered over a gross mistake and lied in general public as Jim Press acknowledge, not only here but in their home turf. As other problems kept surfacing from bad frame designs, gas tanks issue, sludge motors, bad transmission, electrical issues, and problems keep mounting as time catches up with problem in growing to fast while neglecting the inner Denning and Ford theory of quality manufacturing. Thus, giving way to the almighty Yen [profits and leading position over quality].

Now, I cannot even dismiss another problem that is alarming is the dismal failure of Honda quality, which is always in the top ten most recalled [ref: NHTSA database] vehicles in NA in this decade. However, let us not forget, even our own American brand, Ford, is considered and lead the last couple of years as number one leader when it is rate the crown as the programmatic brand built.


I've called the Toyota Customer experience#, a nearby dealership and both sources have told me to wait for the recall notice to arrive. I'm just waiting on my recall notice to come in the mail (it is now April 7th) because apparently I can't just go to the dealership and have these possible problems fixed. In the meantime, if something goes wrong with my 2009 Corolla I guess I'll be S--- out of luck, but then I'll sue ;-).

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