Chevy Volt MPV5 Concept Debuts

Things are getting a bit interesting in China this week, as automakers roll out global products at the Beijing auto show. None is more interesting than the Chevy Volt MPV5 concept. It looks like a concept that could easily come to fruition, and it shares many interior aspects with the Chevy Volt sedan, which goes on sale in the U.S. in October.

The powertrain is identical, but the less-aerodynamic shape lowers the all-electric range from 40 miles in the Volt sedan to 32.5 miles here. But you get seating for five and 30.5 cubic feet of cargo space.
Chevy is planning a similar car sans the plug-in electric powertrain globally, called the Orlando. However, we prefer the styling of this concept to that, even if it wasn’t wrapped around the Volt underpinnings.

If the MPV5 could be classified as a light truck — like the current Chevy HHR is — it could greatly impact Chevy’s corporate average fuel economy ratings. However, U.S. car shoppers have always been wary of this type of vehicle. The Mazda5 and Kia Rondo only saw sales success during $4 gas in 2008. Otherwise, small people-haulers haven’t made an impact.

More photos below. 



Will it take as long as the Camaro to reach production?

Ken L.

" The Mazda5 and Kia Rondo only saw sales success during $4 gas in 2008. Otherwise, small people-haulers haven’t made an impact"

They will... once gas goes up again, and believe me, they will. You don't suppose all these new introductions on small cars, reduced engine sizes, growing number of hybrids or full electrics are just for show, do you? Automakers don't invest tons of money into these types of vehicles only to see become scrap heap. We all know now that the price of gas has a direct correlation to the types of vehicles people buy. Guess how we're going to pay our debt, repair roads, and reduce consumption of a finite resource, and promote the purchase of these new small cars?


even though it looks like they just grafted the volt nose and redid the hatch/taillights from the orlando, this is 1000% better looking than the orlando! seriously, is it too late to build this instead?


Did anyone else see an HHR in the side just stood out first time I saw it...I don't know why


It's not an import and it's a GM so it's a winner.


Way better looking than the Volt--which looks like an Olds from the 90s.

Ralph Glick

Perhaps make some of the flat panels or even the whole car from composites.
Decrease weight increase range.

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