'American Idol' 2011 Ford Mustang Commercial Is Here

The 2011 Ford Mustang. We’ve reviewed it. It’s heading to dealers right now. Buzz could not be greater. And then there’s the marketing behemoth known as “American Idol.” It’s doubtful that too many AI viewers are the right demographic for the new Mustang, but with nearly 20 million viewers each week — many likely against their will — there’s bound to be a good number of people who will be impressed by such an ad.

Above is a one-minute version of the spot, which debuts tonight during the AI results show. We’ll note we’re not sure the music is synched up right at the beginning, but otherwise it appears to be the real deal and was promoted via the Ford Mustang Facebook page. Overall, it’s the type of car commercial that muscle car fans will enjoy.

By David Thomas | April 28, 2010 | Comments (14)



The video has been removed by the user....

seems they reuploaded it with the music properly synched. thanks Rockaby!


Awesome, thanks!

Although overall I'm not a huge fan of how the first 50 seconds was all about 31 mpg and no other feature. But to each their own.


It would be nice if someone actually tested the Mustang with the super tall gearing.

No one has done so, nor has anyone tested the V8 with the stock axle ratio.

not sure the music is synched up right at the beginning then why it appears to be real deal?have you tested it?

That's what my brother said when i asked him, my dad got it for $15,000 off of his friend. my dad waited 20 years to buy that car off of him. it's got the original black paint job and everything.. just has a few parts that aren't original. i bet if it was auctioned off it would get somewhere in the 6 figures price range though. it's a real beauty to see.

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what is the name of the song and artist in the new 2011 mustang commercial on american idol?,it had the words " you gotta know " or you gotta go" and the words "its alright " in the lyrics.


Somebody please let me know who this artist is !!!!!


The song is "Light of the Morning" by Band of Skulls

Ty H

Who is the artist playin the music on the Ford Mustang commercial

I would say that the music is perfect for this commercial!


Like J said, it's "Light of the Morning" by Band of Skulls. Thanks, J! I just downloaded it from iTunes. Love it!

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