2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Video

The 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander comes with either a V-6 or four-cylinder engine, but for Cars.com editor Mike Hanley, the choice is pretty clear. In this video, he explains why the four-cylinder engine option does not help the Outlander’s case and why this forces the Outlander to make up so much ground in other areas.


I like this car. Althought I prefer an V 6 than 4 cylinder. This car is similar in the bodywork to bmw x5


I've tested this guy in 2009 model.

I like the idea of this car. But the execution is terrible.
The 4 cyl power train is weak and inefficient. CR-V and RAV-4 could teach something here. But don't be surprised. The engine comes from conglomerate of Chrysler/Hyundai/Mitsu - even together they can't compete against H and T.
Again, the configuration is wonderful. It is just when you turn the A/C knob that you get feeling of Yugo or worse.
Fabric seats are too hard, like the ones in CR-V. Space management - no complaints. Wonderful trunk.
I tell you what. If Mitsu can make interior, especially dash controls, with more quality and improve gas mileage, this car wouldn't be a deal breaker.
Considering heavy discounts they give, this is a car I would drive. But again, how long Mitsu will remain in the USA? They would need to bump their mileage to be able to sell anything here. I was considering their Lancer with 5 doors but when I looked mileage, I was shocked. Sorry, Mitsu.

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