Recall Alert: 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey, Element

Honda is recalling 344,000 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey minivans and 68,000 2007-2008 Element SUVs due to a faulty antilock brake modulator, which is considered part of the stability control system. Air can slowly enter the part and cause issues over time. The fault directly affects the brake pedal feel and height. Over time, the pedals can start to feel “soft” and the height can decrease.

The recall has been submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and notices will be mailed to owners after April 19. When owners receive the notice, Honda advises them to schedule a service appointment with their dealer immediately.  

According to Honda spokesman Chris Martin, before this announcement, owners with this issue would likely have been told that there was air in the brake system and it would have been bled, fixing the problem, until the system started to slowly let in air again.

Honda did not post the number of complaints, but we checked NHTSA’s website, and as of today we found 140 complaints for 2007-2008 Odysseys for brakes, a majority for the faded-brake issue. Ten of those included crashes, with seven reported injuries. There were 17 complaints with one crash and injury for the 2007-2008 Element. We did find at least one duplicate complaint (which we didn’t count). However, we didn’t cross-check all 157 complaints.

Martin said the pedal feel would decrease gradually over time, but a number of complaints registered mileage between 2,000 and 5,000 miles before noticing reduced brake feel. Some, less.

Interestingly enough, in my review of the 2008 Odyssey I noted that the brakes were actually “firm and precise” compared with others in the segment. Honda vehicles overall have a reputation for more aggressive braking than their competitors, so if you notice any sort of “mushy” feeling in an Odyssey or Element, it could have an issue.

Concerned owners will have to wait until the April 19 date to get more details via Honda's site or at (800) 999-1009 and select option 4. You can contact NHTSA’s vehicle safety hot line at any time at 888-327-4236.


Jerome Beckes

I complained regarding a "low " brake pedal at the time of my first service at the honda dealership. I was told that they were all like that. I'm not impressed.

If you get a response like that you should look up the company's customer service line which is in most manuals you find in the glovebox.


I'm sure there is some way we can blame Toyota for this.

Dave D

My wife complained about this a few years back and was told the floor mat was creeping up under the pedal. Honda really compromises their integrity when they expect consumers to buy a line of bull like this, only to become redfaced in the end. Serves you right, Honda.


Besides the shitty pax system wheels and tires that to this day i cant still purchase cause of no job and if i did have a job wouldnt pay the 1500 to buy them i have notice at a stop sign the with my foot pressed all the way down on the brake pedal the van will jump forward at times.... also at turns it makes a weird noises but a usual the dealership said they have heard nothing.....


It's obvious that Toyota is behind this and probably 9-11 too.


I have had nothing but problems with my 07 Odeaaey. First the PAX tires...I was once told by a Honda dealer that I can take them off and replace with snow tires. Now I'm told I cannot. They wore out before 24,000 miles! Not cheap to replace either although Michelin gave me a little money back. I've always complained , to my husband, about the brakes, they have always grinded, but I thought it was bc it was a new car. Now they feel soft and still grind when coming to a stop. Recently my drivers side passanger door will not close propoerly. It closes and then pops open about an inch.. and I cannot lock the car from the inside door panels. I want to trade this vehicle in and have tried but have been told it would be better to wait another year, I think its bc of those PAX tires!


The big truth is that Odyssey was never a reliable vehicle. It was plagued with problems from the beginning.
Initially, in 1999 it was a revolution. But when Sienna came out and was better. But many people, even "pros" still think that Oddy is way to go.
I tested one 3 times and Sienna 3 times as well and I liked Sienna better every time.


DO a cars search sometime Tony, there are plenty of high mileage Odysseys on there.

The Sienna is softer and rides better but the Honda is better comfort, steering and handling. It drives like an Accord and in my experience is just as well built and reliable.

Lol, this is not a surprise for me, I always knew that Honda cars are a trash on wheels and feel really happy that I'v sold mine and bought a BMW.

I hope the new managing director is now more critical in driving the global company's direction. Honda is degrading in quality..

I found this site to be pretty useful for information on the Honda recall:

Glad I got my brakes checked when I did!

Louis Martin

2008 Odyessy LX still has mushy brakes after the second repair. They have made the repair and after about 800 or so the brakes are soft and my wife tell me the same. I have had Honda Ody's since 2000 and had brake problems on all of them. Thinking about a different brand.

Well, I prefer Toyota Sienna rather than Honda Odessy.

Marco A

Before we got this recall,notification; as the owner of a 2008 odessy the the brake has gone down twice to the point that the accelerator jams. The brake pedal sits higher the the accelerator as the pressure comes down on ther brake the acceleerator is pressed and the car takes off. I hit 5 parked cars in a parking lot before the safety recall was mailed to its time to find out what to do?

Recall of Honda odyssey shown that its biggest car in Minivan segment after winning Motor week's 2012 Drivers choice awards.

my honda odessy leaks from the sun roof

I have Honda Odyssey 2007 66000miles.At this time I have one problem. I install 4 new tires (Michelin - Defender)and my ride is terrible. I did alignment all four wheels and van goes to left. After that dealer recommended to do rotation .I did, but it is was same van goes move to rite side. And for today no one can not help to me . Dealer say the problem in tires.IS IT TRUTH?

I Honda owner. I love my car:)

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