New Jersey Law Requires Red Tag for Drivers Under Age 21

New Jersey drivers younger than age 21 have provisional licenses with certain restrictions attached, and now the state has said they must affix a red reflective decal to their license plates to identify their status. Called Kyleigh’s Law, it’s named after 16-year-old Kyleigh D’Alessio who was killed in a car accident.

Beginning April 12, New Jersey drivers can buy the decals at motor vehicle agencies for $4 and affix them to the upper left corner of both license plates. They can be removed if older drivers use the vehicle or switched to a different car if necessary.

The sticker’s primary purpose is to allow law enforcement to identify those driving on provisional licenses, which are subject to stricter rules under the law. For instance, New Jersey drivers under age 21 can be pulled over for driving between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. or for carrying too many passengers. These are violations of the graduated driver’s license systems.

Drivers face a $100 fine for removing the decal or not purchasing one.

The law is the first of its kind in any state and came under an initial legal challenge for age discrimination. The suit was thrown out by a judge who pointed out that driving is not a right, but a privilege granted by the state.

The law goes into effect May 1.

N.J. Officials Unveil Red License Decals for Young Drivers Under Kyleigh’s Law ( via Autoblog)

By Stephen Markley | March 25, 2010 | Comments (79)



this is the most RETARDED law i have ever heard. way to discriminate teenage drivers.


this is so un-neccessary. Why do drivers need to know if I'm a teenager or not? Because of this, more accidents are going to happen, and drivers will be more tempted to rear end the vehicle knowing a teenager is driving.


just cause kyleigh screwed up doesn't mean all teens should be punished for it. all a red sticker is going to do is allow cops to discriminate against new drivers, it's not going to make anyone any safer. just another prime example of how ridiculously corrupt nj is...


What is next? - Yellow Stars?

this law is ridiculous. It'll just make it easier for cops to pull over more ppl under 21 and fill their daily quotas more quickly. garbage. a red sticker wont make you a better driver. this comes with time and experience. do people in the south have this crap? they start driving earlier than we do.. 15-16 and they dont have that. enough said.


So, the people with current provisional licenses that can drive until midnight, can only drive until 11 pm come May 1? Isn't there a single person in gov't or the courts that have a brain cell working? This is almost as scary as our new health care reform....but I digress....


if they put this law into effect it would be just as discriminatory to give black people yellow stickers and asian people green ones this is an unconstitutional law


Im worried that some pervert or pedofile is gonna see the red sticker and follow me!


i wanna piss on her grave. we can fight for our country cant have more then one person in our car and or drink a beer!


no,no,no guys...nj's right-we shudnt b allowed to drive between the hours of 11pm-5am cause thats wen most ppl r goin for ther daily jog...we def hav mor of a chance of hitting a person durin those hours than ne other hour of the fuckin day! so lets put som bullshit sticker on our license plates n congratulate nj for screwin us over yet again


This is a great law as it keeps the punks in check. For the schmuck who said the law is unconstitutional I say - Get an education because you're wrong!


i feel like this law is a horrible idea. its putting a label out there to underage teenagers which threatens them by petafiles and other sick people. these stickers are a perfect example of profiling, if the sticker is required on a teenagers car under the age of 21, then why not put one on someone who is 65 and older? or someone of a different race or religion? i know i'm not putting this on my car, and my parents are 100 percent with me on it.


I don't think this sticker is going to make a difference.. atleast not for the better. First off it's profiling. Second, it will increase the amount of teens that get pulled over for on reason what so ever. Third, because of the profiling it increaces the chances of anyone following you. Megan's law gives you the right to know if a once convitced pedafile lives near you.. but you have no idea who in the cars around you.. the sticker only helps add to such an easy target. I want to know why teens are such a huge target in this new law? yes we are new to the road and we are learning.. but how is a red sticker going to make us better drivers? it certainly isn't going to change anything i do. I don't understand why we are presumed as such a risk on the road.. what about the amount of drunk drivers on the road? I would love to see a sticker on the car of someone who has a an offence. If someone one has been caught driving drunk it hasn't been there first time, and who knows what could happen the next time. A drunk driver is more risky than a teen. But that would still be profiling. And also, what if you have two sibblings how are you going to tell one they can't go to the mall with you.. or one to take the bus to school.


This is absolutely ridiculous. I for one will not be buying any sticker. I will drive whenever I want and carry as many people as i have available seat belts in my car. These stickers pose a threat to younger girls who can be targeted by murderers and rapists. Teenagers will be targeted by police and be subjected to more scrutiny from them. Those living or traveling in unsavory areas will also be subject to the possibility of being targeted by criminals. What do they expect by enforcing this law? More tickets for teens = higher budget? More teens being targeted for crimes? Ask yourself what good is coming from this when your teenage daughter is found dead on the side of the road after being raped and murdered. Something that could have been prevented had the criminal not known they were a teenager.


this is so bull


This is most definately descriminatory age profiling. Say one teen out of ten is a speeding "schmuck" as Don said. That doesn't mean that the rest of the nine teens are. A majority of the teenagers that I know are even afraid to go to the speed limit, yet alone beyond it. In fact, elderly people are more likely to cause a disturbance on the road because the drive too slow.
This sticker will most definately increase the amount of adults commiting insurance fraud with over exagerated fender benders,blaming the fact that the opposing driver is a "teenager" therefore, inept at driving by New Jersey standards. In fact, are you not considered an adult by the time you reach 18?
If the judge says that driving to teens is a privelege, not a right, then I'm pretty sure that fact applies to anyone else that has a liscence. Way to descriminate, New Jersey.


You want me to put this sticker on my car--YOU GIVE IT TO ME ! Don't inconvenience me and make me PAY for something this ridiculous!

NJ Kop

You will comply with the law or you will pay the $100 fine, it's that simple even a teenager can understand it.


Why pick on teenager more? a law that will be in effect of may 1st stating that any one that is younger than 21 and has there pervigonal lisence has to have an red sticker on there licence plate. This law should be repealed. this law will lead to police to targeting teens unfairly. It apeaars that the govermentt is more worried abot makeing money than driver safty. Finally the law will not change teen driveing behavers. my opinon is the goverment is just tryind to make more money off teenagers.

My first reason for this law is that the police will target teens unfarly. The police will harrass alot of teenagers. There woulkd be alot more tickets handed out. Also the cops are going to treat teens unfarly. The police will harrass teens because there just going to look for the orange sticker ad just harrass them. They will treat teens unfarly because there just going after them and not going after someone thats drinking and driveing.

My second reason is this law is just another reason for the goverment to make money off teens. Dont they make enuff money off tolls, driving schools, tickets and taxes. Why pick teens and pick on them. We have to pay 4 dolars of a little red sticker just to show people oh there a bunch of imeger groups driveing around. Were the one geting targeted now and no one else.

My 3rd reason is this law will not change the teen driveing habets. They will still drive the same way and stay out as late as they want this law is such a waste of money. Why dont they spend more money on driveing school i mean this is going to be just another law teens are not going to follow. Theres still going to be ascedents and the police will just balme the teenager in the acednet because of were being young and imeger drivers.


I live in New Jersey, and I think this is ridiculous. I don't give a hill of beans what some girl named Kyleigh did, my child is a safe driver. I do not want a freaking red decal on her car because she's 17. I have taught her to drive well, so she won't likely be pulled over, but still. Drivers should be pulled over because of their driving, not age. We ALL know younger drivers are discriminated against, no use denying it. But don't equate it to healthcare. Healthcare saves lives, coming from a doctor.

Natalie Savoy

There should be a way to show that the young driver purchased the sticker....if not what is to prevent the continuous stealing of stickers from other cars? (and then having to repurchase them). I could just put a piece of red tape there as well. Why give the govt. any more money?


if i'm old enough to go to prison to go to war and to vote then why should i be considered some sort of 2nd class citizen i'll never put any stupid tag on my car or pay any stupid fine and no dirty pig of a cop can make me


i am 18 and off my provisional license i will be grandfather claused in right and this is the dumbest law i ever heard of


NJ Kop

you say that the law is the simple but it is not. i didnt follow any of the 17 year old driving restrictions its about being responsible not an idiot. the law also makes it harder for teenagers to get jobs no one wants to hire someone who cant work past 1030 because they need to be home and the fact that the law does not state weather 18 year old's who have past the provisonal period will have to follow these idiotic laws so NJ KOP its really not that simple oh and by the way i dont always feel safe getting in to my car now great now ill have a nice red sticker to point me out to all the sickos in this world .


does anyone no if you are 18 and off provisonal will you be grandfather claused in


"...and no dirty pig of a cop can make me." You will abide by the law or you will be fined. No exceptions even for a classless punk like yourself.


Buck up its the law you young drivers suck anyway.. I will stay clear from them


I hear that people are writing to the state, can anyone give me an address. i would seriously appreciate it.


I cannot begin to tell you how scared I am for girls around the state and what many of them hold true. Their virginity. I can not wait to see Corzine's face when thousands of teen girls and their cars end up missing because of pedophiles. And truthfully with the corruption in the world these days cops now have an excuse to pull over young girls and get away with rape.

My condolences to Mrs. D’Alessio for the death of her daughter. Seriously, i know what it's like to loose someone close to you. Please, please don't take out your frustrations on teen drivers. Do you not understand that for your one daughter that died, a law was created. A law that is going to cause more daughters to die.




Something needs to happen about this law... we need to do stand up for teen drivers in new jersey.

If someone can give me a web page, an address, anything to help fight this it would be greatly appreciated.


"Something needs to happen about this law... we need to ** stand up for teen drivers in new jersey."


Simply because driving is not a right does not give the state the ability to enact a law that discriminates against a certain class of citizen, that is a violation of the fourteenth amendment and the equal protection clause. Hopefully when someone is found in violation of this law they will challenge its constitutionality as such, and another judge more in touch with constitutional law will give it it the substantive due process which it deserves.


Ok so basically anyone with a provisional license 21 years old or under has to have a red stickers on there tag? Correct? Seems simple enough to me....


Hey what about the TEENAGERS fighting in IRAQ????? do they have to put red stickers on their military VEHIClES???!! hahah this law is a bunch of bull. I'm sorry but i don't want perverts following my glowy red sticker home.


sounds like the damn holocaust in new jersey... i miss the cut off by 20 days does that meen i have this decal for 20 days until i turn 18 or am i screwed till i turn 21?

What I'm wondering is how long are these sticker things going to last if you're taking them off and putting them back on every day? There are teenagers who share cars with their parents.

Then, if mom and dad are out past curfew, but they forget to take the sticker off the car before driving, are the police going to harrass them too? Ridiculous.

That would actually be a good experiment. Drive around after 11 PM with a red sticker on if you're over the age of 21... see how often you get pulled over by cops... pretend you're old and forgetful and didn't know it was there.


I feel that this is frankly, unfair. I drive well. Just because I am 17 I will be discriminated by police and pedophile. New jersey, be happy when some girl gets abducted off the road. It will be your fault.


just becuase this dumb bitch fucked up doesnt mean everyone else had to have a sticker. sucks that this stupid bitch crashed and her parents wanted everyone to remember how much her daughter fucked up lol


That is so stupid. Its just a way for cops to catch us easier. And why under 21, im getting my license when im 18, i already have my freakin permit!!!!

Corzine was rotten to the core, and this law proves it. The people of NJ need to make it clear to their new governor that this law is unwelcome and that they will refuse to abide by it en mass. Hopefully when the government sees that the people don't like the law, they will abrogate it.


I am a 42 year old father with a 17 year old daughter, this is profiling and should not be allowed, plus it gives predators an easy way to find young grils. I will not get one.


F the law


Great...well, I really don't feel like paying $100 dollars for a stupid ticket, but unfortunately for me, it's the stinking law now. Thank you NJ for not letting me take both of my brothers to school or church anymore. I'll have to go out and buy some pepper spray and maybe take a self defense class or two. I'm honestly terrified of going out alone after dark now because of some creeper who may be following me home. Thanks again NJ for making me fear for my life.

My honest condolences to Kyleigh's family and the family of the boy who also died in the accident, but I do not believe this is the way to solve the problem with teen driving. I do agree with the whole "more practice with a licensed driver is needed" bit for those getting their permits, but labeling me with a red sticker just doesn't help anyone. You might as well put one on everyone who has ever had a traffic violation or anyone who has ever been convicted of drunk driving or anyone who is over the age of 65! Some of the seniors I see on the roads (no offense guys) just shouldn't be driving anymore and they can be crazier drivers than teens any day!


What a stupid law! I agree with you Joe. This will help predators find young girls. We need to protest this law. I also think law makers sit around all day thinking of ways to take more money from tax payers. Look at all the money they will make by charging for these decals.


Driving is a privilege not a right. Most of these comments come from underage drivers. AND SHAME ON ALL THE PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED NEGATIVELY ABOUT KYLEIGH D'ALESSIO..HAVE SOME CLASS...I HOPE THE NEXT COP YOU SEE PULLS YOUR ASS OVER!!!


First of all,i think this law is dicrimination at its worst. Secondly, i wonder how much money the state of nj hopes to make from this stupid law.[typical, nj scam to get money from residents]


You cops are retarted why dont we make u guys drive with ur sirens on and see how it feels for u


We all saw what happened in AZ. A law that could possibly allow for racial discrimination, and the media, the liberal politicians, and the ACLU, all jumped on it for being unconstitutional but this law gets almost no national coverage; has our nation just grown tolerant of age discrimination? The 14th Amendment states "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." We see that this law is blatantly unconstitutional; they are taking away a right without due process of law, and to the ageist judge’s claim that driving is a "privilege" not a right, is just a statement to allow ageism. If this law was requiring, as john said, black people to put stickers on their car it would be an immediate infringement on their rights, and no court, lower or supreme would disagree. Everything about this law disgusts me. It's unconstitutional, it's ageist, and enables cops to profile youth. Even the name of this law is disgusting, Kyleigh's Law, Would this law have saved her life? No. Would Kyleigh want this law? No. The writers just used the name of a poor dead girl to try and push through there ageist agenda, and it is sick. My sympathy to any teens, young adults, and anyone who hopes to someday have kids in New Jersey.


This is **ing *ull **it.


now we are sending our teenagers out on the roads with a red tag...great! now every rapist, murderer, and pedifile can now know their is a teen dirver and or passenger. just what we need!!! I am not supporting this and I have no intention of tagging either of my teenagers as they are out driving.
as for the poor girl who was killed in the car crash. it is a terrible tragedy! But lets face it..accidents happen. There is no way to prevent accidents. whats next!! the government is going to mandate helmets in the bathtub....????


Whenever a law of this type is passed,you've got to sniff arround in the dark corners of the room to see where the smell is comming from, if the dog who did it has a pile of crap their hiding.Possibly a deal with the insurance loby is the motovating factor.Someones benefitting,not us.


Do teens driving in from out of state have to stop at the border(check point charley) and buy a red sticker.Will they be housed or detained till after 5am, what are the new provisions in Gustopo land

I think everyone should put a red sticker on every car in NJ! Drive the police crazy. Forget yellow stars lets pin red stars on every teenager as well. Lets be good little Natzi's They can't control the real criminals, so go after the ones they can! Who's next? Most likely the handicap, they're an easy target...


You can thank Comrade Corzine and his Democrat croonies for passing this bill prior to getting booted from office. Thankfully a Con lawyer in Morristown has challenged it and it's expected to be overturned. The Socialist Nazi Dems just love classifying people so the Gov can keep an eye on them!


Fantastic NJ! Anyone in doubt should just read this thread. We've already seen several people, two of whom claim to be officers of the law, abusing, bad-mouthing, and targeting the teenagers posting on this thread! They aren't even driving and they're being targeted! What's next? Senior citizens and handicapped citizens being targeted? Oh well, time to look at houses in New York, PA, and Delaware. (or stop paying my taxes if it's going to fund ridiculous programs like this)


I just moved to Nj I work two jobs, school full time, i have my own house, all my bills are paid on time and i am under 21. Being responsible is what driving is about. I am not sure how my license will transfer but I WILL NOT be putting this sticker on my car. I am not going to tell my little brother,niece or nephew that Aunt Ashley cannot take them to the mall. Just because i am responsible punk who works an hour away and is lucky if she is home by 11pm most nights. I also don't want to be labeled as an easy target for some pervert on the street. I rather be dead in a car crash than be raped. Although, I do not have kids but what about those under 21 who have babies? How are they going to provide for their family if they cannot drive after 11pm? Is nj going to help their bills or let them sink to poverty?
Furthermore I would never pay for a sticker! Any half intelligent person would realize if the sticker can be moved from car to car, it is obviously going to pulled off by some "punk". Who is to say a cop wouldn't do it ? And i am the one who has to pay for another one? What if its lost on a weekend? will i have to tell my boss I cannot come in because my sticker fell off and the government office is not open till monday. Or can these stickers be easily found in a 24/7 walmart which oh by the way i have to change my schedule once again since i generally go food shopping at 12am because of my work schedule.

finally, I really hope that someone was just pretending to be a cop because its really scary to see the intellectual level they are on just by the comments that were left.


nj govt. is rediculous the faggot cops are gonna target us even more now along with pedophiles im pretty sure 100% of nj teen parents wouldnt want a pedophile following their child home due to the new sticker law only cause of a stupid girls death that sticker law should be in effect for permitted drivers only it says the girl was 16 not 17 so therefore she didnt have a license targeting teens isnt helping us drive any better then we already do so get rid of the law its pointless


this is so dumb. driving is a priviledge but yet we spend money for gas money for cars. ok driving is a priviledge for us say we choose we dont want it anymore and stop driving stop going all the places we go and spend money and pay taxes on the things we spend, that go to the same state that gives us all these restrictions. this is so dumb its just a way to make teens get pulled over more.


Please do not take offense to this law. You are not being profiled. My son son who is now 20 and recieved drivers ed has had 5 accidents and 1 speedind ticket. I am not saying all drivers drive this way, but, I am thankful that he and others are still alive. His insurance is now $14,300.00 per year. Thats right,
$14,300.00 per year, and that is only because I (the father fought the insurance company). Be warned, this is not designed to hurt you. Do not think it is cool to drive without a seatbelt and talk or text while driving. The people who do have no respect for others. Your life can be changed in an instant. Mine was. (driver reading his GPS) I am lucky to be alive. Driving is a priviledge. Please take this message seriously. Regards, Kevin


People keep saying it's profiling, and everyone seems to be against this law. But, to the same people, when you see someone being bullied or racially profiled, do you go and doing something about it or do you let it continue? I doubt that this will make much of a difference, but, even a little difference for the better is a difference worth striving for. As the judge said, driving is a privilege, not a right. Public transportation is good, to.


this law is dumb, what about the older people who, drink and drive,talk on the phone, and some of these ladies, and you know who you are that put on there make-up when driving. leave these kids alone


stupid law.....that kid ruined everything for every one else ....idiot...


20 years old, work 3rd shift have my own apt. in the united States Army. Can not drive after midnight what the $#@% !!! Did they think this one threw? Stupid!!


Why Isn't this law in affect for elderly people. They drive worse than teens. My grandpa is a speed demon who refuses to use blinkers when he drives and I'm afraid to do over 22 on a 25 mph street yet I have to warn others about my reckless driving.


I work on the freakin night shift , only work I can find and are you freker want to pay me off the road??


why do us teens have to pay for one's child's stupid mistake? if you ask me, her mother wasn't being a good parent if her daughter was able to sneak out of the house. Excuse me, not all of us teens act like that. We should not be held accountable for her daughters actions by wearing these stupid stickers. if you ask me, it makes it easy for predators to attack. Also makes it easy for cops to get their quotas easily. NEW JERSEY IS SO STUPID ! honestly. So because you were a sorry parent and let your daughter sneak out the house you feel as though you have to make up for it by making this stupid law? smh. no good.

Frank Molina

Little by little our Freedom is been diminishing with the Constitution being amended, So far they tell us where to smoke, What to eat, Not to put salt in our food, When to work , Which doctor you are allowed to see,When to drive,Land of the Free ??!! Think again, Yes sir this is our Big Brother watching us.


i'm 20 years old, and in my first 2 years of driving I got pulled over 40 times. It was a running joke. I never got a ticket, but I got pulled over for things like "not signaling long enough" or not pulling over close enough to the curb to drop someone off. Yeah, not putting a bulls eye on my car! its a bulls eye enough.


This is the dumbest most ridiculous law I have ever heard of. Say a 20yr old Solider was driving in the State of New Jersey off duty, he would get a ticket? This is the most absurd law I have ever heard of. Teenagers may not be the best drivers, but the elderly are far worse then teenagers. Teens are more aware of their surroundings and are able to react quickly when confronted with possible danger. If anything, they should make it a law when a person reaches age 65, they must retake their road-test and judged on their ability to act defensively

not surprised

just another excuse for cops to pull over kids for no reason


oh and also, any drivers 21-40 must use green reflective stickers. 41+ must use purple. dumb law is just cause for cops to pull over anyone below 21.


after i have 1 year experience and get my normal license, red sticker is coming off. dont care if im 19, im gonna be out driving at 2am


Wow, I'm a 16-year-old Florida resident that was about to get my license, no restrictions. Unfortunately I'm moving to NJ. I'm automatically losing my permit and can't get my "probationary" license until I'm 17?! I won't be able to drive my own siblings?! And now I have to have a little red sticker?!
Okay, do these ridiculous restrictions actually do anything? The problem is inexperienced drivers, not young drivers. No matter how old you are, if you've never been in a car before you're not going to be able to drive as well as someone who's been driving for a while. Statistics always show teen drivers IN THE FIRST YEAR OF DRIVING.
On a side note, are my parents really expected to have to drive me around everywhere until I move out of the house? There goes my plans for dual-enrolling – it wouldn't work with my parent's work schedules.
Cars are not cheap, and my family has a quite limited number of them. If my mom's out driving past 11PM in the car that I also use and have my decal attached to, are the cops going to pull her over?
What foolishness.


when i hit 75 my insurance -car- jumped up over 150 bucks for no apparent reason- no accidents, no tickets- last ticket 1964- discrimination? you bet your sweet ass it is!!

PJ Boothe

I wonder what it's like to have a personal injury attorney in Camden.

get over it!!

Half of y'all sound so damn dumb, first off the decal is to let other drivers know that you are new driver. Just get over it!! Thank you ^_^


Theirs a few cops in here how are you going to feel when your son or daughter is raped or killed because of this great law. As for my self I will never use the red stickers. I will drive when ever I need to. And I will never pay any fine if I am caught not using red stickers I will not stand to be profiled like you expect me to do I am not a dog I am not obedient to you nor do I respect the police force. Everyday I see cops no seat belt on the phone or even running stop signs. Anything like this I would be ticketed for why not you guy. Ironically enough to I had a drunk cop hit my grand mother being followed home by another cop why was he able to drive o ya he's a cop. Cops are the ones who need to be profiled.

Sam I Am

The ONlY objectors to the law are spoiled, entitled naive teenagers who are only thinking for themselves and about themselves with little to total disregard for the safety of others.
It's seems so typical that an immature selfish mind wouldn't think outside of their shallowed box of a mind and consider the consequences of what an accident can cause.


Sam you're implying that the decal will prevent accidents.

Also, since driving is a privilege and not a right let's give purple decals to 65+ year olds because of their decreased reaction timing and to minorities (blacks, Hispanics) because they may or may not be involved in illegal activity. Since it's just a privilege

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