More Toyota Prius Acceleration Issues Reveal Lack of Fix

Recent incidents with 2004-2009 model year Toyota Prius hybrids have shed new light into the recall process of nearly 6 million Toyota and Lexus cars in the U.S.
Police investigators, Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are looking into Monday’s incident involving a 2008 Prius traveling over 90 mph with a stuck pedal in California. No cause has been determined, but the owner said his Toyota dealer told him his car wasn’t involved in the recall.

Meanwhile, a 2005 Prius in New York accelerated out of a driveway into a stone wall, causing extensive damage to the car, shown above. Police there said they’ve almost ruled out the floormat as the cause of the accident because it was tied to the seat base with plastic ties. That was an early fix that Toyota dealers installed while they waited for a more permanent solution to the problem.

That permanent solution still seems to be in the works for the Prius models. Other models such as the Camry have already received extensive retrofits, including shortening the accelerator pedal and adding a brake override system. Toyota says its solutions for the floormat recall — initiated last fall — are rolling in nature, meaning that some models, like the Prius, still don’t have fixes in place.

Toyota has said the repairs would be rolling from day one — which was over five months ago — so we shouldn’t be surprised. But with all the scrutiny involving congressional hearings, it’s a bit of a shock that so much work remains to be done. 



"Police there said they’ve almost ruled out the floormat as the cause of the accident because it was tied to the seat base with plastic ties." In all the cars I've owned over the yrs with 3 of them of well over 200K miles - I've never needed to restrain my floormats! And these were with the big all-weather aftermarket floormat types too to boot. Toyota, get your head out of your a** and fess up it’s your lame electronics. Please spare me it’s a “stuck pedal” excuse too, some of us know better.


This is ridiculous!!!!

"The car's owner, Joseph Leff, said his family's housekeeper had been behind the wheel. He declined to identify her or say whether she was back at work."

Housekeeper driving owner's car. Probably she didn't know how to drive a car or drive a Prius. This is really shameful that people blame the car for the driver's fault. I am not saying that the cars are perfect but if one does not know to drive or stop a car than he or she should not be behind the wheel.

May be both the prius incidents are genuine but people can do anything for money or fame and that is not right. Get the car fixed and if one really has an issue than call NHTSA instead of calling the media for publicity.


Just for FYI, the car in NY was a 2005 Prius. This is important to Prius owners such as myself, since it's one of the first reported accidents I've heard of with a later model Prius. Until now I was feeling okay thinking problems were more common in the 2010 3rd generation Prius, but when I heard it was a 2005 (same as I have), I was driving very very cautiously this morning.

You are correct it was a 2005 not an 08. We fixed the typo above. However, the 2004-2009 Prius is the Prius in the original floormat recall which doesn't yet have a fix. The 2010 Prius was recalled for brake issues not either accelerator related recall.

Derrick G


That's funny. But is that picture of them in a St. Prius or Priregis correct? I've never seen them in a St. Regis before, only Polaras and (Royal) Monacos.


The runaway Prius in San Diego yesterday was also a 2nd generation Prius.

I'd be a bit concerned about driving a car when my accelerator, emergency brake, AND gear selector are all electronic.


I suspect Toyota had been getting lots of complaints and ignoring them to cover-up for these cars. Then the NHTSA told consumers they could call the agency and Toyota owners started calling the NHTSA rather than Toyota where they had been being ignored.

It is obvious these cars are dangerous in fact I suspect all of Toyota's vehicles are dangerous. I wouldn't pay one payment on a car that could kill me, I have bad enough luck as it is.


Toyota and the Empire

Toyota; is it investigation of crime at the accident of Toyota? And what the investigation at the Challenger space-shuttle reached to beyond nothing more than malfunction of some little technical component (seal ring) that had led to the explosion and American national disaster committed by the most sophisticated scientific institution NASA in USA! And where is such investigations at thieving tens thousands of internet transaction cards everyday, while the main cause already known to be the weak vulnerability in the security of the internet transaction itself, and it might be intentional crime because it never satisfactory improved, replaced or canceled? Thousands of examples can be recalled here. One or couple of malfunctions in some technology never had been taken such seriousness; hence it is not the real story.

I tell you the story. There is something called the imperialistic economic system and philosophy, it was the same all over history. USA is empire right now. Empire's center doesn't produce but they militarize, colonies don't militarize but they produce. That Toyota Perius accident is very connected with the recent Japanese trend to separate from the Imperialistic system and wanted to drive the American military bases from Japan out, so the USA empire center reminds the Japanese about the deal and how the things is working, has it been received? And the Japanese should understand that they will not separate freely without a cost, you are not smarter than your captor.

Some American street citizen will scream, simple man like me and you; will arise feeling offended and scream, "Our founding fathers and we are against imperialism and slavery; we are for freedom; that is gross untrue". Perhaps, you are right in what you believed because that what they succeeded to make you believe and deceived. In the past when the economics of human societies was energized mainly by the real materials and confined to that, the emperors were called plainly emperors and they had have clear in eyeball sight crowns and thrones. In our these days, with great leap revolutionary provisions in finance, communications of all sorts, etc. though I don't agree to the say that it is unprecedented, but I may agree that it is unprecedented within the last little recorded era of few thousand years, there might have been civilizations that even were much developed than what we have today, many basic concepts though haven't changed yet its face and practice has changed. Economics is no longer a piece of gold or piece of bread; it became piece of notion called paper money, economics have gained lot of flexibility and mobility if not lost its faithful and truthful entity, same thing exactly happened to the entity of the emperors, there is no longer clear in sight a crown and throne, but yet there are empires of crowns and thrones, with great flexibility and mobility, in this phony called modern time we live in the emperors hide in notions as their economy and still I can see their crowns and thrones. Even it is not any longer very easy to track down their language of notions.

March 16, 2010


There is a lot of attention being paid now to the idea that drivers, particularly not so young drivers, are stepping on the accelerator rather than the brake. While this might sometimes happen i'm concerned that drivers pressing hard on the brake might also be pressing on the accelerator wothout realizing it. I drive with my foot slightly angled to the right and have a size 12 shoe. Its no problem in my toyota to depress both pedals at the same time and feel enough back pressure from the brake to bearly feel the accelerator at all. In particular I think anyone in a panic situation jamming their heel or both heels on the brake pedal could easily depress the accelerator without realizing it. I believe that should this be happening and a driver took his foot off the brake the effect of the brake release plus the continuation of gas being consumed in the engine would cause the car to accelerate leading the driver to repeat the process of jamming on the brake again with similar results. I wonder how many of the situations involve drivers with big feet and footware?

I had an incident that was almost unintended acceleration, but would more accurately be described as miserable braking, about eighteen years ago.

The interesting aspect was that I was taking a course at a famous school near Phoenix, and was doing a braking exercise.

As hard as I depressed the brake pedal,the car (incidentally an extraordinarily well maintained Ford Mustang) just decelerated miserably.

When the car finally stopped, an instructor who had been watching, came over and said: "Steve, what happened is you had your right foot on both the brake and the throttle. If that ever happens again, just throw in the clutch".

This was probably not the first time that the instructor had seen this happen, because he could diagnose it from outside the car, and knew the proper remedial procedure.

A few years later my wife was driving my car (a 1991 Toyota MR2) on the interstate while I was riding shotgun. All of a sudden she yelled "the car won't slow down"!. I said "throw in the clutch" which she did--and the car slowed as she desired.

What I fear, is that in response to the UA "problem" manufactures will make it impossible to activate the brake and the throttle simultaneously, making it more difficult to control the car.


My 05 has never had acceleration problems; did I get a better car or am I the better driver? I always know the difference between the accelerator and the brake as the one in NY may not have. The black box said brakes were never applied. Cruise control at high speeds "MIGHT" get you into trouble as some units don't respond correctly. How about keeping the PRI under 55mph?

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