Kia Sued Over Song in Super Bowl Ad

Kia is in hot water over the song used in the automaker’s dolls-driving-cars Super Bowl ad. Drive-In Music Co. has filed lawsuits against Kia, CBS and the NFL over the backing track in the ad for the 2010 Sorento.

The featured song — “How You Like Me Now” — is by British rock band The Heavy, and Drive-In claims it’s a rip-off of a song by the ’60s funk band Dyke and the Blazers called “Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man.”

Even if the songs do sound similar, it makes less sense to us as to why this is Kia’s fault and not The Heavy’s. All of which makes slightly less sense than Kia’s commercial in which giant stuffed animals drive a Sorento and cavort with women.

Video: Kia Sued Over Song Used in Creepy Super Bowl Ad (The Car Connection)


Derrick G

Well why it might sample from the other song at the beginning, that's about it. I'd think any court would release Kia, CBS, and others from the suit anyway.

Derrick G

Ooops. Meant while, not why.


Are you joking? I think they just sue because without doing so, no one would ever know who the stupid bands are. And we still don't care. They obviously have nothing better to do with their careers if they have time for all this litigation. So so sad.

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