GM Recalling 1.3 Million Cars Over Steering Defects


GM announced today it is recalling 1.3 million cars worldwide for a faulty power-steering system. In the U.S., about 905,000 2005-2010 Chevy Cobalts and 2007-2010 Pontiac G5s are included. The problem is with the power-steering system’s motor, which can make turning the car at speeds below 15 mph harder.

GM says owners will be able to steer the car and that a chime and warning message of “Power Steering” should illuminate. The company says this is more likely to happen as the cars age.

Unfortunately, GM doesn’t have a remedy in place to fix the problem for so many vehicles. It will likely include power steering motors being replaced. GM will contact owners when it has a plan, and we’ll make sure to update our readers when they can get their cars serviced.

Concerned owners can contact GM’s owner center at or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle safety hot line at 888-327-4236. 



This exact thing happened on my little sister's Ion. I think it is an '06. She was able to drive it - she drove it like that for almost a week . They should be added to this recall.


Derrick G


Make sure she's filed a complaint with NHTSA. And since Saturn owners tend to flock together, makes sure anyone else she knows with an Ion that did the same thing has also filed a complaint.

Lise W

My brother 2006 Chev Cobalt have a problem. When blinker is on, the headlights of car shut off making it blind for a few seconds. Anyone else?


my ex-wife has an ion, and i was thinking that it would probably be affected when i saw this post. thanks for point it out broq. i'll give her a call and warn her about it.


Derrick G.,
I will do that - I told her about the Cobalt possible recall when it first surfaced, it would be nice to get reimbursed for that repair, I think she had to pay something like $500.

Ps - if there is a positive thing to come from all these current recalls, it is that people now know about the NHTSA and that they can and should have stuff like this and documented. I think that is the reason why there have been some many reports about accelerating toyotas after the fact. I didn't even know there was a place to complain and I am a car fanatic!


Tammy B.

Watch Robert Lutz GM Vice Chairman: Electric power system is the same system as the Toyota Corolla and the parts come from a Toyota owned supplier.

My question: If they are the same problem from the same supplier, why did it take GM so long to start what Toyota already had done weeks ago?


What are you talking about exactly, because Toyota still hasn't actually recalled the Corrolla for its power steering.



Where is the congressional hearing on this? It could cost lives when you can not steer as you would have wanted it to.


What about a 2006 Pontiac G6? We bought one for our daughter 1 week ago, and the power steering light came on yesterday believe it or not.


The difference is the word "could". They are recalling them now, unlike the Toyota thing where people died, then the problem was blamed on the drivers, floormats, and finally the pedal, which may not even be the problem. Not every recall is deserving of a hearing. Lets stop trying to make it seem like toyota is being treated unfairly - they are not the first company to have to explain themselves on the hill, ford had to do it with the explorer and others had to before them.


If you see a warning light definitely take it to the dealer. I know the G6 had a lot of complaints about power steering assist, but not from failures.

No recall has been issued for the 2006 G6 though.


Class action and congressional hearing NOW!


And they still say they are better than toyota on the current commercials i doubt that


I would suggest anyone who sees one of the affected cars in their rearview mirror to move over and let them pass. Last thing you want is to get rear ended by an out of control car!


Note that the steering problem happens at speeds below 15 mph...not exactly "out of control". This has, however, happened once already with my 2009 Cobalt (only 3 months old). I had pulled over to let another car pass by on a snow-narrowed street when the steering wheel became very stiff. I stalled out, restarted the car, and the wheel was back to normal. Not a big deal. I can wait until GM is ready to fix it.

GM new of this problem many years ago. Our 2000 Grand Prix GTP caught fire in our garage and took our home as well in 04. GM was notified then and settled with our insurance co in 08. They stalled & stalled with what was owed to us and now we are at the bottom of the pot and told we may get pennies on the dollar. If we still had the car and it burnt tomorrow, we could get our money. HMMM, let’s see – 4 yr old car burns you get nothing – 9 yr old car burns today, you get reimbursed. Something is not right with this picure!


i own a 2006 pontiac g6 with bad steering problem. gm won't repair the problem because the car has what is called a salvage title. even though the car was repaired and recertified for the road by the state of massachusetts.the problem is with the manufacture of a faulty electric steer unit. i know there are a lot of g6 owners with the same problem. i need people to write letters to me so as start a class action law suit against gm for this problem. the sum of at least 500 million will be sought. any one that has a g6 with a salvage or reconstructed title should write to me at cjgemme 16 harrison street worcester massachusetts 01604

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