Ford Beats GM on Strength of SUVs, Trucks

Yes, Ford overtook GM in February as the country’s best-selling auto company for the first time since 1998, but it didn’t do it by selling a fleet of Fusion Hybrids (’s Best of 2010 award winner). No, it beat GM by a mere 334 units with strong sales of its F-Series pickup and the Edge crossover and Escape compact SUV.

Toyota’s sales decline in February gave the two domestic brands a chance to grab the sales spotlight, but those vehicle sales are still dominated by trucks and now crossovers.
If you add their GMC siblings to the mix, Chevy’s full-size SUVs like the Tahoe and Suburban sold at about the same rate as Ford’s Explorer and Expedition. And all are well behind the top sales they reached before $4 gas two summers ago.

Sedans? The Chevy Malibu sold 15,150 versus the Ford Fusion’s 16,459, a narrow win for Ford. But the Chevy Cobalt outsold the Ford Focus, 14,101 to 13,708. The Chevy Camaro outsold the Ford Mustang by 6,482 to 5,115, and the fleet-heavy Chevy Impala outsold the almost exclusively retail Ford Taurus 11,740 to 6,359.

And those are just the two mass-market brands for each company: GM’s Buick, Cadillac and GMC outsold Ford’s Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo brands.

What pushed Ford over the top was the Ford F-150. With nonstop advertising, lots of incentives and — perhaps most importantly — good reviews, the F-150 outsold the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra a combined 32,895 to 26,118.

Crossovers like the Ford Edge — which gets a major update this summer — sold 8,694 units, and the three-row Flex sold 2,802 units. On the Chevy side, there is no true competitor for the Edge since the TrailBlazer was phased out, but the three-row Traverse (which competes with the Flex) sold 5,882 units. Just a few months ago, the Traverse was selling better, but increased incentives for its sibling GMC Acadia likely hurt its sales. The slightly more expensive Acadia outsold the Traverse, moving 6,478 units.

On the small SUV side, the aging Ford Escape managed to sell well with 15,156 units. The all-new Chevy Equinox and its GMC Terrain sibling are selling well, and there isn’t enough supply to meet demand. The two sold 11,850 units combined.

These are the types of models where Ford is winning. However, a boost in supply of just the two smaller GM crossovers could sway the total back into GM’s favor.
By David Thomas | March 2, 2010 | Comments (12)



"If you add their GMC siblings to the mix, Chevy’s full-size SUVs like the Tahoe and Suburban sold at about the same rate as Ford’s Explorer and Excursion."

You mean "Expedition", right?


YEs, Expedition. was too focused on getting the numbers right! Also was stuck behind an Excursion on the road this weekend trying to remember what year it was on sale.


Funny, loser beating loser. News?

Adam K.

Hey K -

Those "Losers" are outselling Toyota and Honda. By a lot. Despite each closing half their brands in the last 18 months. So...

Idaho Guy

Alan Mulally's gamble paid off - Americans are more inclined to buy a vehicle from an American mfg that didn't take any bailout money. Not to mention Ford's products are of high quality and great design. Go Ford!


If you look at GM's advertising it appears they are more worried about honda and toyota. It kinda looks like they were blindsided by ford.


GM is still in big trouble as the Malibu and Impala can't be given away. They are stuck relying on SUV sales which shows Americans prefer Japanese cars.


Just imagine how well Ford would be doing if they had the new Fiesta and/or Focus. They're somewhat hobbled in the small-car market now with the very old Focus design. They'll be doing even better by this time next year, in my opinion.


The author said: "The Chevy Malibu sold 15,150 versus the Ford Fusion’s 16,459, a narrow win for Ford".

If you add the 2675 Mercury Milans sold, that number jumps to 19,134, a significant difference.

This story is about Ford vs. GM, not Ford brand vs Chevy brand, so the addition of the 2 products under different labels is quite relevant.


Oh thats a real comparison. Well if you add the milan...Well if you add The Pontiac and Buick and Saturn version of that car......ya see how fair that is....dumbass

GMC a quite comfort model, we can’t get ignore its awesome features, but mainly I don't like its pick & HP. which is low compare to Hummer H2.....

Why are you thinking that Toyota is backward. They had also launched new models for SUVs and trucks. Toyota is good automotive company and they are giving us good model.

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