Reviews the 2010 Honda Accord

It’s not like the 2010 Honda Accord really needs our endorsement. The sedan is consistently one of the top-selling cars in the country and remains a very solid choice for a range of drivers. However, reviewer Kelsey Mays warns that even for the well-executed Accord, the competition has stiffened considerably, and there are quite a few midsize sedans worth a look. Where does the iron-man Accord show its flaws? Read Mays’ full review to find out.

2010 Honda Accord


When comparing the V6 versions in the table, per asterik it indicates the Nissan Altima as "premium fuel recommended". For 2010, Nissan retuned this engine and no longer recommends premium fuel as it did in prior years.


Up until two months ago I had a 2008 Accord for a company car and was very impressed. I now have a nicer company car (540i) but will never forget of all the company cars I've had over the years: Camry, Sonata, Malibu, Maxima, and Altima, the '08 Accord had by far the best driving dynamics. It's the closet thing you'll find to a BMW. I can see why the Accord is so popular.


Thanks for the heads-up. Apologies for the error; the corrected table should be up shortly.


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