2011 Toyota Avalon Starts at $32,245

Toyota announced that the starting MSRP for the 2011 Toyota Avalon will remain the same for the base model XLS at $32,245 when it goes on sale later this month. This does not include a $750 destination charge.

Reducing the number of trim levels from three to two, the next step up would be the Limited trim, which starts at $35,485 and represents a $200 increase from the previous model year. This also does not include the destination fee.

Head to the auto show page to check out our coverage of the 2011 Avalon at the Chicago Auto Show.

By Stephen Markley | March 4, 2010 | Comments (4)



wow, I guess they dont want to compete with the lower end models of Taurus and Lacrosse. That is pretty steep for a base price.


The Taurus is a rental car and a LaCrosse is for nothing but old men. The Avalon is priced higher because people are willing to pay more.


I can't believe this car is still being produced. I live in a large metro area, and I haven't seen one of them in years.



The current Taurus is not reliant on fleet sales like the old one. It and the Lacrosse are outselling the Avalon by large margins. Ford sold over 7k Taurus' last month. I don't know if any of the models I've seen on the roads are rentals. They have totally repositioned the car as a large semi luxury model- not a rental queen.

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