2011 Scion xB Gets Restyled, Priced

  • Competes with: Nissan Cube, Kia Soul
  • Looks like: The xB gets its chin back
  • Drivetrain: 158-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission
  • Hits dealerships: Late March
Many Scion xB fans didn’t like the redesign of the boxy compact nearly three years ago. Maybe that’s why Scion decided to revise a bit of that new design for the 2011 model year.

The most notable change is the jutting front bumper, which is similar to the original model’s chinlike protrusion. The headlights, taillights and front and rear bumpers also get restyled. Besides that chin, most of the changes are subtle.

Inside, the seats get a new lighter gray fabric, and the front seats get beefed-up bolsters. A new center console has an adjustable armrest, and the steering wheel adds a telescoping feature to its previous tilt.  

The Hypnotic Teal Micra color that was so polarizing for the past generation will no longer be offered. Instead, two new colors will be available: Army Rock Metallic and Elusive Blue Metallic.

Powertrain offerings remain the same, with the 158-horsepower engine being a bit of a gas hog for the class at 22/28 mpg city/highway for either transmission. The 2010 Kia Soul’s sportiest engine gets 24/30 with 142 hp and starts $800 less than the xB.

What is the price of the 2011 xB? It gets a $150 bump to $16,000 for the manual transmission and $16,950 for the automatic, not including $670 in destination charges.

More photos are below, but unfortunately none of the shots Scion provided features the new exterior colors.





I don't see too much to be excited about it. Looks a little better but not much better. Center gauges will never be popular. They could fix that as well. sounds like Toyota doesn't have enough 2.0L engines so they have to stick 2.5L into this thing.
But it is comfortable car with good utility. I know that. Hey, at least they don't have that one-sided light in the back. And also, did they fix the cracked windshield issue?


If this ugly duckling had a GM (Chevy) badge on it the rice-burner lovers would be bashing it.


Still among the ugliest cars in history.
That's probably why it sells.


Most Xb fanboys didn't dislike the style, they disliked the increase in size and the dramatic decrease in gas mileage.

Troy S.


You're right. However, we didn't hear any complaining about the 2.4L's 55 HP increase from the original xB's anemic 103 HP 1.5L.

I sold my original xB because of the wimpy 1.5L.


This makes the 2nd generation less of an unmitigated disaster. The new one is too big, has bad visibility, lost agility and generally abandoned the semi-Kei-car feel of the original. Also, the engines are now sourced from Chang'an of China.


The off-center stacking of the console is off-putting...


its time to start new category in award "North american ugliest car of the year".


A four-speed automatic? What decade are we in?



Yeah, that is right, same goes for the Cobalt and Focus!


The first gen was better looking, imo.


I notice the tweaks that makes this an upgrade but not solely a entirely revised box. The front looks worst but the back is improved. I like the back bumper with reflectors and taillights which finally integrated both a left and right sided reverse light along with separate turn signal indicators. The interior is still airy and sport-like. Space is no problem here. The instrument cluster now displays MPG, time, and temp separately awesome. I wished the rear seats could recline like they do in the TC. Most importantly the it slurps gas like a traditional SUV due mostly to the four speed auto. Give it a five/six speed and where good to go. Lastly the roof sucks, every time you shut a door/hatch it rattles the roof reminding one of a tin can. good and bad this box is still the leader. Too bad its good in its looks and power and space. I guess the young people don't seek adult traits like efficiency.

I like the changes, I think it is a nice step up of the original Gen2, but 1st gen xB will remain as my favorite

Good job Toyota/Scion, looking forward to purchase my second Scion tC, the almighty 2nd Gen tC, when it comes out.

Finally, I'm gonna get this latest xB for my Graduation... love everything about it :)


Well, it's interesting to say the least. I have a 1st Gen box, &it's always going to be my favorite. I mean, they really messed things up when they went from 1st to 2nd. The 1st gen may have a wimpy engine and all, but I average 34mpg's &I have no complaints.
But, I do like the whole reverse light change, &oddly enough the new chin is pretty cool. I'm no fan of the newer xB's, but this is definitely better than before.
But in my little world, I'm sticking to my 1st gen. If I ever want to go faster, I'll just work up enough cash to get a turbo (:


The front it's a light improvement but....not digging the cheap looking grey interior and the double brake lights...the orignal single light makes more unique


Doesn't matter to me what they do to the front or rear because I still can't get past that side profile.


I like it, I've been waiting for two years for Scion to make these improvements so I could purchase one in Hypnotic Teal. Now they dropped the color!
Engine sourced from China....No sale!


A lot cool dudes commenting on cars these days. It is a decent car. I have the 2 gen xb, and are thinking of getting the new not because of the looks but because it is time for something new and this one fits all my surfboards easily.


None of these compare to the coolness (and ECONOMY) of the original Scion xB box. Why did they have to screw up a good thing? Oh yeah, some auto journalist probably said it didn't have enough power.


We just bought a 2011 scion on friday, we had the car for 3 days, for those of you who don't know this has a toyota 2az-fe engine which is the engine in the toyota camry, you guys should really try test driving this vehicle, although the power isnt too much the car goes where you want it to go and it has speed too.


btw, we bought it in the elusive blue metallic, it is like a mix of graphite and some other color i don't know how to put it but it looks nice. If you don't like the look get a new body kit for it, the beauties of scions are you can do so many things without voiding the warranty for it, that is the whole point of scion, Customization. Getting this vehicle with the spoiler and lowering an inch or 2 and getting some 18's would look great.


My 2009 Scion xB has been one of the best cars I've owned. Great for a old 6'4" guy. I like where the instrument cluster is. The steering wheel isn't in way. It's one of those cars most people don't like, unless they own one.


I own the 2008 2nd Gen. And i love it. It's perfict for me, my wife, and my 2 yr old daughter. I refuse to get an SUV but this car is prob the closest i could find. At first i thought the center cluster was weird but now its weird when i drive a conventional car. the only real gripe i had with the 2nd Gen was the one revierse light. I see no point in completly changing the car to a 3rd gen for a minor faice lift. toyota/scion if you want to make/ add any real features or improvements add AWD.

I have the xb and love it. My lease is up in December andI'd like another one. I would like a sun-roof, though. I like it as it is. I have a spoiler, console above and the silver molding. I feel pretty safe in bad weather and hate to give it up. Only for a converetable


I be lovin me some xB

Johnny Z

Haha those dissing the Scion xB. This is probably one of the most practical cars you can get. Great fuel mileage, great cargo space, tons of options and mods can be added to this car to customize it, and it's a inexpensive!!!

SU Jaguars

Still in love with my 2005 XB and still getting 33 MPG's. I love the new Scion XB but refuse to upgrade until they get the MPG's back up and was very glad to see the return of the dark blue. The teal was horrible.

Who was the idiot that said that the original lacks power? It is perfectly fine with me and plenty of pick up and go. I'm 42, my need and desire for muscle type feel are over. The space is great.

Just got my wife a Nissan Murano, but she still won't stay out of my 05 XB and now she is trying to talk me into trading with her.

Jon H

Love this car. I've got an '08 and it's one of the best vehicles I've owned. Love the center gauges, whether they are popular or not. They are right in my line of sight. It's reliable, have over 50,000 miles on it and have never had a single issue. I'm 6'3" and have lots and lots of room. People have different tastes. I think the looks of this car rock.


The article says it runs with the 2.5........ wouldn't that be a pretty nice improvement over the 2.4? Yet, "no changes" in the drivetrain? When when a 5 or 6 speed auto kick in?


Article says the Xb runs with the 2.5 - I don't think so, its the old 2.4. The only change I was hoping for was a 5 or 6 speed auto... rear discs would be a bonus too.


All they need is to put the T2B in production....that's a Gorgeous Scion Concept Car.




Additionally, read all about Optima Batteries that out performs the default manufacturer's battery that comes bundled with the Scion. (http://www.car-stuff.com/battery.htm)

As the default Car Battery drain easily and has trouble starting in cold weather.


The only complaint about my 05 xb is the amount of bugs the flat front and windshield collects. I wouldn't drive it cross country but, it is designed for in town driving.


I'm pragmatic. I love to research stuff. In 09,I decided to buy a new car. After reading a lot the 09 Scion was my choice. I had a 00 Tundra liked it a lot so this one was a natural for me. Good mileage ( compared to the pick up) and lots of room. The only quirk was the back up light.I'm hoping that the new light assemblies are the same size so I can swap them for the ones in there.Yes I know some wiring will mods will be needed.Sorry they dropped Hypnotic Teal everybody comments about mine.

Lionel Beaulieu

2.5 engine... first sentence is wrong from the get-go... so how good is the rest of the information?


I had the original and I'm driving the newer style. I hated the power of the original and had a cold air intake installed so it could get out of its own way. I love the power of the new XB but do wish it got better MPG. The feature I really want is a roof rack. The gauges in the middle are great and there is nothing I would change other than reclining rear seats.
The new front design is supeer, I love it!
So let's make little changes, 5/6 speed Auto, Roof Rack, reclining rear seat and I';m good to go. I can't decide if I should buy a 2011 or wiat for the 2012. I love my XB and can't see replacing it with anything other than another XB and that will be my third.


I fell in love with the '05 the first time I saw it, I bought one and from the way I brag about mine I think Toyota should hire me as their representative. I can't say anything bad about mine except for the bug magnate on the front end, it does attract bugs. I brag about the MPG I get. And the roomyness of it, people just could not believe how roomy it is on the inside. If anyone else drives it they comment about the pickup it has. As a senior citizen I also love how easy it is to get in and out of and that includes the back seat.

I like the way my xB performs and I think I'll replace it with this new one. My son is itching to get the present one for his very own.

Really attractive pics with clear indication of exterior design, interior and accessories.


I know this won't be popular, but I love my 2008, though I have been in the early versions as well. The interior space with my long legs is awesome, so much so that I hate driving our other two vehicles. I also love the center display though I thought I wouldn't. Since I use cruise control, my mileage isn't bad: about an average of 25 in a mixed loop and 30-31 on the highway. Since we often have the 4 of us in this car, it carries us and our stuff beautifully. I would like reclining rear seats, however. Since my daughter insists she wants this car when she starts driving (she's 12 now) I think I'll be looking for another xB in a few years. A really great car, probably my favorite in over 30 years of driving.


Just rolled/totaled an 08 XB RS with 3 dobes in the back, all of us came out okay, just a few bumps and bruises, a very safe car. I'm replacing it with an 11, I searched/drove most other similar cars and came back to the XB. Glad to see they've telescoped the steering wheel, for me that clinched the deal. Can't wait to see the Army Rock color in sunlight, but I might have to wait until springtime around here.


This car needs

power driver seat
5/6 speed AT
auto on off headlights
reclining rear seats

Max Reid

Since 2 more version of Prius is coming up, what will be the future of Scion.

Already Prius may be eating into the Matrix's market share. Toyota always includes Matrix sales in Corolla.

In car look comfort and I think It's best design.


The mileage isnt as bad as people are making it seem. I have a 5 speed 08 xb and I average 30-32 mixed between freeway and city driving...and I am a led foot. I love the larger model, the small one was cute but I didnt care for the styling of it, I much prefer the softer curves. I do not care for the restyling for 2011. The front end looks over styled, and I am not a fan of the "Corolla dimples" on the rear bumber. I do not understand why the instrument cluster should be in the middle, its weird, and why is there a digital speedo, and analog tach?? Civics have it too..its pointless and stupid... BUT i own an XB so I guess I cant complain. Im used to it now but its weird. I wish I had the telescoping wheel.

I do love that my 08 xb will plant you in the back of your seat when you floor it....it feels like there is a lot more power than 150 horses....always a plus!


I love my 2009 xb. I do wish I had the 2011 instrument cluster that shows the temp and time and the back bumper with the matching reflectors on each side. That part of the xb's styling was always a problem for me.I thought about adding dual pipes to help balance the rear end appearance.


I like my 2011 xb ..but I would like to see it a ft. wider and a ft. longer in the rear Im pleased with the speed and the pick up the only thing im missing on mine is the sunfoof...and the instruments in the middle I cant get used to that..overall I like the new xb


I'm considering the 11 or 12 xb. Own an 08 and I read somewhere that either the 11 or 12 has a reduction in cargo or rear passenger space, but I can't find info. or website to compare. Anyone?
Btw, I owned 2 caddys before my xb and this car has crazy power and I didn't mind going from an 8 down to a 4 at all. I just about blow anyone away from a light or passing on the highway.


I just bought this car Tuesday and I love everything about it! Mine has a navigational screen instead of the radio so its all on the screen! very awesome! sleek and very nice! LOVE IT

First Dan and Eale2x both sound like proud owners of the pontiac aztek the tent car. Nothing wrong with the xb I think of it as a small mini van with four doors instead of sliding doors. It has good room on the inside and the seats sit up higher which makes it easier to get in and out of. The new engine does use more fuel it gets around 28-30 highway. The first generation got 30- 35 but it was under powered for highway driving. If you do most city driving the smaller engine is a fine pick too. You have to drive and decide for yourself. The center guages are better after you get use to them, no more looking down and through the steering wheel to see guages. Cars need to be different to many cars look the same it is getting that you can't tell what is what because for the most part they look the same. Look back in history different cars was the ones people remember even if it was very different like the Gremlin by AMC.

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