2011 Scion iQ at the 2010 New York Auto Show

  • Competes with: Smart ForTwo
  • Looks like: Scion’s version of the Smart ForTwo
  • Drivetrain: 90+ hp, 1.3-liter four-cylinder, CVT
  • Hits dealerships: Early 2011
Here it is. The very short but long-rumored Scion iQ. This is no concept car any longer, and with an all-new tC, restyled xB and the xD, the iQ helps revive the brand’s entire lineup.

The iQ is 120.1 inches long, more than a foot longer than the Smart ForTwo. It also packs two extra seats in a unique 3+1 configuration that you'll have to see to understand. But the +1 is suggested to accommodate a “dog.” No, really. Scion says that’s how much room there is. Paris Hilton-sized pup most likely.

But it’s unlikely the iQ will be carrying four often, dog or no. This micro-subcompact is meant for efficient driving and features a small four-cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission that the company says should get in the high 30s in terms of gas mileage.

Standard equipment includes USB and auxiliary audio ports and steering-wheel audio controls. It also comes with stability control and 10 airbags standard, including a rear-window curtain airbag and an airbag for the driver’s seat cushion.

Check out more photos below and let us know if you would consider such a small car.



Does it come standard with a sticking gas pedal or unintended acceleration? LOL Sorry, couldn't help myself. I still like Toyota and definitely would consider the iQ. Be a great little run-around or commuter. I loved my lil Yaris I had as a second car. Price?


Why no manual transmission option? smart cars don't have one, either, and its tranny is its weakest point. I'm still certain this will be better than a smart, though.


This is just the Toyota iQ city car that has been sold around the world for a year or so.


If I were in the market for a car like this the iQ would be the choice for me over the Smart.

Joe F.

Being a Scion salesman i know this car will likely start under $13,500 and its 0-60 time will be about 10.2 seconds


Only high 30's on gas mileage? My jeep patriot cost 14,000 new OTD and gets 33 mpg...and has a ton of storage...we've even taken it cross country with a child....you can keep that thing...ill take my jeep.


Pity we in the US can't get access to the smaller engine with manual transmission. I would buy one but don't like the CVT.


I've waited 2 years for this car and am so disappointed that there's no manual transmission for the US market. Toyota marketing just doesn't get it (They also replaced the cool FJ40 with the stupid FJ Cruiser).

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