You'll Never Guess Which GM Vehicle Has the Youngest Buyers

The Chevrolet Suburban is the longest-running production nameplate in the auto industry, and one thing about their buyers is rather unusual, according to Mark Clawson, Chevrolet division marketing manager for Tahoe/Suburban/Avalanche/Traverse.

"Out of every segment that GM has vehicles in — from small cars to luxury cars — full-size utility buyers are GM's youngest on average," Clawson said.

The average age of Suburban buyers is 48; for full-size utility vehicle buyers, the overall industry average is 53 years old, he said.

"We have Gen X and Gen Y buyers that have young families and they are buying the Suburban because they like the space and utility it offers," Clawson said. "A smaller vehicle won't work for them." Nor it seems will a minivan.

Suburban buyers are also among GM's most affluent customers outside of the luxury segment. Their average income is $120,000 per year.

Earlier this week at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, GM debuted the 75th anniversary edition of the Chevrolet Suburban full-size SUV (shown above). You can find out more about it here.



Ahh yes, the great and wonderful USS Suburban. The land yacht that gets lousy gallons to the mile. Gotta love it!

@KJ: I'd say it depends on how efficient you are using your vehicle. You're going to cut your Prius' mileage in half when you make two trips shuttling your 5 or 6 (or more) person family to the movies.


Even half the gas mileage in a Prius is less than than the USS Suburban. The average US family size is less than 5. Plus there are several more fuel effiecient ways to transport more than 5. Vehicles like this are just an example of US gluttony.


Ziggy nailed it as the Suburban is an example of US gluttony at it's worst - it's a horrible pollution machine too. I routinely key these behemoths as they can never fit in a normal parking spot so it's very difficult to enter and exit your own vehicle.


And yet they still don't offer a foghorn or a Crows nest.

C'mon Government Motors, get with the program!

So this is youngest compared to the class average, not youngest overall? I'd assume GM's econocars sell more to young people.

The Real Zack

Entry above not by Zack, but somebody who got torched by me in an earlier posting. Sorry but the truth hurts, doesn't it?


I am Zach and I have no idea what you are referring too. I didn't know there was another Zach posting on these boards but have no problem using my initials.

Zack (or is it Zach)

Dude, Sorry. In your earlier postings, you spelled it Zach, not Zack.


Mike, what I find interesting is xtra-LARGE SUV's I see being driven only have one person in them. Maybe the rest of the family are working xtra-JOBs to buy gas for the USS Suburban.


You guys are stupid, Suburban actually for a full size SUV gets pretty good milage. better than a Tundra does. Not to mention they have high efficency V8's with tons of Emmision controls and they put out less pollutants than 80's 4 cylinder cars ever could.


what gives you the right to key someone else's car just because it is large and too expensive for you to afford? that's alot like going around rich neighborhoods and throwing rocks into windows because you believe that the people that live there "do not need such a large house." get off your high horse and get over yourself. stop trying to bring people down to your level because they are more privileged than you. the point of living in America is being able to make the choice to buy a vehicle like this, or not; if people wish to buy a Suburban, they need to be ready for the costs that come with maintaining one. But that is their right. they should not have to buy a Prius or some other tiny hybrid lunchbox to move their family around if they do not want to.


I thought I would provide in interesting story about 4 technicians who came from England to Houston to give a hands on training class. Of all the cars they could have rented, they chose a Cadillac. Not a 4 banger, but a big V8. Isn’t it strange when people can afford to and have a choice, they will go with a bigger vehicle. I suspect that most of the people who dislike the Suburban, can’t afford to own one.


Those who complain about trucks and SUVS doing damage to the environment are usually clueless. All current vehicles are super clean by historical standards. Any family with 3-4 kids is either driving a suburban or minivan or one of GM's large crossoves. They all get 14-17mpg in the city and 21-24mpg on the highway. POint is if you drive a large family hauler you aren't getting Prius type mileage and yet no one gets mad at Odyssey or Pilot owners. The Suburban is a relatively niche vehicle at this point so if you are going to get mad about its existence you might as well start hating on V8 powered luxury cars like the M3 as well.


Chevy Gluttony Diamond Edition w/ Chrome Wheels. Is it any wonder Government Motors needed a bail-out.


JM's comment:

"because they are more privileged than you"

That says it all.

My wife and I make over $120k a year and I would never say that I am more privileged than anyone else in this country. No wonder other countries hate us.


Way to misinterpret what he said. I'm sure you are not apologizing to all those who don't and can't make 120K either.


Why do I need to apologize. I drive a Hyundai Elantra and live in a $100k house. I don't flaunt my income like some people in this country.


Exactly. You live a priviledged life and make no apologies for it.


Exactly. This vehicle is gluttony. Thank you for agreeing with me.

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