Why is No One Buying the Mazda6?


UPDATE: Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes contacted us to clarify that the 900 jobs lost at the Flat Rock, Mich., plant aren’t due to slow sales of the Mazda6, which was widely reported online last night and today. Barnes says the plant has improved efficiency so much that the lines move 35% more quickly than they did last year and can now produce more vehicles than they did in 2009 — around 100,000 — with one shift instead of two, which led to the layoffs.

Barnes suggested the 33% dip in Mazda6 sales was indicative of the segment. Nissan Altima sales were down 24% for 2009, Honda Accord sales were down 22% and the Toyota Camry was down 18%, so the Mazda6 is still lagging the well-established competition.

Our original poll below remains valid, though, as response in our comments and on Twitter has largely agreed with the assessment that the Mazda6 is an overlooked model in its segment.

ORIGINAL POST: Sales of the Mazda6 midsize sedan, redesigned just last year, are so slow that Ford is laying off 900 workers at the plant that assembles it alongside the Mustang in Flat Rock, Mich.

We’ve tested the four-cylinder base Mazda6 and the powerful V-6, and both impressed for different reasons. The Mazda6 also holds up well against the competition in interior room and value. And we think it looks good, too.

So why isn’t it catching on? Sales in 2009 were down 33.7%, and the redesign was out for the entire year. The Mazda3, which was redesigned halfway through 2009, saw its sales drop just 12.3% in 2009. Car sales overall for Mazda dropped 19.6% in 2009, but the Mazda6 was by far the biggest drag on that number.

The Mazda6 currently has a 0% financing deal for 60 months, plus $500 cash back and no payments for three months. The offer expires March 1.

The only real negative about the car is its mileage, which is 1-2 mpg less than the comparable Camry and Accord. Why do you think the Mazda6 is having a tough time selling? Check out our poll below.

By David Thomas | February 16, 2010 | Comments (56)
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Anecdotally, I see quite a few of the new ones at work, more than the new Altimas but not quite as many as Accords or Camry's (obviously). Maybe I'm more interested because I have the older, '04 version. I think it has a lot more character, at least when it comes to standing out better in a parking lot or coming towards you on the road. Haven't driven the new one though. I get the impression that it's gotten too big.

Perhaps it lost the niche market for people who prefer a smaller (but bigger than a compact), more agile car. I know that it's gotten too big and bloated for me (that's why I didn't get the Camry or Accord). A Mazdaspeed6 wagon would still be sweet though. Dream on! LOL

Someone mentioned that it was too big on Twitter too, but I really didn't notice it during my recent test, but did a year or so ago when I tested the V6. Maybe you get used to it or everything else is getting bigger?


A friend bought one several years ago and sold it a year later. It handled like a tank he said, like trying to park a battleship. I think that issue may have been addressed at this point.

I started looking at them and then they discontinued the wagon. It was crossed off my short list as well.


they should sell it at price par with sonata and altima. another reason , people are so obssesed with camry and accord that they think only those two has the better quality which is not true. if you look at the new sonata which is far better than accord and camry.


The previous generation had a clearcut identity counter to that of the Camcords. This one really doesn't stand out in any particular way that would sway a shopper.

Solution: Scrap this NA version and bring over the Euro/JDM version. Bring back the manual transmission for V6 models. Bring back the wagon and hatchback versions.

I kinda agree with Mike, a lot of people go for the security of a Camry just because it's a name they're familiar with. For the majority of target buyers in the midsize sedan market, they just want something that feels like a comfortable chair in their home. The Mazda6 isn't completely disconnected from the road, and there's a lot of people out there that want as much isolation from the road as possible.

That being said, it's also a bit underrepresented; most of the Mazda commercials I've seen the past few months are for the 3, and I've seen a LOT more new 3s than 6s out on the road.


Why did you even write this article Cars.com, it sounds like your bashing Ford.


Poor, poor Mazda. The former small-midsize niche the old model occupied now goes to the aging Mitsubishi Galant, Mainstream buyers don't even think of Mazda in terms of mid-size. Friends who shopped for mid-size last year had in mind Camry, Accord, and Altima as top tier, Sonata/Optima as bargain priced, Malibu/Fusion as the "achieving new-comers", and Volvo S60/VW Passat as low end European. The Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring, Galant, and sadly Mazda 6 do not show up on peoples radars at all when shopping. I was a huge fan of the old model but quickly forgot it even exists currently after the initial positive reviews finished coming out. More bodystyles and Ad money should go into this model.


I think this car looks unique, in a good way.
If more advertising was present, maybe it would sell better. It looks like a fast, sporty car. I agree with Billy, all the Mazda commercials I have seen lately were for the Mazda3. What ever happend to the Mazda "zoom zoom" commercials? I loved those.


I am not a fan of the interior of the Mazda 6. The black plastic trim has a wierd zebra stip pattern that always looks dirty.


No 1 reason why Mazda6 is not selling well is because it has virtually no customer retention. When Ford started to put their internals into "6" it was the end of the reliable "6". Then "6" had transmissions, which lasted for about 45K miles. And even previous "6" was not without some troubles. My recent car search showed that all "6"s were going to a dealer for warranty repairs and most of them had multiples. Customers simply don't want to have the problems associated with "6". People are buying Hondas and Toyotas again because of great experiences they had (they burn this time around) but not many go back to Mazda.

No 2 is that Mazda became totally sport. Many people don't want their car too extreme, too flashy. they just want respectable sedan.

No 3, I am sure, these times, it is a mileage. Mazda always was behind in fuel efficiency and now it hurts them as never before.

No 4, Is lock of dealers. And the one they have are not big and visible.

No 5, the "6" only on the first look looks great. It has nice shape but it looks way too plain. Almost like one chunk of something. I think, it needs some more business going in its look. But that is me.

And for Mike,
I don't know about 2011 Sonata but current model is not assembled as good as Accord. It doesn't ride as good as Accord. It has better dash design, mileage and price. Everything else Accord does better.


I bought this car and I can't figure out why no one is talking about it. I absolutely love it and I recommend it all the time. Mazda's problem is that they aren't advertising it. I agree that they have too many Mazda 3 commercials. Mazda should promote the 6 more because it sells itself in the test drive, if they can just get people into the showrooms.

Please note our update above regarding the layoffs.

As far as some of the issues above, as I noted on price, the Mazda6 is very competitive on price for models equipped for real buyers. The model I tested had Bluetooth, moonroof and blindspot monitoring for under $24K which none of the competitors beat.

The 4cyl to v6 buyer mix is now much more weighted to the 4 than ever before and I think the Mazda 4cyl is much softer than you'd expect from a Mazda, but I thought the V6 was too sport oriented -- it had an optional sport package though.

And to my eyes, there really isn't a better looking midsize out there. Have to see the '11 Sonata on the street still though.

As we posted before, I definitely want the wagon back.


Its a lack of advertising, the fact that it is rare to see an incentive on one, and that it seems smaller inside than the other cars in the segment. plus, the Mazda6 doesnt have anything in terms of sportiness to the Nissan Altima, which gets better fuel economy and is quicker. the Accord is also nearly as sporty, but it is also roomier inside and has a reliable reputation to back it up (according to CR), which is not something that the Mazda6 has.

The new Mazda6 rear seats are .3 inches less in legroom than Accord but has 2 inches more rear hiproom. It also has the largest trunk in the class. It is also slightly shorter overall than an Accord. But it's 3 inches longer than a Fusion.

Yep, I think CR ratings do hurt it because its not in teh top 5, but it is recommended. In predicted reliability the V6 is above average and the 4 cyl is average. The Accord, Altima and Camry V6 are just average while their four cylinders are above average.


"No good reason" garners my vote. Yes, Mazda did away with offering a manual transmission on the two top grades (Touring Plus & Grand Touring) for MY 2010, but the audience for those configurations is almost nugatory.

I don't know how some commenters here came to the conclusion that the Mazda6 doesn't have a "reliable reputation"- quality surveys for both the current gen and previous gen Mazda6 in EU, North America, and Asia indicate that it does. For the U.S. model, the only quality issues that could be considered even somewhat widespread on the Mazda6 are fast wearing oil pan gaskets and self destructing timing chains with the 2.3L MZR engine, and even then they're limited to early production 2003 models.


I have a friend who needed to buy a replacement car that is roomy and efficient. He just bought a new Fusion S and he had test driven the Accord, Camry, and Mazda6 as well. He said didn't want the Camry just because the steering felt too loose. He said the Accord was better but it felt too big. He liked the Mazda6 and almost bought it, but he said the biggest deal breaker was the red illumination of the dash that he felt is bothersome to his eyes at night and that the mileage wasn't as good compared to the others. His only complaint about the Fusion was the large chrome grille, but he was able to overlook it among the other features.

I would consider a Mazda6 if I were in the market for a mid-size car if it wasn't for the mileage. It seems that the base Mazda6 should get better mileage since it has a little less power than the competitors.

Derrick G

I'd say the Fusion may be another thing that's hurting. While it may not look as sporty as the 6, otherwise it has the goods for those looking for something sporty without paying the premium for an Accord. Plus it gets better fuel economy and has a better reliability record.


It is a gas guzzler, or it is a slow gas guzzler.

Mazda could have used Ford 6F50 transmission, and improved the mileage of the 3.7 V6, while leaving the performance unchanged.

The 2.5 I4, with the old 5 speed automatic, is a slow guzzler, worst of all worlds.
The 6 speed manual is tuned for sport, not mileage.
So where is the 6 speed automatic for mileage? Answer: In the Ford Fusion.


@ Jereg,

It sounds like you are talking about the turning circle, not "handling" in the usual sense.

Yes, the previous generation had a ridiculous turning circle, bigger than that of some fat SUVs. Handling, however, is quite superb. At normal speeds, I even prefer the feel to my '09 G37 sedan.

@ Dave T,

I actually am just referring to what I have read, never sat in one or driven one myself. I suppose the ridiculous turning circle (i.e. lack of maneuverability) of the previous gen cancells out any advantage of smaller dimensions, so bigger isn't really a bad thing?


To clarify, I own an '04 Mz6 i sedan, have not sat in or driven the new generation.


Not to kick them when they're down, but my gut reaction was not to like the styling from day one. The odd front fenders remind me of the RX8 another poor seller. I liked the last generation much better and especially the wagon, which should have been a huge seller.


I own a 2003 Mazda6. The model I own (the old model) was fresh and different. It was Euro sized (small than a Camry; bigger than a Corolla), sportier, better looking and simply refreshingly different.

Now the Mazda6 has morphed into just another Camry. Sure, the styling is ok, but the car looks like a whale from the side. It is not different enough from a Camry, Accord or Altima so why buy it?

In fact, IMHO the Camry SE or Charger both look better. So does the new Regal. But styling is subjective. I see no reason to buy the new 6...


I really liked the Mazda 6. I test drove a top of the line V6 a few months ago but decided against it in favor of a Nissan Maxima SV.

Points against the Mazda were:
1. Expensive when fully loaded.
2. Low residual makes leasing unattractive.
3. Hard ride.
4. The dash plastics were thin and rattled during my test drive which totally turned me off.

1. I loved the looks.
2. Spacious and comfortable.
3. Smooth, refined and powerful V6.
4. Smooth transmission.
5. Upscale looking interior.
6. I loved the looks!

I don't think Mazda promote the 6 properly. Nobody seems to know about it.


I looked at the Mazda6 but then realized I didn't want to settle so I bought the Accord. The Mazda6 was actually $700 more and the interior was not as high quality as Accord. For a big car the Accord handles great, the Mazda6 not so because it still feels like a big car. They should increase the interior quality and keep it the size of the Euro model.


Having just completed a car purchase, I have to say that Mazdas are pretty expensive compared to the competition. I was looking more at the Mazda3, which was a great little car, but it cost a lot of money! I looked at the Mazda6 in the showroom, and it too seemed to be a poor value proposition. Just too much money for the car.

But for comparably equipped models it is actually the same to the dollar compared to others in the class. Maybe Mazda has too many top level cars on lots/showrooms?

Mazda3 is definitely more however. But some versions also have more power and are better equipped than a Focus, Civic etc.

Doug G

For me at least, I was disappointed that the V6 version of the new 6 is only available in automatic, it's a little bit of a let down from a company like Mazda.

If they were to release a slightly more aggressive looking Mazdaspeed 6 with awd and slightly better reliability I'd be all over it for either a wagon or a sedan.


I'm a former owner of a 2003 Mazda6 V6 5-Speed, 2006 Mazdaspeed6, and 2008 Mazdaspeed3. I loved those cars because they had guts and were a blast to drive down any paved road. The size of the previous 6 was perfect for me, since I think the Camry/Accord/Altima are too big. I rarely carry rear passengers except my 8-year-old, and when I do, they all squeezed in easily enough (well except for in the Mazdaspeed3 lol).

I just don't like the size and proportions of the new 6. I am more of a 3-Series/Jetta size fan, and Mazda turned their back on this market. The 03-08 Mazda6 was really a FWD poor-man's 3-Series.

I sold the the Mazdaspeed3 because it was too small and was REALLY rough over our recession-battered New England roads. But it was so cool when my fiance told me that the damn car sounds like a jet aircraft when downshifting to a stop. THESE are the kind of cars that Mazda should be making while making a decent profit. Instead they sold out to the mass-market where they don't have the resources to compete with the Big Boys. As evidence of how far Mazda has fallen with the redesigned 6, look at how much activity has died down on Mazda6 fan websites. Most of the posts there are still from 2003-2008 owners. Because soccer moms and retirees don't post pictures of their cars on Internet boards, and this is exactly the clientele that Mazda sought out when they they made the 2009 model a meld of the Camry and Accord. Too bad...


Oh, and as a final note, if Mazda had sold the Euro version of the new Mazda6 here in the states, I would be a proud owner of one.

I also forgot to mention that I test drove the 2009 Mazda6 in 4cyl and V6 trim. The cars were great looking inside, but handled nothing like the previous generation. The soul of the car had been changed.


As a current 2006 Mazda 6 owner with 60k miles, I have no intention of buying a new one.

Don't like the larger size and lack of distinctive styling.

I do get 29 mpg with my current v6 "6" for highway miles, and can push it to 30 mpg with discipline.

The Mazda 3 is better styled, but too small for my taste. Drove one as a loaner, and it was nice.


Definitely he styling is a turn-off. The one before was unique and fresh. This one looks like not a lot of thought was put into the re-design.


I almost forgot. The Subaru Legacy would also canabalize sales further. Used to be the old model had bargain prices (back in 08, I saw a brand new, base 4-cylinder sedan advertised for around $13,000, virtually Mazda3 priced). And I agree, Mazda seems to be going for the older, more affluent market, but turns out they have kind of alienated the enthusiasts customers who have always went for Mazda. This new market strategy and the supposed boost in refinement has resulted in the new model having a hard time competing on price. That and the middling level of sportiness has resulted in the sales bomb. With an empty space in the lineup, Mazda can bring over the JDM/Euro hatch and wagon and sell the current American sedan as more of a Millenia of sorts. (A car that should have done well but of course didn't...)


I'm with Miguel all the way on this one.

The 03-08 Mazda6 was the poor mans BMW 3-series (especially with V6 manual like mine). It had soul. It was also the perfect size for me.

What is the new poor man's BMW series? The Mazda3 is too small. The Jetta (my previous car) was Corollized in the last redesign. Everything else is too big or too premium. So even with 97Ks on it I still have my 03 6. Maybe I should pick up a 06-08 Mazdaspeed6.


I own the new (2009) Mazda6 and I love it. It quite fun to drive for a midsize family sedan in this price range. Drives and handles much better than accord (camry needn't even be mentioned, I owned one which I traded in to get the Mazda6, was glad to get rid of the mind-numbing camry). Recently I drove my friend's new accord and it's a joke to even compare the accord's handling to the mazda6's.

I once got the older gen mazda6 as a loaner and I wasn't blown away by its handling compared to mine. Yes the handling was marginally better but the interior of the older gen was pretty cheap and felt lot less refined compared to the current gen. And to see the old gen owners make it look like the old gen is like a BMW and the new one is like Buick in handling department is hilarious. While the new one has decent handling the old gen is far from a BMW.

BTW, I think the sales would be slightly better for the mazda6 but I really don't think it will be much more significant though. It's just not going to appeal to typical Honda, Toyota crowd and in fact looks like it doesn't even appeal to the usual "mazda" crowd. But as far as I'm concerned it's a nice blend of luxury (has some cool features like the keyless start, auto-dimming exterior mirrors and blind spot monitoring), refinement and fun to drive. I used to own a 3-series a few years back and though this car doesn't come close to it, it definitely reminds me of my 3-series many times.


I have driven the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and Mazda6. I liked the Mazda6 the best due to its superior handling, good looks, and fun-to-drive factor.

I think the reason why the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are so successful is due to their mass appeal. They're made to appease everyone.

The Mazda6 is reserved for sporting enthusiasts who enjoy driving.

If that means that my Mazda6 stands out from the other CamCordIma's out there; all the better for me.


to tony,

i think when you compare current sonata with accord then you should talk about price too. sonata is 4K cheaper than base accord as wll as bigger than accord. still has the same gas milage. another thing , you should compare 2011 sonata with current accord with gives 4 more mpgs/ gallon and has nicer interior, cost less and has 10yr/100k warranty. so if you are in accord and stranded on road then pay for the towing where as in sonata, roadside assistance at no cost!! still love accord !! do meth, put $4k in account for 10yrs and earn interest. be smart!! don't follow others use ur mind!!

Glenn H

Mostly because of Mazda has always been a small niche brand and they are not advertising it. Secondly, Ford is stealing the thunder of the 6 with the Fusion which if I recall would not have been possible without Mazda. Seems like Mazda got dupped by Ford. If they had kept the wagon or hatchbacl I'd be first in line to get one.


"Lack of advertising"? Obviously not a Midwest/Iowa issue; they're trying to push that ugly, red-headed step-child all the time on TV. The front is ugly; the back looks like something my 65 year old aunt would drive. Accept it.


I agree 100% with all those who have said that the car would be selling much better if we got the "world version" here. All the things I like best about my 2004 Mazda 6 disappeared in the new gen models that are produced for the U.S. The world version is smaller, more stylish, and includes a hatchback version. The old Mazda filled a niche here--the new gen Mazdas are one of many in an overcrowded mid-size sedan market...


I own a Toyota Camry and the new Mazda 6. The problem with Mazda is that they keep comparing it to Honda, Nissan and Toyota. I enjoy the Camry, it's quite, comfortable and very reliable but also is very boring.
The Mazda 6 is a drivers car especially with the V6 engine. It's performance puts Totoya, Honda and Nissan to shame. It's not a poor mans BMW, it is everything a BMW is but without all the lipstick they unnecessarily add to the car to justify it's price. The Mazda6 V6 is VERY, VERY FAST and out handles, according to avoidance course results in Consumer Reports; BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexis and Infinity mid size sedans. This car is one of the best mid size PERFORMANCE sedans made but it's not a Toyota, Honda or a BMW...it's a Mazda...IT'S FUN TO DRIVE and really does go ZOOM, ZOOM without all the bling. Congratulations Mazda THIS IS A FANTASTIC CAR, you have a winner just get the marketing right!

Mike Paolino, Laguna Niguel, CA


Just bought a mazda6 two weeks ago. Zoom Zoom. I need say no more.

What's wrong with Mazada 6? I think its a great car! When you ride in it you'll say nothing but WOW! Great features, great engine and wow, great looks! Horizon Treadmill

ZoomZoom Diva

Well, people who loved the first generation model (like me) are very upset at the changes made in the second generation.

It became much larger, softer, less fun to drive, lost the 5-door and wagon bodies, lost the manual transmission with the V6... and essentially became much less the sport sedan.


I agree with MDPaolino!

Although I do like the look of the 03-08 '6, I have an '09 Mazda6 i-touring 2.5 4cyl 5-Speed auto just under 2 years and I still LOVE driving (and looking!) at it just as much as I did when I first got it, and that says a lot about a car right away! The Brilliant Silver metallic paint still sparkles as it did 2 years ago... love washing it! For 23K I got everything I wanted and more: Push-button start, 17" alloys, fog lights, power driver's seat, airbags galore, very nice base stereo w/CD, leather steering wheel/shifter, on-the-fly MPG indicator, trip computer,etc.

I usually like getting a new car every few years, but this one's a keeper! The ride on the nice-looking 17" alloys is an ideal balance of tight, sporty control that helps it corner like a much smaller car than it is, yet has just enough "bounce" which results in a mostly smooth and quiet ride (it's so quiet at idle, I often forget it's running) That's what really seperates this car from the mid-size pack - it's a BLAST to drive versus the appliance-like character of most other mid-sizers.

The interior is sporty and comfortable, and in fact, in warm weather it even still retains some of the new car smell after 2 years!

Anyone who says it's now just another mid-size sedan cannot have driven or seen this car up close.. Come on! This car is NOTHING like those garden-variety mid-sizers out there... I've had people ask me if it was a new Lexus LOL (Yeah, like anyone would mistake a Camry or Accord for a Lexus LOL!)

I have a neighbor like me who's not really into 4-door cars, but thought it was a 2-door coupe when she first saw it! And she's right, because that was my first impression when I first it as well... It was a 4-door car I actually WANTED to buy, because it has the same profile and proportions as many 2-door coupes, including a very sleek roofline and those cool front fenders and headlights... Geez! The front-end view of the car alone seperates it from the blandness of most other sedans out there!

The Malibu is pretty nice, but its 4 cyl is slow in comparison to the 2.5 '6. The Altima is cool as well, but there are just too many on the road... The new Sonata is certainly nice-looking with the 18" alloy wheels, but is otherwise too large proportionally for its 16 or 17's and looks a lot "taller" and bulkier next ot the '6 despite the swoopy styling, I think partly because its roof goes a bit too far to the rear, making it look oddly proportioned from certain angles (3/4 especially...)

What I find most amusing about my 4-cyl '6 is that when I'm at a stoplight next to just about anything out there (especially those allegedly "same" mid-size sedans), I hit the gas and everyone is in my rear-view and I can change lanes effortlessly... This car accelerates amazingly quick for a 4cyl-5pd auto with good low-end torque, epsecially for its size.

I had a used '98 626 v6.. The 2.5 four in the 09 is actually quicker than that v6 was...

Finally, I can't say I've driven the previous 6 to compare with my newer one, but I will say that the new 6 is a sporty-looking and thoroughly entertaining ride with a quiet, roomy interior, an ideally balanced ride, HUGE trunk (with nifty hydrolic hinges vs the "elbow" type which saves a TON of space), nice alloy wheels and good fuel economy for a really great price...

I actually see quite a few them now (Staten Island, NY), but they should advertise this thing A LOT more, as they do with the 3, because it's SO much better than its over-hyped, yet yawn-inspiring competitors... Cheers!


It' sprobably the styling and the fact the car isn't big enough to compete with Accord, Altima etc. The last gen looked good so i think thats why it sold and it was fun to drive.

I like it a lot

We're close to two years and 40k miles into our ownership of a 2009 Mazda6i Touring.

It's a great car, fun to drive, responsive, and with the best handling characteristics I've seen for any car in this class.

When I drive rentals everything feels more floaty and less responsive in comparison. Driving this car for two years has basically spoiled me in terms of expectations. the steering, throttle and braking are quick and reponsive, and the car is exceptionally stable on turns. The traction control system makes driving in bad weather a breeze, and my wife agrees that she feels very secure in the car during snow and rain...and that's a huge upgrade from the Camry we had before.

I see a few of these late model 6s out on the roads, but they are rare enough for me to take notice. It's too bad...a lot of people are missing out on a great car which combines looks with functionality as well.

I've driven Camrys, Accords, Hyundais, Chryslers and
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Mazda6 as the best value in the mid-size sedan segment.


theres no m6 advertisements because its better for the bussiness to sell american ford fusions then still-japanese-for-most-americans mazda6's, this brand was bought off just to slowly vanquish from US roads to make room to GM and ford products


I like my Mazda 6 so much, a 2011 european hatchback saloon. It is so comfortable to drive, one of the best cars i ´ve ever had.
It has the 2.2 litre diesel engine with powerful 163 hp (360Nm) and with a consumption of 41 MPG (5,7 l / 100 km) only, a great value for a mid-size car like this.

But it is rare on european roads as well.

In my opinion a Mazda 6 is in a dead end Class. People buy SUV´s or Vans more often.
And Mazda in general is just another underestimated Brand, which always operates in the shadow of Toyota or Honda etc. and therefore many people often do not take care about.
But if you look into statistics about Customer satisfaction or vehicle inspektion reports, all Mazdas are top listed in every segment.

MIke L

I have had my 2011 I Touring Plus for 1 year now. I am very happy with it. I rarely see another Mazda 6 on the road and I am fine with that. Handling and fuel enconomy are great. If I did not buy this, I would have bought a Legacy, maybe that is the competition, not Accord, Camary, Kia, or Hyundai?

Joe K.

I am still driving a 2004 6i 5 door with 5speed. Love the handling, the hatch, and the mileage. I am waiting for the Fusion or 6 to come out with a 5 door with a manual in the US. My 6 has 160000 miles. It may need to go 200k before I get my wish; else it may be a Jetta Sportwagen TDI for me.


I have gotten more positive comments about my 2009 Mazda 6 V6 than any other car I have owned. Sadly, the first comment is almost always "what is it?" The only "negative" comment I have heard about my car is that it's too sporty. That person drives a Honda Accord, in case you were wondering.

I think the poor sales is due to: a lack of effective marketing, the size of the car alienated 1st gen Mazda6 enthusiasts, the sporty looks scared off Camry and Accord buyers. That just left people like me who wanted an affordable sports sedan. I love my car...it handles great (even better now that I got rid of the Michelins that came with it) and gets up to speed very quickly.


In the midsize market the Mazda6 is unique in that they have the worst fuel efficiency of any sedan COMBINED with the worst torque/horsepower of any sedan! And don't think the laid back mid-size sedan crowd doesn't care about both, they aren't racers but they want to be able to merge with traffic easily, and they don't want to burn much fuel doing it. Until they can figure out how to optimize their engines like the Altima, which nearly leads the class in both of these, I don't think anyone will feel much like saying "zoom zoom" for a Mazda6!


The real question is why should anyone care? Most Mazda buyers in my opinion buy a Mazda because they want something a little different than everyone else is driving. You can't be different and be a top seller at the same time - contrary to the beliefs of my ifriends.

Here is my reason....mazda does not back up their product like Toyota, and others do.
1. The plastic oil filter housing cracked and nearly blew the engine. Mazda just blames the consumer rather than take responsibility for a terrible design.
2. My new Mazda 6 would cut out on the highway and could not be restarted for 20 minutes. Mazda's answer: "it doesn't do it when it's towed in here so it's your problem".
3. Radio Problem: display flashes violently. Mazda's answer: again "it doesn't do it when you bring it in so it's your problem.

I've had 4 new Mazda's and will never buy another ....and I take every opportunity to tell anyone who will listen to never buy one either!

cosey butler

I drive a tricked out mazda6, and it has everything but NOS. I wouldn't trade it for nothing, and its the fastest car in my small town so far! Nobody will race me because they all know its a fast car. Just putting it out there.

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