Toyota Recall Update: Corolla May Join Recall List

In what would be yet another blow to the embattled automaker, Toyota is considering recalling an unspecified number of its Corolla subcompact cars due to complaints about the power steering, according to the Associated Press.

Toyota says that it has received 80 complaints from drivers of 2009 and 2010 Corollas and that these drivers describe losing control over the steering. This could be caused by something unrelated to the power steering system, such as braking or the tires.

In his review on, Kelsey Mays noted, “The Corolla imparts a sloppy driving experience. Hit an expansion joint while rounding an off-ramp, and the wheels shimmy sideways significantly. The steering wheel has a comfortable on-center feel, but it turns with a numb, distant feel, and hard corners elicit plenty of body roll.”

The Corolla is the best-selling car worldwide, and while it is not clear how many cars a recall would net, it would be significant.

More Toyota recall news after the jump:

  • The Los Angeles Times reports on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launching “an extraordinary challenge” to Toyota with three investigations questioning how the automaker handled its recall of vehicles for sudden acceleration issues. NHTSA has demanded engineering reports, internal communications and customer complaints, among other documentation. It also wants access to employees who knew about the complaints. The agency, which had previously closed six of eight investigations into sudden acceleration of Toyotas, now wants to know how promptly and adequately the automaker issued and executed its recalls.
  • Toyota President Akio Toyoda has said he will not attend congressional hearings in Washington and gives his full backing to Toyota’s North American chief, Yoshimi Inaba. Inaba is scheduled to appear before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Feb. 24. Toyoda has said he will appear if a formal request is made.
  • Agitation has grown over what Toyota’s black boxes might be able to say about accidents involving the automaker’s vehicles. The black box is similar to an airplane’s, though less sophisticated. The event data recorder tracks vehicle and engine speeds, braking, accelerating, throttle positions and other data important in determining what happened in an accident. According to Daily Finance, similar devices in cars built by U.S. automakers can have their data retrieved by third parties, but Toyota’s black box data can be viewed only by Toyota.
  • Toyota’s pain may be Korean automakers’ gain, according to Kelley Blue Book. Recent market data suggests that Kia and Hyundai are benefiting the most from Toyota’s troubles as their customers become more loyal to those brands. Loyalty and consideration for those owners looking at new Kia and Hyundai models have jumped by 17.1 and 10.5 percentage points, respectively. Chevy and Ford have also benefited, increasing their loyalty and consideration numbers by 6.5 and 4.6 percentage points, respectively. Meanwhile, Toyota’s brand loyalty has fallen 6.5 percentage points after its slew of recalls.



My Toyota friends always said that any GM product was a "Death Trap". Oops - looks like they should have been looking in the mirror. What comes around goes around.


When I last bought a car, in 08, the reviews, and driver reviews, about the numb steering and difficulty holding a straight line on the highway, effected my decision. I bought a Focus instead. Toyota had introduced the 09 at the time I was buying a car.

We do own an 06 Corolla. It has way more power assist in the steering than either the Focus or the 96 Escort that we replaced in 08.


I wonder if toyota is getting so much attention with these recalls because they are touted as being the most reliable and efficient car company? Whatever the case may be, they fell into the same trap that snared GM and Ford, growing to fast and letting quality slide.

Glenn H

Seems like Toyota's chickens are coming home to roost. They took thier eyes off the ball by focusing on Lexus and Scion brands while the old staple bread and butter Toyotas got the shaft.

Its not good for Toyota...Complaints can effect its future sales...Anyway I am loyal customer of toyota and in my opinion toyota is more reliable car..


GM products have never been tops in safety. Check out crash tests of vehicles like the Astro/Savana, the blazer clones, the S-10/Sonoma, the Cavalier, the Metro or even more recent stuff liek the Trailblazer clones which only rated as "marginal" or the Aveo for petes sake!

i couldn't find an official toyota talk forum but i found this has all the info about the 2010 Toyota Motor Corp. Recall & Prius Brake Pedal Fix. i found it to be very informative, it has more commentary than just the official toyota recall site.... check it out

mike from canada

I have a 2009 Matrix and have also experienced 'tricky' steering. Dealer told me that the system is electric and it is just sensitive and that I am not used to it. Is the Camry steering electric too?


Glenn H. - Lexus and scion have had recalls too. It seems like no one is making non-defective vehicle anymore. New smaller companies are simply bought out by the big ones if they pose a threat to sales.

I can see a lot of complaints about Toyota and they are loosing a good market now. They should take extra quality control measures.

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